Green Dragonfly: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: October 21, 2023
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Symbols and hidden meanings surround us every day. At home, at work, or in nature. When we take the time to observe the world around us, we begin to realize a reality full of meaning and symbolism. This is true of all things from the sun and moon to the smallest creatures, including dragonflies. Here we will cover the green dragonfly’s symbolism and spiritual meaning.

You don’t need to be an expert in symbolism to appreciate the meaning and significance of the things around you, either. Sometimes, for reasons we don’t quite understand, some small thing will catch our attention. These small things can carry meaning and messages in our lives. When this happens, you can search for the meaning of the omen you saw to understand what message is being communicated to you.

General Green Dragonfly Symbolism

Large green dragonfly female green snaketail (Ophiogomphus cecilia) on a dry twig against the sky

Green dragonflies usually carry strong, positive, and hopeful messages.


Dragonflies in general symbolize rebirth, renewal, and new possibilities. These meanings will be true no matter what color dragonfly lands on your shoulder or passes by your path. However, the specific color of the dragonfly will carry its own meaning that may alter or strengthen the primary dragonfly symbolism. Both the meaning of the dragonfly and its color, vary drastically depending on which culture and spirituality you use to analyze them.

For example, black is often associated with death or mischief. When you combine this symbology with the rebirth message of the dragonfly the meaning grows deeper. A message of renewal then becomes a message of new life springing or flourishing after a death or particularly hard trial. The process continues for every color and scenario.

As with all symbols and omens, when you believe you have seen one, take time to analyze your surroundings. What was the dragonfly doing? What time of day is it? How many dragonflies did you see? Where were you? What question were you pondering at the time? All these things are vital information to understand the true, deeper meaning of the omen.

Green Dragonfly Symbolism and Meaning

Female Common Green Darner Dragonfly perching on a purple flower. Rosetta McClain Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dragonflies symbolize rebirth. Green symbolizes growth. Combine the two for a strong symbol of flourishing new beginnings.

©Paul Reeves Photography/

There is no definite meaning for any omen you see. There are always strong cultural, spiritual, and psychological meanings we attach to everything, especially those that might carry messages from other-worldly entities. Take your time in researching all the possible meanings, keeping in mind your own cultural biases. Understand the lenses through which you observe the world around you. Then you can make more sense of the symbols that cross your path every day.

Association with the fourth chakra

Green is the color of the fourth chakra. This is also known as the heart chakra. The fourth chakra is associated with your heart (obviously), lungs, chest, serious emotions, relationships, and mortal life.

If you have done a lot of work in these areas recently, or are thinking on an issue related to these areas, a green dragonfly can be a great sign. If you have had difficulty with your fourth chakra, a green dragonfly can mean that you are about to enter a new phase of that difficulty, or that the trial will soon end. It could also mean that a big change in your relationships or heart will soon be coming. Finally, it could mean that you will start a new journey within the bounds of the fourth chakra.

A symbol of life, growth, and new beginnings

Green is associated with life, growth, and young plants. A green dragonfly can be a sign of new life, a new beginning for life, or a rebirth of something that died or is sick. It can be an omen for a birth, or a flourishing of something figurative, like a plan or idea, or something literal, like your houseplants you forget to water regularly.

Green is also associated with Mother Nature, Gaia, or forest and earth spirits. Therefore, a green dragonfly can symbolize a rebirth of something in your life associated with those entities. Did you abandon the devotion to them you once had in the past? Do you have habits that harm or destroy the earth? Seeing a green dragonfly can be a warning or a pleading to stop and return to a healthier lifestyle.

An omen of openness and opportunity

Because green is associated with growth, and the dragonfly is associated with rebirth and new beginnings, a green dragonfly can be the embodiment of a new beginning starting to grow or appear in your life. It can mean that one will soon appear, or an invitation to create one for yourself.

For example, you might be stuck in a relationship or with a particular problem you’re trying to solve. Seeing a green dragonfly, in that case, would be an invitation to try something new or give other opportunities a chance. Take a moment to analyze your problem from a new angle and find new possibilities.

Another example could be an invitation to let yourself grow into who you are meant to be. It is easy to let ourselves get stuck in routines or roles we don’t feel comfortable in. We let the pressure of society box us into a life we don’t enjoy. A green dragonfly can be a strong warning that if we don’t change our ways, we can’t grow and flourish.

Open your heart to other options. Be honest with your emotions. Let your feelings out honestly and see where they lead you. Chances are, it will be to new, happier places.

Magical symbolism of green dragonflies

Witches and other practitioners of earth magic believe the green dragonfly has a deep connection with the Earth. Dragonflies in general have a strong bond with the spiritual realm. They have been associated with faeries and other magical being for at least hundreds of years. Whether as the messengers of spirit guides, or the mounts for tiny beings, dragonflies have been the companions of mythical creatures for as long as those creatures have been a part of humanity.

A green dragonfly, therefore, would be among the most powerful of those symbols. They would tie the magic of other realms to the reality of life and growth in our world.

Other Symbolism and Meanings of Green Dragonflies

Newly Emerged Green Darner Dragonfly (Anax junius) -- After shedding its nymph skin, this green darner rests until its new body and wings harden enough to take its first flight. The dragonfly is vertical in center frame with its head pointing toward the top of the frame. It is shimmering and iridescent. Its thorax is green and blue.

A newly-emerged dragonfly, embodying the symbol of rebirth.


Green is also associated with abundance, friendship, trust, and other things depending on your culture and background. If a green dragonfly crosses your path, it could mean a new beginning or a rebirth of something associated with these attributes in your life.

Maybe a new friendship will soon begin? Perhaps you will see your efforts begin to pay off in abundance in some way. Maybe you will find new trust, or earn the trust of someone new.

As with all symbols and omens, nothing is set in stone. Nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears. The dragonfly has been seen as a spiritual symbol of rebirth and life for thousands of years (since at least the ancient Egyptians), and the color green has usually been associated with life and growth. But how these two symbols tie together into a message for your life is something only you can figure you.

You might feel a strong spiritual emotion when a powerful omen crosses your path. Or, you might not feel anything. How tuned you are the machinations of the spiritual realm will have a strong influence on how strong any omen can be.

This even includes your dreams. And it is especially true if a green dragonfly lands on you. Having a creature land on you is seen as an extremely lucky sign in Asian cultures. It is also seen as a positive sign around the world. So, if a green dragonfly lands on your shoulder or hand, pay special attention. The message it carries must be especially important!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Paul Reeves Photography/

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