How Wide Is Connecticut? Total Distance from East to West

New Haven, Connecticut City Skyline
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Published: November 2, 2023

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Today, we’ll be traveling to the northeastern portion of the United States to visit one of the smallest states in the country. Connecticut is in the top five smallest states, ranking third behind Delaware and Rhode Island. Size is an important part of the conversation today, because we’ll be exploring the width of Connecticut and finding out how long it would take to cross the state. We’ll compare Connecticut to other states in the nation and help give you some perspective on just how big Connecticut is. So, how wide is Connecticut? Let’s learn about its east to west distance now.

How Wide is Connecticut?

Flag map of Connecticut

Connecticut is the third-smallest state in the United States.

The greatest east-to-west distance in Connecticut is only 110 miles. The state is wider than it is long – the maximum north-to-south distance of the state is only 70 miles. A trip from the southernmost point of the state – Hawthorne Beach – to Pawcatuck, CT a city on the opposite southeastern border, traverses 109 miles. This trip is estimated to take two hours and 34 minutes. We advise that we used these two points as good references of distance across the state. Google Maps states that this trip, in particular, has restricted usage or private roads. It may not be possible for you to take this exact route.

How does Connecticut compare to other states? Well, the total area of Connecticut spans 5,543 square miles, making this tiny state bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined. In terms of similar widths, we can most closely compare Connecticut to its neighboring state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts has an overall width of 115 miles. That’s pretty close comparison. Now, let’s take a moment to look at Connecticut on a map.

Where is Connecticut on a Map?

Dusk at a Rocky Beach in Hammonasset State Park located in the county of Madison, Connecticut

The southern coast of Connecticut has some beautiful views over the Long Island Sound.

As you can see in the map below, Connecticut is in the far northeastern part of the United States. It is one of six states that make up New England, along with Maine, Delaware, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

We can also see on this map that Connecticut is a coastal state that shares a border with three other states. In the north, Connecticut share a border with Massachusetts. Rhode Island makes up the eastern border, and New York makes up the border in the west. The southern coast is actually not the Atlantic Ocean, but a body of water called the Long Island Sound.

Population of Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut, USA downtown skyline.

Hartford, the state capital of Connecticut, is a large and vibrant city.

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the current population of Connecticut in 2022 was 3,626,205 people. Connecticut is the fourth most densely-populated state in the entire United States, and there are about 747 people per square mile in the state. Let’s look a little more closely at this population. The median age of Connecticut residents is 41.1 years. Connecticut is more than three quarters white, with a 78.4 percent white population.

The average income in Connecticut is $38,865, while the average cost of living is estimated to be $36,937 dollars before taxes. That means that an individual has to make at least $17.76 an hour in full time employment to afford to live comfortably in the state. We got our income average from the United States Census Bureau and our cost of living estimate from the MIT Living Wage Calculator.

Major Cities in Connecticut

Beardsley Zoo entrance

The Beardsley Zoo is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut – the largest city in the state.

Connecticut is divided into 169 municipalities, which includes 19 cities, 149 towns and one borough. There are five cities in Connecticut with a population above 100,000. All 19 cities have populations above 50,000. Let’s take a closer look at the five largest cities in the state using a handy table.

CityPopulationFun Fact
Bridgeport148,333Home to the only zoo in the state – Beardsley Zoo.
New Haven135,081First city in America to adopt a public tree planting program.
Stamford136,309A resident of Stamford is called a “Stamfordite”.
Hartford120,576Capital of Connecticut and home to the oldest public art museum in the United States.
Waterbury113,811Early Indigenous residents called the land that became Waterbury “Matetacoke”, which means “land without trees”.

Major Industries in the State

Connecticut is touted as a pioneer and world leader in aerospace manufacturing and shipbuilding. According to the Connecticut State Government website, Connecticut also leads in film and television production and post-production. The state is widely recognized for its leadership in investment and asset management. Finally, the website states that Connecticut employs the largest numbers of insurance professionals per capita.

Connecticut was proud to be home to 14 of the businesses on the 2021 Fortune 500 list, including Amphenol, Cigna, Frontier Communications, Hartford Financial Services, Stanley Black and Decker, and Synchrony Financial. They boast growing industry in aerospace and bioscience, as well as advanced manufacturing.


Coastal community and beach Fairfield Connecticut

A view over part of the southern coast of Connecticut.

Connecticut is a state in New England that has a maximum east-to-west distance of 110 miles. It has a similar width to that of its neighboring – but much larger – New England state, Massachusetts. Connecticut is the fourth most densely populated state in the United States, and is proud to be a world leader in industries such as aerospace manufacturing, film and television production, and investment and asset management.

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