Epic Battle in the Wild: Massive Nile Crocodile vs. Wild Dogs over Scavenged Meal

Nile Crocodile Eating
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Written by Zeek Lepakko

Updated: October 18, 2023

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Let’s take a virtual safari to Africa, where two of the continent’s most fascinating creatures steal the show: the African wild dog and the Nile crocodile.

African wild dogs, also known as painted dogs, are the marathon runners of the animal kingdom. They’re social, smart, and seriously speedy. With their big ears and patchwork coats, they’re also some of the most unique-looking canines you’ll ever see. But don’t let their quirky looks fool you – these dogs are some of the most efficient hunters in the world.

See the Crocodile Steal Without a Thought

The Nile crocodile is an apex predator and as such has no threats against it aside from humans.

Now, let’s dive into the rivers and marshes to meet the Nile crocodile (actually, that might be a bad idea). In all seriousness, these reptiles are the true heavyweights of the African waterways. They’re ancient, powerful, and, let’s be honest, a little bit scary. With their armored skin, strong jaws, and stealthy hunting style, they’re the undisputed rulers of watery domains.

These impressive examples of African mammals and reptiles can be seen facing off in the video below in a showdown between quick wit and brute force.

Let’s find out more about these amazing animals to set the scene for an encounter between the both of them.

How Smart Are African Wild Dogs?

wild dogs

African wild dogs have four toes instead of the standard five that other canines have.

Smart enough to stay out of a crocodile’s way! Honestly, though, African wild dogs are among the smartest canines in existence. Their complex and tight-knit pack structure, along with their extremely coordinated hunting skills more than speak to the high intelligence of the species. Did you know that thanks to African wild dog ingenuity, they have one of the highest hunting success rates in the wild? Sadly, the dogs we see in the below clip didn’t quite get to enjoy sharing in that luck!

How Big Do Nile Crocodiles Get?

Nile crocodiles are among the largest crocodile species in the world. On average, adult males measure between 11.5 and 16 feet in length, although they can grow up to 20 feet or more. Think about a killer croc the size of a medium-moving truck – that’s something you’d want to avoid! In terms of their weight, their average size is between 500 and 1,650 pounds. However, one was once caught that weighed more than 2,300 pounds.

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