Watch This Crocodile Invade a Couple’s Pool and Attack Them Mid-Swim

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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: November 3, 2023

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Nile crocodile jaws
© StanislavBeloglazov/

Imagine enjoying a leisurely evening out in the pool when a crocodile decides to jump in. It doesn’t want to go for a swim, however. It’s hunting you.

That’s what happened to this couple and when you see what happens, you’ll wonder what the conversation post-attack was like.

Nighttime Swim Interrupted

Luckily, the woman in this clip manages to survive the attack. She makes a critical mistake by staying in the water too long but manages to recover. The view is from an outside camera.

The footage is in night vision and covers a backyard with a pool. There’s a couple in the water, huddled over in one corner of the pool. The view is obscured by what appears to be an umbrella, so it’s hard to spot them at first.

The commotion begins within seconds as a crocodile approaches the couple from the bottom right of the screen. You can barely make out its glowing eyes as it moves toward them. It’s sneaky at first. It pauses and then lunges forward rapidly. It immediately goes for the woman in the water, and she backs further into the center of the pool.

The man reacts and jumps out of the pool, and the woman is left to fend for herself in the water. She manages to create space between the croc and herself, but that crocodile is chomping at her arm. She keeps her wits about her as she backs away toward the edge of the pool to hop out.

At this point, the man is nowhere to be seen. Watch what happens in the following seconds as she suffers another attack in the above video.

Do Crocodiles Eat Humans?

Saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus)

A crocodile’s bite is more powerful than that of a lion’s.

©Danny Ye/

Eerily, both saltwater and Nile crocodiles actively hunt humans. Pretty much any crocodile is a danger to humans, especially those more than 8 feet long but these two species are the most dangerous. They stalk and ambush, even exiting the water to snatch a human off the shore.

They’re opportunistic and carnivorous and attack anything they can make a meal out of. Their bites are more powerful than those of a lion’s, so you can imagine the immense pressure these fearless reptiles exert.

How to Escape a Crocodile Attack

Crocodile in salt water

Humans are actively hunted by both saltwater and Nile crocodiles.

©Alexander Machulskiy/

There is no surefire way to escape a crocodile attack, so your best bet is to avoid crocodile-infested areas and remain hypervigilant if you find yourself surrounded.

Avoiding potential danger is the most responsible action you can take, but crocs are sneaky and may surprise you. If you find yourself face to face with a crocodile, leave the water and run for safety.

Once a crocodile chomps down, it’s nearly impossible to get it to open its jaws willingly. However, they do have some sensitive spots that you could poke at. These include their eyes, throat, and nostrils.

It’s hard to imagine having the wherewithal to fight back in a situation like this but adrenaline is its own force to be reckoned with.

Is It Normal for Crocodiles to Swim in Pools?

American crocodile swimming underwater

American crocodiles will take a dip in many water sources, pools included, so it is best to be aware before entering the water.

©Jesus Cobaleda/

Crocodiles are known to take refuge in bodies of water and in certain areas, like canals and pools, that are just as welcoming as any other water source. As their populations continue to grow, it is not unusual to see crocodiles swimming in pools and this actually happens rather frequently. Pools are a source of fresh water and they have no reason to avoid them unless there is a deterrent in place. There are numerous incidences where they need to be removed from pools, whether ones that are being actively used or pools from homes that have been abandoned. It is always advised to have an enclosure surrounding any pool on your property to avoid finding an unwelcome guest.

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