Mini Goldendoodle Size Comparison: Is This Pup Perfect for You?

A Petite goldendoodle looking to the camera
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Written by Megan Martin

Published: November 21, 2021

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Mini Goldendoodle Size Comparison: human standard goldendoodle petite goldendoodle
Goldendoodles come in many sizes!

Goldendoodles have grown into popularity in recent years. With their bright personality and adorable appearance, it comes as no surprise too. However, many people don’t know just how big these pups can be. This mini Goldendoodle size comparison will highlight the full-size range of these poodle-golden retriever hybrids, helping you decide if they’re the right fit for your home.

“Minature” is just one of many size variations for the Goldendoodle, and it tends to be one of the most popular. These dogs tend to fall perfectly in the middle of most small and medium dogs while still maintaining the friendly personality you love. 

How Big are Goldendoodles?

Petite Goldendoodle playing outside.

Petite Goldendoodles are only slightly smaller than minatures.

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Goldendoodles can come in a variety of sizes depending on their poodle parent.

The mini Goldendoodle is born when a golden retriever is bred with a miniature or a toy poodle. This mix creates a small-medium dog that falls right between its parents’ sizes.

Typically, you’ll find miniature Goldendoodles to have a shoulder height of anywhere from 13 to 20 inches. For reference, this is twice the height of your average Chihuahua or around the same height as a bowling pin. 

A healthy mini Goldendoodle of average size will weigh between 15 and 35 pounds. Their exact weight can depend on genetics, lifestyle, and the exact poodle variation their parent is. After all, toy poodles are around 5 inches smaller than miniature poodles, and either one can be bred with a goldie to produce this family-favorite poodle mix.

At their largest weight, the mini Goldendoodle will weigh about half the amount that their golden retriever parent can weigh. This makes them weigh the same as a cinder block (8”x8”x16”) or seven computer monitors.

However, the mini Goldendoodle is only one of the size options for this loveable mix.

Other Goldendoodles Sizes

While the mini Goldendoodle is certainly smaller than many other dogs you may see, especially their parents, it’s not the smallest size. Smaller than the mini, there is also the toy, or the petite, and teacup Goldendoodle. 

The toy variation is the absolute smallest Goldendoodle you can find. At full size, these pups will weigh less than 13 pounds and won’t be much taller than 11 inches – the same size as printer paper!

There is also a teacup variation of the Goldendoodle that falls between the toy and the miniature. However, this variation is rare and often discouraged due to how they’re bred. Their small size comes from the fact that they are born from the runt of the litter. As a result, there are many genetic disorders that can pose a threat for teacup Goldendoodles, and certified breeders will usually only breed either the miniature or the toy for the smaller variations.

However, Goldendoodles can also be larger than the mini, and much larger than toy!

The medium Goldendoodles, also known as the small standard, are only slightly larger than the miniature. In fact, both variations have a maxim height of 20 inches, although they won’t reach an adult height of much smaller than 17 inches.

The main difference between these two sizes is the weight. The medium Goldendoodle grows to be anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds – which means it could take almost four of the smaller mini Goldendoodles to reach the maximum weight of this variation.

There’s also the standard, or large standard, Goldendoodle. This loveable lapdog outsizes even their goldie parent, with a height of 20-24 inches and a maximum weight of 90 pounds. For reference, most golden retrievers won’t weigh much more than 75 pounds. The standard poodle is around the same.  

Human Vs. Mini Goldendoodle Size Comparison

Mini Goldendoodle Size Comparison: human standard goldendoodle petite goldendoodle
Goldendoodles can be as small as Chihuahuas or larger than golden retrievers!

If you’re thinking about adopting your very own mini Goldendoodle into your family, you may be wondering what to expect when it comes to their adult size.

First, your mini Goldendoodle will most likely be below your knee. A full-grown Goldendoodle at its full size is the same height as a full-term newborn baby. 

However, their small size doesn’t make them a lapdog. These pups need plenty of time and space to roam, play, and sniff. Like their goldie parents, they enjoy thinking activities such as mazes or fetching, and they’re eager to learn. 

A mini Goldendoodle will also weigh around the same as the typical human three-year-old. This creates a sturdier frame built for activity and play while still making them easy to manage. Paired with their poodle-like hair that is easy to groom and tend to, mini Goldendoodles tend to be medium-maintenance dogs. 

In all, they’re the perfect mix between poodles and golden retrievers, creating a mixed breed that’s hard not to love!

A Goldendoodle’s tail can grow to be anywhere from 12 to 14 inches long. However, for the mini variety, it’s more common to find their tails to be 3.5 inches and up. Standard Goldendoodles are more likely to have tails up to 16 inches.

For Goldendoodles with longer tails, you’ll need to be careful with playing, just like you would without other dogs, so as not to injury their tails. After all, a dog’s tail is a part of its spine and can have as many as 23 vertebrae. An adult human only has 24 in their entire spine!

The mini Goldendoodle’s tail will be in proportion with its body. This means that its tail will be slightly smaller than larger breeds and variations. As a result, it will have fewer vertebrae as a result. Still, combined with the rest of their spine, it’s an interesting comparison to a human!

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