Mini Lop Vs Holland Lop Bunnies: How To Tell The Difference

Written by Peralee Knight
Updated: October 4, 2023
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When trying to tell the difference between Mini Lop vs Holland Lop bunnies, you may think the name says it all. But the Mini Lop bunny has a misleading name that often throws people off! The best way to tell the difference between the Mini Lop and Holland Lop bunnies is to look at their size.

The Mini Lop and Holland Lop are the most common domesticated Lop rabbit species and are popular with pet owners. While these two bunnies have quite a bit in common, their differences may surprise you!

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop: Key Physical Differences

As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to tell the difference between a Mini Lop and a Holland Lop apart is in the size of the bunny. Despite the misleading name, the Mini Lop is the larger of the two! The Mini Lop is between 4-5 inches tall and weighs 3-6.5 pounds as an adult. The Holland Lop is between 5-6 inches tall and weighs 2-4 pounds as an adult. Let’s look in-depth into their physical differences.

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Mini Lops Have a More Unique Physical Appearance

Miniature Lop rabbit.

The Mini Lop is bigger than the Holland Lop and has a unique body shape described as “a basketball with a head.”


The Mini Lop has a unique physical appearance, with the head being significantly smaller than the body. The ideal for this breed’s appearance is often referred to as “a basketball with a head.” Mini Lops come in every possible rabbit coat pattern and color and have smooth fur that needs little grooming.

The Holland Lop Bunny Has A Compact Body And Longer Ears

The Holland Lop is smaller than the Mini Lop and has a broad, short body that is more compact.


In contrast, Holland lops have a compact body that is broad and short. They have larger heads more like the size of other rabbit species, and their ears are notably longer and broader at the base than other Lop breeds. The Holland also has a signature crown of fur at the base of its head. This crown is often a point marking in their glossy, dense coat that comes in a variety of colors.

Mini Lop Vs Holland Lop: Differences In Personality And Temperament

Both bunnies are specifically bred to make great pets, and both respond very well to training. The Mini and Holland Lops are both quite intelligent and with care and patience, they can learn a variety of commands and tricks! In fact, rabbits are smart enough to learn how to use a litter box, and with patience, you can let them explore your home just like any cat or dog! Both breeds are highly social with people and other pets and actively seek out attention and affection.

The Holland Lop and Mini Lop are both considered to be excellent pet rabbits with a friendly temperament. They are also considered to be excellent first pets for children and for new rabbit owners. However, they both have their own unique personalities. Once you get to know each of these bunnies, their differences make it easy to tell them apart!

The Mini Lop Bunny Is More Mellow And Relaxed

Dwarf Lop

While Holland Lops are more energetic and tend to need more playtime, the Mini Lop is calmer and just as cuddly!

©Peter Jung / Creative Commons – License

Mini Lops are more mellow and calmer than Holland Lops and enjoy being cuddled and fussed over by their owners. They welcome the endless amounts of petting and tend to enjoy being held. Mini Lops are such social little creatures that the more attention they receive, the happier they are!

The patient owner can make the most of Mini Lops’ high intelligence by training them to fetch, spin and jump on command, and even run an agility course. A Mini Lop is naturally filled with curiosity and thrives on learning new ways to play. This breed is well suited to an organized and calm home and is more docile than the Holland Lop.

Do Mini Lops like to be Cuddled?

Certain rabbits enjoy being held, while others prefer alternative ways to express affection. Some may not initially desire cuddling, but with patience, they might come to appreciate it. The key is to handle your rabbit gently and correctly, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Mini Lop rabbits showcase intelligence and can be effectively trained for litter use as well as obedience. They exhibit strong social tendencies and thrive on human interaction, whether engaged in playful activities or enjoying cuddle sessions.

To build a strong bond with your rabbit, it’s important to minimize situations where you corner or pick them up. During interactions, ensure your rabbit always has an available escape route. This might involve providing a hiding spot or leaving enough space for them to move freely around you.

The Holland Lop Bunny Is More Energetic And Playful

Like the Mini Lop, the Holland Lop is intelligent, cuddly, and loves attention. Holland Lop bunnies are specifically bred to be affectionate and easygoing pets and are a particular favorite for children. They bond deeply with their owners and other pets and crave attention and social interaction. This breed can become depressed and even stop eating if they feel ignored or neglected!

Holland Lop bunnies are more energetic than Mini bunnies and require a significant amount of time outside their enclosure to explore and play. This breed needs to be around other bunnies, pets, or people and does not do well in homes where it’s alone a lot of the time. The Holland Lop is best suited to households where they can spend a lot of time socializing!

Mini Lop vs Holland Lop Bunnies: Caring For Pet Bunnies

Rabbits are very social animals and require social interaction for general wellbeing. Caring for a pet rabbit begins with making sure that you can dedicate the time it takes to interact with them. This is a pet that wants to be around you, and Holland and Mini Lop bunnies are particularly social animals.

Both bunnies require at least one hour a day for play and exercise and Holland Lops really need to run off their excess energy. If possible, fenced-in areas outside are highly recommended in order to give your bunny an outlet for its natural curiosity. Bunnies require a spacious enclosure as well, and a good supply of appropriate pellet food, water, and hay. Hay is both vital for their digestive health and their nests.

Bunnies like the Holland and Mini Lop are a great deal of responsibility. But like any other domesticated pet, with patience and care, they make wonderful companions!

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