Hardworking Canadian Goose Parents Stop Traffic to Ensure Safe Passage of their Goslings

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 4, 2023

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Your heart will be in your mouth as you watch these Canadian geese parents try to herd their young family across a busy highway. They successfully manage to steer the goslings across not one but four lanes of traffic! To be fair to human road users, they do stop their cars to allow the birds to have safe passage. Meanwhile, the geese seem to be extraordinarily relaxed and also seem to have a lot of road safety awareness. They don’t step out in front of vehicles but wait for a gap in traffic! Scroll down to see the full video of Canada goose road sense!

Where Do Canada Geese Normally Live?

As their name suggests, Canada geese are a native species of Canada. However, they also live in the United States and Mexico. They spend their summers in the northern parts of their range and migrate to southern areas during the winter months. Canada geese have also been spotted in other parts of the world including Europe, Australia, and parts of Russia.

When it comes to habitat, they like to live in open grassy areas and would prefer to not live near tall grass. This is because their predators can hide out in heavy vegetation. They also like to live near water so you’re most likely to spot them on ponds, rivers, near marshes, or on the coastline.

It is not unusual to see Canadian geese in urban areas like the one featured in this clip. They are most often seen grazing on grassy loans or agricultural land.

How Many Babies Do Canada Geese Normally Have?

Once Canada geese have selected a mate, they usually stay with them for life. If one of the mates dies, however, the other will find a replacement. The female lays anything between two and 10 eggs and these take between 28 and 30 days to hatch. Once all of the goslings are out of their shells, the geese may form a group with other parents to help raise the goslings between them. It is normal for the babies to stay with their parents through to the next breeding season.

What Do These Geese Usually Eat?

In this clip, we can see the birds grazing on grass at the roadside but they are omnivores and eat both plants and animals.  It is common for Canadian geese to eat grass but they also eat aquatic plants, algae, and insects. They are especially fond of Kentucky bluegrass, cattails, and grasshoppers!

Watch the Impressive Clip Below

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