Lion Brothers Go Out for a Night On the Town and Dig Up Some Food Together

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: January 8, 2024

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African Lion Brothers
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When we think of a night out in town, we immediately think of going out to have fun. Perhaps this is our version of stopping by the local bingo spot, grabbing the best pizza in town, or taking the family to the movies. Well, in the wild, an animal’s version of a night out on the town is just a tad different. They can’t exactly order a large stuffed-crust cheese pizza. Don’t miss the action in the video above, where these lion brothers go out on the town! 

Lion Brothers Sighted in Kruger National Park

The YouTube video shown at the top of this blog post takes us to the famous Kruger National Park located in Africa. This is where tourists have filmed lion brothers that are out late hunting for prey. The Maasai Sightings YouTube page shared this video on their channel, and it has already received more than 170,000+ views. This channel recently shared footage of a young giraffe, a mother elephant, and a wildebeest. 

These Lions Are Hunting for Prey

As the video above starts out we see that these tourists have stopped when they caught sight of a couple of lion brothers that were spotted just ahead. One of the lion’s heads is deep underground, which is an odd sight to see. However, they aren’t just there to play whack-a-mole. These lions are hunting for warthogs.

According to the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, “To stay cool, warthogs will spend time in burrows, which they often steal from aardvarks, or wallow in a mud hole.” In addition to staying cool, these warthogs try to stay hidden from predators such as the lions hunting them.

After a while, the lion digging comes up for air. Likely frustrated that he can’t get the warthog out. His brother above seems to be the emotional support but not doing much in the way of helping him. Abruptly, at 44 seconds, a warthog jumps out and scurries away so fast that these lions don’t have time to react and catch it.

Are Warthogs Intelligent?

Warthog in the scrub

Warthogs can weigh up to 300 pounds.

©Rudi Hulshof/

Although these small mammals can be found living underground, they aren’t exactly cute like the other animals that can be found underground. Animals such as rabbits and gophers. However, being cute isn’t a requirement for being intelligent. 

The San Diego Zoo Animals & Plants reminds us that warthogs “are remarkable for their strength, intelligence, and flexibility!” These animals are impressive in their ability to adapt to their surroundings or find new homes, as we saw in the video above. 

Not only are they intelligent, but they are very fast little runners. They can run up to 30 miles per hour, which allows them the ability to escape easily from predators such as the lions above. 

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