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Updated: March 3, 2022

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Rabbits make for amazing pets. They are docile, funny, soft, and loving creatures. However, there are a lot of different types of pet rabbit breeds to choose from when you’re considering your new friend. We’ve decided to help make this choice a little easier for you by listing the top 55 best rabbit breeds that you can have as a pet today.  Also, we’re going to live up to our site’s name and post the best pet rabbit breeds in A-Z order!

How Many Rabbit Breeds Are There?

White Animals - Albino Rabbit

Over 300 rabbit breeds are recognized today.

©Barat Roland/

Over 300 rabbit breeds exist around the world today, but we are going to primarily focus on the best pet rabbit breeds according to the ones that are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Currently, the ARBA recognizes 50 breeds of show rabbits, and they all make good pets for the most part.

Not only are we going to look at all these wonderful rabbits, but we’re also going to take a look at a few other breeds that make exceptional pets from around the world.

The 55 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit sitting in grassland

The best pet rabbit breeds are docile, easy to care for, and live long lives.

©Victoria Paladiy/

What makes for the best pet rabbit breed? That depends on the individual owner, but it’s usually some combination of a cool-looking, fun, interesting, and docile animal. Take a look at the 55 best pet rabbit breeds that you can find around the world today. Each of these could make a great companion for you.

1. American

Two american rabbits

©Steve Baker / Flickr – Original / License

American rabbits come in two colors: white or blue, the latter of which is a grayish color. These rabbits are said to be very docile and nice, and they’re great parents. They have a mandolin shape to them when properly bred.

American rabbits can weigh up to 12 pounds at their largest, but they aren’t a giant breed. Unfortunately, pure American rabbits are somewhat rare and endangered these days.  

2. American Fuzzy Lop

an American Fuzzy Lop

Avocado Festival, American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit at the 4-H booth

©cultivar413 / Flickr – Original / License

American Fuzzy Lops are small, playful rabbits that reach a maximum weight between 3 pounds and 4 pounds. These creatures are beloved for their long, soft fur. Owners must make sure to frequently groom their rabbit’s hair to prevent it from becoming matted.

Their ears are adorable, hanging down toward their faces and contributing to the overall cuteness of the breed. They come in a variety of colors and tend to live for up to 8 years in captivity.  

3. American Sable

American Sable Rabbit

©Undead_warrior / Creative Commons – Original / License

As the name suggests, the most unique factor of this rabbit is its sable color that often draws comparisons to Siamese cats’ coloring. The American sable rabbit is a very docile yet energetic pet rabbit breed that thrives alongside others.

These rabbits can reach up to 15 pounds in weight, and they will live between 5 years and 8 years if their owners properly care for them.

4. Argente Brun

 Young rabbit champagne d'argente

Young rabbit champagne d’argente

©Ben23 / Public Domain – Original / License

The Argente Brun rabbit is a French breed that is known for its unique color, a light brown color that has areas mixed with silver. These rabbits have ears that stand up, alert eyes, and a good demeanor. These rabbits will often sit on their owners’ laps and allow themselves to be held and pet.

They are large rabbits that weigh anywhere from 7 pounds to 12 pounds at their largest. Argente Brun rabbits can live between 7 and 10 years, too!

5. Argente Crème

An Argente Creme Rabbit

A bit curious and a bit skeptical at the same time is a healthy outlook.

©Mats Lind / Flickr – Original / License

Also called the Crème d’Argent, the Argent Crème is a rare pet rabbit breed, and it’s easy to see why. These rabbits are beautiful with fluffy orange undercoats and cream overcoats that make this breed instantly recognizable.

These rabbits have a great temperament as pets, but they’re so rare that most people will probably never see one in person. The rabbits can live for 9 years, and they can weigh 11lbs at their maximum. They’re large, soft, and lovely creatures.

6. Argente de Champagne

A Champagne D’ Argent Rabbit

A Champagne D’ Argent Rabbit

©Stephen Rahn / Flickr – Original / License

Also called the Champagne d’Argent, this rabbit is known for its immaculate silver coat. The rabbit starts off with black fur, but it quickly matures in under a year to have a silver coat that becomes more pronounced as the creature ages. These rabbits have standing yet floppy ears, and they’re known for being curious.

