Black Dragonfly: Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: October 20, 2023
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Did a dragonfly cross your path while you were on a hike? Maybe a dragonfly graced your dreams one night or over many nights? Did one land on your canoe while you were on the lake? Congratulations! Dragonflies, particularly black dragonflies are generally seen as positive omens. They carry happy meanings and powerful symbolism. But what exactly is the black dragonfly’s meaning and symbolism?

Introduction to Dragonfly Symbolism

Beautiful wing of dragonfly

Black dragonflies can still have beautiful, colorful wings.


You can find dragonflies all over the world. Black dragonflies included. Naturally, they have very different, and often contradictory, symbolism and meaning.

When trying to determine the symbolism of any animal or omen, it is important to consider all the aspects of that interpretation. Don’t rely on just one account or definition! Take into consideration the place where you saw the dragonfly, what it was doing, what you were doing, the culture of the people around you, and so on.

We will list all the most common interpretations of black dragonfly sightings, both in real life and in dreams. So, it wouldn’t make sense to believe that your interpretation should include all of them! Take some time to analyze the full context of the omen, and reduce the possible interpretations down to the most likely.

Most importantly, remember that dragonflies have their own meaning, along with the color black. So, when you see a black dragonfly, you will be combining the symbolism of the creature and the color. Both can be very different depending on where you live.

General Meaning and Symbolism of Black Dragonflies

dragonfly isolated on white background. Yellow and back Dragonfly Gomphus flavipes.

Black dragonflies might have a spot of color on their bodies.

©supawadee promkot/

Generally, people see dragonflies as good omens. Dragonflies have unique bodies, bright colors, and beautiful wings that tend to catch your attention whenever they come into view. They are great at catching and eating smaller, annoying, insects. These make them a positive sight whenever we do see them.

If a black dragonfly lands on you, like your shoulder, take this as a particularly strong omen! Whatever symbolism this interaction carries, it should be viewed through a positive lens. Many cultures view a dragonfly of any color landing on you as a particularly lucky event.

So, even if you don’t want to take the time to dive into the spiritual or metaphysical symbolism of every dragonfly sighting, rest assured that your initial, positive, reaction to seeing a black dragonfly is a good guide to what kind of message it is meant to communicate.

Black Dragonflies Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

A male dragonfly with a primarily black body.

©Velela – Public Domain

We will divide the different meanings and significance of black dragonflies by their broad interpretations. Keep in mind that some interpretations can include all of the symbols below or only a bit of one.

Symbols of strength

In some cultures, black dragonflies embody the joyful energy of strength, honor, and protection. This is because of their black color and their tendency to congregate around places of peace as they protect the water from pests.

Their strength is a calm, protective, strength. Not strength associated with violence or attacking.

If you see a black dragonfly, it can be reflecting an inner strength you didn’t know you had. Or, it can mean that you need to focus more on healthy strength, instead of toxic strength. Additionally, it can be an omen that something in your future will imbue you with strength, or help strengthen you.

A Sign of change

Dragonflies spend most of their early lives as larvae or nymphs. They will then transform into the beautiful flying dragonfly we know and love. Additionally, they will molt several times as they grow and age. They leave behind large casings of their previous form.

Because of this, dragonflies in general can symbolize change or transformation. However, when you combine a black color with this symbolism, it might take on a more somber or dark tone.

If you see a black dragonfly, it can mean a hard change or difficult transformation is coming your way. It might be a death or a change in your personal life. You might be going through a difficult time right now and a change will soon occur where you will come out stronger, or freer than you were before.

Whatever happens, you can be sure that you will come out on top at the end of this difficult time of change and transformation.

A Symbol of Protection and Strength

Because of their black color and tendency to keep to themselves, black dragonflies have taken on a protective symbolism to some people. They have an air of mystery, elegance, and rebellion. Some people see them as a reminder that it is okay to be protective of what you have, especially your emotions and deep secrets. It is important to listen, and not talk too much.

If you see a black dragonfly, you can take it as an omen that you might be too vulnerable with your information or your emotions. You might need to put up some emotional boundaries with some people in your life. Maybe you are spreading yourself too thin and need to take some time for your own emotional or mental health.

An Omen of Illusion

Because dragonflies have an inherent meaning of transformation and change, the black color adds a deeper measure of darkness and mystery to it. A black dragonfly can mean that things are changing without your knowledge. There is mystery and illusion that surrounds you, and you might now know it is happening.

A black dragonfly can be a symbol from your spirit guides or guardians that you need to wake up and pay more attention to what is happening around you. You might need to look beyond physical appearances and dive deeper into the emotional level of the people around you and your relationships with them.

Other Meanings of Black Dragonflies

selective image of hummingbird eating dragonfly on yellow flower



eating a dragonfly is a common theme in some dreams.


Depending on what culture or guide you research about the meaning of black dragonflies, you can find a plethora of interpretations. These can include wisdom, spiritual growth, vision, joy, adaptability, or new opportunities.

Some believe that black dragonflies are the most powerful and significant of all dragonfly omens. As such, black dragonflies can mean spiritual enlightenment, inner strength, and the goal of ultimate happiness. That’s no small omen! The transformative nature of the dragonfly is magnified by its black color, giving you the power to change anything in your life. This can come in the form of healing or protection.

Keep in mind that the core meaning of the dragonfly, that of rebirth and regeneration, will form the core of any interpretation you seek to make about your sighting.

Symbolism in Dreams

Typically, dragonflies in dreams mean change, regeneration, passion, or flightiness.

If you see a black dragonfly in your dreams, it can mean that you are going through a change, or that a change will soon be upon you. It might also mean that you are lacking stability in your life, so you are going through a time that is more turbulent or unstable than it should be. This causes you to experience more change than is healthy.

When you have a dream about black dragonflies, as with any dream, the symbolism of the creature should be analyzed with all the other symbols in the dream. What were you doing in the dream? What was the dragonfly doing? Was it flying or chasing you? Did you become a black dragonfly? What other people or creatures were present? Incorporate all the meanings of these other symbols into your final dream interpretation.

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