Hungry Leopard Attacks Nearby Python

A vertical, full length, colour photograph of a leopard holding half-eaten carcass of a large, dead African rock python, at Elephant Plains, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.
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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: February 2, 2024

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When we think of predatorial hunts in the wild, we imagine the danger there is for prey. However, predators can have just as much danger as the prey does. Especially when the predator hunting is actually hunting another predator, don’t miss the leopard hunt in the video below. 

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Leopard Hunt in Africa

The Instagram video posted in the section above takes us to Africa, where leopards are found. Leopards are also found throughout Asia. However, given the landscape and account this comes from, it most likely is in Africa. The Angry Animals3 Instagram page shared this video with almost half a million followers. They like to share videos of vicious hunts from predators such as warthogs, eagles, lions, and hyenas. 

Python Vs. Leopard Fight 

At the start of the reel, a videographer and photographer are perched up high on a hill to capture this leopard hunt happening below. He has found a python that has quite amazingly blended in well with his environment. But this leopard is a savvy hunter who has an eye for disguise.

According to the San Diego Zoo, although pythons are very deadly predators they have to worry about being hunted by birds of prey and leopards. “The snakes are most vulnerable after a large meal when they are less inclined to move quickly.” And this, perhaps, is why the python wasn’t able to thwart this leopard’s attack. 

The leopard strikes and grabs the python close to the head. With one blow he was able to catch the python on the first try and enjoy this meal.

What is Opportunistic Hunting?

Leopard eating his kill

Leopards are carnivores that feast on deer, warthogs, and various rodents.

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There are many different types of predators in Africa. Animals such as lions, African wild dogs, cheetahs, jackals, Nile crocodiles, black mambas, Cape foxes, spotted hyenas, and servals. Each of these predators has a specific diet as carnivores that they like to eat. However, sometimes they aren’t picky. This is called opportunistic hunting. 

The National Library of Medicine defines opportunistic hunting as “multiple short, high-speed chases of multiple medium-sized prey rather than long-distance, high-investment pursuit of larger prey.” So, sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing their strategies and taking what comes strolling by.

And while this leopard may not have expected to see this python on his hunt, it still is a regular part of his diet. 

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