Hydrangea Flowers: Meaning, Symbolism, and Proper Occasions

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: September 29, 2023
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The blossoms of the hydrangea are unmatched by those of other types of flowering shrubs. It’s easy to love the appearance and aroma of these cottage flowers with their balloon-like blossoms that grow in a range of colors. 

Hydrangeas are not only lovely, but they also have intriguing symbolic significance. 

We’ll be introducing you to the special significance and meaning of hydrangeas. In order to help you select the ideal flowers for those you cherish, we will also clarify how various flower colors have different significance. 

Types of Hydrangeas

Mars Hydrangea. Cityline Mars Hydrangea. A small plant with big. The Cityline Mars Hydrangea is a hardy plant. Pink, purple and white.

Mars hydrangeas are one of the most unique-looking varieties.


There are many kinds of hydrangeas. Take a look at the most common types of these flowers to better understand the numerous hydrangea varieties.

Mophead Hydrangeas

When you picture a hydrangea in your head, you likely envision the mophead variety. These have massive flower heads that consist of several individual flowers. You’ll find mophead hydrangeas in several colors, such as white, pink, violet, and blue! 

Lacecap Hydrangeas 

Laceleaf, or lacecap, is another version of this flower. They look a lot like mophead hydrangeas, but the flowering blooms are a tad unique. There are a bunch of small flower buds that are encircled by bigger flowers. 

Panicle Hydrangeas

Last but not least, panicle hydrangea has a cone-like appearance with clusters of small flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb and are looking for a hydrangea variety easy to cultivate, consider panicle hydrangeas! 

Meaning of Specific Colors of Hydrangeas

Each color of these blooms represent something different.


The color a flower has can often be strongly related to how we perceive what they mean. For example, red roses are often designated for romantic gestures. The same principle holds true for hydrangeas. 

If you’re buying or growing these flowers for someone, check that the color is appropriate because it might convey anything from sincere love to narcissism. 

Pink Hydrangeas

Hydrangea macrophylla with intricate dark pink and white double flowers.

There are several shades of pink hydrangeas.


Pink hydrangeas represent the joyous sensation of love in addition to other intense feelings. They are thus the ideal bouquet choice for expressing your love or respect for someone. Pink hydrangeas are quite lovely, therefore it makes sense that they represent romance. In Japan, pink hydrangeas hold the same symbolism as red roses do in the West. 

Purple Hydrangeas

Hydrangea macrophylla Nikko Blue, Gortenzia

This color usually represents royalty and money.


Purple hydrangeas, which are a blend of blue and pink, symbolize understanding and success. Many cultures consider this shade of flower to represent luxury. Hydrangeas in a purple hue are presented as a token of appreciation and thanks. 

They share many metaphorical similarities with blue hydrangeas. It can be given as a present to someone you respect. They serve as a sign of appreciation. 

Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Endless Summer hydrangeas

If you need to apologize, grab a bouquet of blue hydrangeas.

©qiufan bu/Shutterstock.com

The significance of blue hydrangeas is quite distinct. They stand for regret, appreciation, and remorse. Blue hydrangea flowers are the ideal gift if you want to make apologies to someone you care about because they represent remorse, sadness, and forgiveness. 

When you apologize, you can present somebody with a blue hydrangea. Its symbolic meaning echoed the flower’s sentimental significance.

White Hydrangeas

Closeup of white hydrangea flowers

Wedding floral arrangements often include hydrangeas.


White hydrangeas, like numerous other white flowers, represent pureness and innocence. As a result, they are frequently used in bridal bouquets. These flowers are also connected to conceit and haughtiness. 

This comes from the vanity from the extravagant spectacle the white hydrangea makes.

Green Hydrangeas

limelight hydrangea blooms

There are several different shades of green hydrangeas.

©Mike Russell/Shutterstock.com

Naturally, green hydrangeas represent rejuvenation and renewal. These organic blooms stimulate feelings of rebirth and fresh starts. They are cheery flowers that represent good intentions. 

These are wonderful gifts for people who are making big life changes! 

What Do Hydrangeas Symbolize?

Woman holding large bouquet of hydrangeas, roses

Because of their size, hydrangeas can be used to bulk up a bouquet.

©Mila Naumova/iStock via Getty Images

The hydrangea has tremendous symbolism, and these magnificent flowers are frequently utilized to convey a strong sentiment. The flower was often used as a metaphor for sincerity and appreciation. 

These unadulterated feelings can be expressed simply with a flower head or even an arrangement of fresh hydrangea. This blossom also represents elegance and beauty. Although the little petals forming this flower may at first appear pompous, they have a delicate beauty about them. 

Even one hydrangea, with its enormous heads and long stalks, can be a lovely gift.

Genuine sentiments and authentic displays of affection can be expressed with hydrangeas. But the flower’s significance isn’t all positive. In particular, Victorian England viewed it as a representation of arrogance and conceit.

The hydrangea has a connection with self-importance since it yields enormous blossoms with few seeds. As you’ve read, the color of the flower that you choose can make all the difference! 

Occasions to Give Hydrangeas

cutting hydrangea flower

These flowers are usually in season in the early summer.

©Natallia Ustsinava/Shutterstock.com

There are several occasions where you can give these stunning blooms as a gift. Consider choosing hydrangea if you need to send someone a bouquet as a sincere apology. These flowers express a range of emotions, and their blue and purple petals express your appreciation for the recipient being in your life.

People who we respect and appreciate frequently receive hydrangea bouquets. If you’re looking to give flowers as a gift of thanks and appreciation, this is a great option! Purple hydrangeas are a thoughtful gift if you know somebody who is struggling. 

Hydrangeas can also be used as a means to communicate intense emotion and declare your love for someone. Green hydrangeas can also make a great gift that symbolizes rejoicing in rebirth and goodwill for the days to come. 

Bottom Line

Generally speaking, these flowers make a great gift! You can also have them in bunches around your own house. It’s important to be sure you choose the right color if you’re giving these blooms to someone. You never know if someone will know about the meaning, symbolism, or simply just take the flowers at face value!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © George Cade/Shutterstock.com

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