How Big Is Hawaii? Compare Its Size in Miles, Acres, Kilometers, and More!

Written by Sandy Porter
Updated: June 30, 2023
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If you’re headed to Hawaii for vacation, you might be thinking that you’ll just hike around the island every day. Well, that could be a bit of an issue for a few reasons, not the least of which is that Hawaii is made up of a total of 137 islands. This included the eight major islands you’ve likely heard of plus the other 130 tiny, private islands, and islets in the chain.

So, just how big is Hawaii then? Could you hike any of them in a day, taking in the incredible bird life, wildlife, and stunning scenery? Let’s take a look.

How Many Acres is Hawaii?

Kalaupapa Airport Molokai Hawaii USA

The stunning island state of Hawaii is a lot more than just Oahu where most first time visitors head first in the island chain.

©Kent Raney/

The volcano-filled state of Hawaii, all islands together, totals 6,995,827 million acres, making it the 43rd largest state in the Union.

How Many Square Miles is Hawaii?

Aerial view of tropical Manawaiopuna Falls also called Jurassic Park Falls in Kauai, Hawaii, USA. .

Manawaiopuna Falls — also called Jurassic Park Falls — is an impressive attraction in Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

©Benny Marty/

Total, all of the Hawaiian islands are 10,931 square miles.

Individually, the major islands look like:

  • Hawai’i (the Big Island) — 4,028.0 square miles
  • Kaho’olawe (Target Island) — 44.6 square miles
  • Maui (the Valley Isle) — 727.2 square miles
  • Moloka’i (Enlightening Isle or Friendly Isle) — 260.0 square miles
  • Ni’ihau (Forbidden Isle) — 69.6 square miles
  • O’ahu (the Gathering Place) — 596.7 square miles
  • Kaua’i (Garden Island) — 552.3 square miles
  • Lana’i (Pineapple Island) — 140.5 square miles

How Many Square Kilometers In Hawaii?

And for those of you more familiar with kilometers, Hawaii reaches a total of 28,311 square kilometers.

Each island is:

  • Hawai’i — 10,432.5 square kilometers
  • Kaho’olawe — 115.5 square kilometers
  • Maui — 1,883.4 square kilometers
  • Moloka’i — 673.4 square kilometers
  • Ni’ihau — 180.0 square kilometers
  • O’ahu — 1,545.4 square kilometers
  • Kaua’i — 1,430.5 square kilometers
  • Lana’i — 363.9 square kilometers

How Big is Hawaii Compared to Other States?

kawainui canal and marsh windard Oahu, Hawaii

The Kawainui canal and marsh near Windard, Oahu, Hawaii is scenic.


For perspective, let’s take a look at Hawaii’s size versus the country as a whole, and several other states, including the largest and smallest.

State/LocationAll of the United States combinedHawaiiAlaskaTexasIllinoisRhode Island
Status43rd largest stateLargest state2nd largest state25th largest (median size)Smallest state
Acres2.43 billion acres6,995,827424,491,046171,891,72537,065,203988,832
Square miles3.797 million10,931665,400268,59757,9141,545
Square kilometers9.834 million28,3111,723,337695,662149,9964,001

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Anthony Quintano from Honolulu, HI, United States / CC BY 2.0 – License / Original

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