February Full Moon: Timing, History, and Rituals

Written by Sammi Caramela
Published: February 21, 2024
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Each lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days, and every month brings a new full moon — with some months (rarely) bringing two. Full moons symbolize reflection and practice gratitude for all of the beauty in our lives.

The February 2024 full moon, also called a Snow Moon, will take place on February 24 in the sign of Virgo. Here’s everything you should know about the last full moon of the winter season, including its specific timing, history, and rituals.

Timing of February 2024 Full Moon

This year, February’s full moon will occur on Saturday, February 24, at 7:30 a.m. EST. This full moon will occur in the sign of Virgo, an earth sign known for its perfectionism, intelligence, and reliability.

Amazing beautiful big moon in the night sky with stars and winter forest with snow. Winter holidays and night landscape. Snow falls

February’s full moon is called the Snow Moon.


February’s full moon is the last full moon of the winter season and is a “micromoon,” which occurs when the moon is at its furthest point from the Earth (around 252,225 miles away). In other words, it will look smaller than most full moons from our view here on Earth. This moon is also referred to as the Snow Moon. 

History of February’s Snow Moon

Starting in the 1760s, individuals began referring to the moon as the Snow Moon because of how often it snows during February. In the U.S., February tends to be the snowiest month of the year in many locations. This full moon is also the last one of the winter season, so its name serves as an ode to the cold and snowy weather that typically accompanies the winter months.

Some other nicknames for the February full moon include Bald Eagle Moon, Bear Moon, Raccoon Moon, Groundhog Moon, and Goose Moon.

Full Moon Rituals

Many people choose to celebrate full moons as a way to honor Mother Nature and reconnect with themselves. Many ancient communities and cultures have created their own full moon rituals and practices involving their community. Here are some ways you can celebrate February’s Snow Moon.

Write a Letter of Release

Full moons encourage the surfacing of heightened emotions and reflective thoughts. Oftentimes, we tend to dwell on parts of our lives that are causing conflict or are simply at a crossroads. The full moon’s potent energy provides the perfect time to write letters of release to people, patterns, or things that no longer align with you and your highest good.

To write a letter of release, simply address the letter to whatever you choose to let go of. Then, jot down anything on your mind, from grievances to frustrations to gratitude. For instance, maybe you’re letting go of an old friend who betrayed you. You can address this letter to that person and express all the pain that they put you through and all of your feelings surrounding it, then end the letter with a token of gratitude for the importance and role they once served in your life. 

You can choose to burn the letter, tear it apart, or simply toss it in the trash as a form of “release.” Make sure you intend to fully free yourself and the subject of the letter during this process.

Visualize Your Dream Life

Now that you’ve addressed what you want to release, it’s time to call in what is meant for you. Sit down in quiet meditation and think about what you desire in this stage of life. For instance, maybe you’re attempting to manifest a new career. Visualize what your average day working in this career might look like for you. What time will you wake up? How will your morning routine play out? Are there certain daily tasks you’ll get to do for work? Are there any exciting trips this career might allow you to take? Allow these moments to play out in your mind like a movie, and really lean into the positive emotions that surface.

symbol of enlightment during yoga meditation

You can practice visualization any time during the days preceding or succeeding the full moon.


Visualization is extremely powerful, especially if you tune into your emotions and practice gratitude for what you already have. Believe what you visualize is already yours, and appreciate its presence in your life.

Connect With Yourself and Your Community

Community plays a vital role in all of our lives, and it is something to celebrate. We all need people to lean on during hard times and happy moments. In many cultures, full moons unite communities in celebration and reflection. With all the emotions they stir up, full moons offer a great time to reconnect with our loved ones and ourselves. Ask yourself what you need this full moon — community or solitude?

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