Americans Are Flocking to These 5 Fastest-Growing Counties in Nevada

Written by Alyssa Shea
Published: September 6, 2023
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More people are moving to Nevada than ever before! Over the last several years, the state has seen a consistent flow of people entering the area. Plenty of Californias have packed up and headed to Nevada over the recent years. Which counties have they decided to settle down in, though? Let’s take a look at which counties are seeing the highest growth in Nevada!

1. Lyon County

Lyon County includes the incorporated cities of Fernley and Yerington. In the past, this area saw slow but steady growth. Now, Lyon County seems to be booming. Development is bringing this area of Nevada to higher numbers of people than ever before. Many businesses have been eying the area. Companies like Amazon, Sherwin-Williams, and Oakley were drawn to the county because of this. Plenty of homes are also popping up, with new houses being constructed. It seems like this area is on the precipice of becoming a central hub of northern Nevada.

Carson River winter landscape

Carson River flows through Lyon County and is a popular fly-fishing location.

©gchapel/iStock via Getty Images

2. Clark County

Clark County is easily the biggest county in all of Nevada regarding population growth. One reason is that the Las Vegas Strip sits here, which is the 25th-most populous city in the United States. Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada and the county seat of Clark County. Mt. Charleston and skiing are just a short 45-minute trip away, which calls to the adventurous folk. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is also close, where many recreationists spend time fishing and swimming. Predictions show that this county will only continue to grow over the next several years thanks to the promise of jobs and housing.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas boasts over 147,000 hotel rooms!


3. Nye County

This area grew in the 1990s due to the military test site, which drew in high rates of people during that time. Now, the town of Pahrump is the biggest draw for Nye County. This county grew by 17.4 percent. It has been named the fastest-growing western rural county several times over the last decade. As it stands, the city of Pahrump is nearing 55,000 people! The safety of this area is appealing to families, and the housing prices are calling to Las Vegas residents looking for more affordable homes. You can also easily visit Death Valley National Park and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Mojave desert valley, mountain range, cloudy skies

Pahrump is located directly between Death Valley and Las Vegas.

©MarieKazPhoto/iStock via Getty Images

4. Washoe County

You might think Reno is the reason for so much growth in Washoe County. In reality, the Verdi and Mogul areas were the fastest-growing population pocket in the state in 2021. Washoe saw over 15 percent growth in the population! That doesn’t mean Reno isn’t growing as well, though. The draw is the promise of jobs, entertainment, and highly-rated public schools. There are plenty of hiking trails and outdoor parks, so outdoor enthusiasts tend to flock to this area! Officials created Nevada’s first and only local trust fund to develop affordable housing.

Downtown Reno skyline, Nevada, with hotels, casinos and surrounding mountains

Washoe County borders both California and Oregon.

©miroslav_1/iStock via Getty Images

5. Elko County

With a population of nearly 55,000, Elko County is indeed poised for a population boom. Its proximity to highways, railroads, and airports makes it an excellent spot for commuters. Thanks to how near it is to the mountains, many outdoor recreationists flock here for skiing and snowmobiling, as well as fishing, camping, and hunting. This county is the fourth-largest county in the entirety of the United States, with a land area of 17,200 square miles. The promise of great wages, thanks to their efforts to diversify the local economy through developing several industrial parks, is another reason many people are moving.

Lamoille Canyon is the largest valley in the Ruby Mountains, located in the central portion of Elko County in the northeastern section of the state of Nevada. Trees are in fall colors.

Elko County is nestled in the base of the Ruby Mountains, affectionately nicknamed the “Rubies.”

©NeilLockhart/iStock via Getty Images

Summary of Americans Flocking to These 5 Fastest-Growing Counties in Nevada

1Lyon County
2Clark County
3Nye County
4Washoe County
5Elko County

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