Find Out Why Kangaroos Flex and Show Off Their Massive Muscles

Written by Zeek Lepakko
Updated: August 27, 2023
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Welcome to Australia, the world of kangaroos. These Outback icons are like the bodybuilders of the animal kingdom. Their toned hind legs can launch them around 30 feet in a single bound!

Male kangaroos, known as boomers, often engage in bouts of combat involving punches and kicks. It’s a display of dominance that more than underscores their muscular might. But don’t let their jacked build fool you. Kangaroos are as smart as they are ripped. You see, they’re quite doting parents, with joeys spending months in their mother’s pouch. In the social sense, they’re often seen in large, cooperative groups known as mobs.

With all of that said, the video below goes into great detail of the physical prowess of these impressive animals. It features closely related animals from the tiny wallaby all the way up to the mighty red kangaroo. As a bonus, we’re given a well-rounded overview of these hoppers and what they’re capable of!

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Get ready to explore these “true blue” creatures, and find out more about the skills they possess!

How Strong Are Kangaroos?

An emu and a kangaroo together in Australia

Kangaroos are usually most active during the cooler parts of the day, including evening, night, and morning.

©Markus Gebauer/

As was mentioned above, the possibly cute looks of the kangaroo are far more powerful than they might appear. With a kick power of 759 pounds of force, punches that pull 275 pounds, and a bite of 925 PSI, they’re seriously bruisers! For context, the bite force of a grizzly bear is around 975 PSI, and a human’s punch is anywhere from around 150 to 776 PSI – roos have us evenly matched! This kind of strength also enables them to ascend steep hills and cliffs, making them excellent navigators of the diverse Australian terrain.

Don’t forget about a kangaroo’s tail, which is much more than just an appendage for balance. It’s a muscular, flexible limb that serves multiple purposes. When moving slowly, kangaroos use their tail as a third leg of sorts to form a tripod with their two hind legs. While fighting, male kangaroos lean back on their tail to deliver powerful kicks with their hind legs. If that wasn’t enough, their tail also aids in swimming, propelling them through the water!

How Fast Are Kangaroos?

Kangaroos are surely known for their speed and agility. They can reach speeds around 35 MPH when they are in full flight. This speed is largely due to their unique method of locomotion – hopping! They use their powerful hind legs and large feet to propel themselves forward, while their handy tail provides balance.

It’s worth noting that kangaroos are more efficient at higher speeds, actually using less energy the faster they go. This allows them to cover large distances in search of food and water, which is a huge help in the often harsh and sparse environments of Australia.

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