Dreaming of a Flood: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Written by Sammi Caramela
Updated: November 14, 2023
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Dreaming of a flood can often represent cleansing negative patterns, rebirth and renewal, and sudden change. It may also mean you are burdened by heavy emotions.

Mother Nature is known for her unpredictability, and floods are just one of her many natural disasters. In fact, floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States. (and the entire Earth, at that). While no one likes to imagine a flood destroying their neighborhood or home, this anxiety-provoking occurrence might seep into your dreams. In fact, it’s an extremely common dream to have — especially during times of high emotional stress.

Floods carry heavy symbolism, so it’s no surprise why many of us dream about a flood while trying to get some shut-eye. While forecasters can typically predict the possibility of a flood given certain conditions, there’s still a lot of uncertainty that goes into these predictions.

In fact, flood warnings don’t typically provide us with much time to prepare, making it a sometimes life-threatening event. Naturally, this can cause feelings of fear, uneasiness, and helplessness — emotions we often face during difficult times. As a result, these very emotions might show up as flooding in your dreams.

This article will cover the various spiritual meanings and interpretations of dreaming of a flood, including its symbolism across various cultures and religions. 

Flood Symbolism

Many different cultures and religions have their own version of the “Great Flood.” Below are some of the most common interpretations and symbolism of floods and their associated myths and stories.

Flash flooding of Perkiomen Creek in Pennsylvania

Flooding often occurs quickly and can carry harmful chemicals.

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Native American Culture

Many Native Americans believe there was a Great Flood that completely altered the human experience. According to the indigenous story “Waynaboozhoo and the Great Flood,” Native American people lost respect for one another, and evil brewed among them. As a result, their god or creator sent a massive flood to cleanse society of this negative, dark energy. A man named Waynaboozhoo survived the flood and began his life in the “New World,” where all living things lived in harmony. 


The Bible references the infamous story of Noah’s Ark, which details one man’s survival in the Genesis flood. Similar to the Waynaboozhoo, Noah (along with his family and animals) was one of the sole survivors of the flood. After God warns Noah to build his own Ark and gather every species, God then floods the Earth to cleanse it of evil, killing off most life. Like in Waynaboozhoo and the Great Flood, Noah and his loved ones and animals embarked on a New World.

Hindu Scripture

There is a Hindu myth that tells almost the same story as the two detailed above. Hindu scriptures detail a story of a “great flood” that killed most living organisms — except for one man, Manu. Manu was visited by a fish (thought to represent God Vishnu) who asked for his protection, promising protection in return. He warned Manu of a deadly flood, advising him to build a boat. Once Manu raised the fish until he was the largest in the world and able to survive on his own in the sea, the fish told him the year the flood would occur so Manu could prepare. He then built his ship and was one of the only men to survive, thanks to the fish who helped tow the boat to a mountaintop. 

Greek Mythology 

There are many floods referenced throughout Greek mythology, with the most popular following the same storyline as Noah’s Ark. Zeus, the god of the sky and thunder, flooded the entire population, killing all but a few survivors. This was meant to cleanse the old world of evil and sin and forge a new, purer world.

Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually speaking, floods represent clearing out old, negative patterns, beliefs, and energies that no longer serve us. This makes room for rebirth and renewal — a new way of living. Though flooding can be terrifying, this represents our resistance to change and the endurance and resilience we must uphold in the face of adversity. 

Common Flood Dreams

There are many different types of dreams that include flooding. Whether a flood destroyed your home or you were able to escape a flood on your own, the context of your dream matters when interpreting its symbolism.

Flood, Bridge - Built Structure, Sandbag, Climate Change, Accidents and Disasters

Dreaming about floods can give you insight into your current emotional state.


Here are five common dreams that deal with flooding — and their associated meanings and interpretations.

1. Dreaming of a Flash Flood

A flash flood is especially sudden and threatening. Dreaming about a flash flood might indicate a sudden, unexpected change that’s been weighing on you. Has something in your life been causing severe emotional turmoil? Odds are, this dream is showing you the gravity of the situation and how deeply it’s impacting you.

2. Dreaming of Your Home Flooding

Because our homes are often our safe spaces, dreaming about your house flooding can be especially disturbing. Often, this symbolizes chaos and adversity in your inner world. Perhaps you haven’t felt safe or secure for quite some time, or a current situation is causing you stress beyond belief. Dreaming about your house flooding is a telltale sign that you’re under much pressure and emotional turmoil.

3. Dreaming of Flooded Streets

When we think about traveling to different locations or embarking on journeys, we often think about an open road ahead of us. So if you’re dreaming about flooded streets, this might be a sign you feel stuck. You might not know which direction is right for you, or maybe you feel there’s no way out of the situation you’re in. Regardless, take this as a sign that you need to consider all your options. You’re never really stuck — no matter how much it might feel that way. A new perspective might serve you at this time.

4. Dreaming of Escaping a Flood

When you dream about escaping a flood, your subconscious mind might be trying to remind you how resilient you are. Even though you might be feeling overwhelmed or as though impending doom is on its way, you can trust that you are strong enough to fight back. Rather than drowning in the water or struggling to stay afloat, you’re finding ways to survive and prosper. No matter how tumultuous life can get, you have the power to ride out the waves and survive the situation.

5. Dreaming of Being Carried Away by a Flood

If you dream you’re being carried away by a flood, you might feel you’re in a situation that requires immediate addressing. In other words, you can’t just brush the issue under the rug and hope for the best. You have to make a decision and confront the problem head-on — and immediately. 

Suddenly Dreaming of Floods

If you’re suddenly dreaming of floods on a regular basis, you might be facing a difficult time with heavy emotions. If you’ve been overwhelmed by external events or particularly distressing situations, dreaming about a flood could represent your inner state. Since we can’t prevent floods, which often occur too quickly to escape, we often feel overwhelmed, trapped, and at the mercy of a flood’s life-threatening impact.

While dreaming of floods might feel discouraging, it’s not always a bad omen. In fact, oftentimes, it’s simply a reflection of how you’ve been feeling. It might actually mean it’s time for you to release the negative emotions, experiences, and people that have been causing you pain.

Flash flooding on a desert arroyo after a strong Monsoon Season thunderstorm in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Pima County, Arizona, USA

Many natural disasters, from hurricanes to slow-moving thunderstorms, can cause flooding.

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Bottom Line

Floods symbolize various meanings but mostly embody the idea of cleansing and rebirth. To understand what your dreams are trying to tell you, consider the context of the flood and how you felt in the midst of it. For example, if you were especially calm throughout the dream, it might be commending you for your resilience and showing you that you can handle change — even if it seems scary.

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