These rabbits grow to weigh 9-12 pounds and they have a rather typical lifespan that reaches 9 years in good conditions. Lastly, this rabbit can thrive well with other creatures.  

7. Beige *

A Beige rabbit

A Beige rabbit

©Zagothal / Creative Commons – Original / License

Beige rabbits are rare pet breeds that are difficult to find. In fact, they’re so rare that they are not recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association!

Their silky fur is the color of sand, so they’re pleasant to look at and handle. These rabbits allow themselves to be handled by humans. Their average weight is about 6.5 pounds, and they live between 5 and 8 years.

8. Belgian Hare

Belgian hare resting

© meijer

Belgian hares were bred to look like their wild counterparts, and they demonstrate similar tendencies. They have a distinctive arched back and their hindquarters are rounded. They can be skittish and untrusting, but they are nevertheless worthwhile pets.

Belgian hares are noteworthy for their fur color, a rich chestnut that can morph with black ticking, too. These creatures need more care than most rabbits, so they need a consistent feeding schedule, a unique diet, and a good amount of exercise.

9. Beveren

Beveren rabbits are curious and active creatures that can grow up to 12 pounds in weight and live for 5-10 years. They are one of the largest rabbits that you’ll see on this list, so they need quite a bit of space.

These rabbits appear in a variety of colors, including blues, whites, and red. These rabbits are great pets and show rabbits, so a variety of people can enjoy them!

10.  Blanc de Bouscat*

Blanc de Bouscat Rabbit

A Blanc de Bouscat Rabbit

©Lionel Allorge / GNU Free Documentation License – Original / License

As the name suggests, Blanc de Bouscat rabbits are pure white, a very rare creature. Interestingly, these are also some of the largest pet rabbits, weighing 13 pounds or more. They tend to live for about 10 years.  

These creatures have red eyes and a soft, silky coat of fur. These rabbits are well-mannered and great for children that know how to treat pets. The Blanc de Bouscat is recognized as a breed by the British Rabbit Council but not the ARBA.

11. Blanc de Hotot

Blanc de Hotot Photo

A Blanc de Hotot Rabbit


Blanc de Hotots are endangered rabbit breeds that are noteworthy for their white fur and black bands around their eyes. They are mostly white, but they can have splotches of gray or black in their fur.

The Blanc de Hotot rabbit lives for about 10 years, and they’re medium-sized rabbits weighing between 8 and 11 pounds. These animals need lots of positive attention to thrive.  

12. Britannia Petite

Britannia Petite rabbit pose on the grass background


The Britannia Petite is from Britain, and it’s a very small rabbit that only weighs about 2.5 pounds when it is fully grown. These rabbits have a body shape with a very pronounced back arch. Their heads are wedge-shaped and they are topped by very pointy-looking ears.

These rabbits can appear in many colors and patterns including white, black, chestnut, sable, and more. Some of them can even have red eyes! These rabbits are very energetic, so it is rare for them to lounge with their owner. They’re good pets for people that want an animal to play with!

13.  Californian

A Female Californian Breed Rabbit

©Orest lyzhechka/

The Californian rabbit is sometimes known as the California white. This rabbit is known for its dense coat and the fact that it has a light-colored coat, usually white, “blue”, chocolate, or lilac, along with darker colors around its nose, ears, and paws.

This rabbit weighs between 7 and 11 pounds, making it a standard weight. The lifespan of the Californian is between 5-9 years, so it can be short-lived despite being very gentle in disposition.

14.  Checkered Giant

Checkered giant rabbit

Checkered giant rabbit

©Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski/

The Checkered Giant lives up to its name by weighing upwards of 15 pounds. These rabbits are typically white and have checkered black markings, though they can also be considered “blue” if they are white with gray markings.

These are large, muscular rabbits that would rather spend time moving around and staying active than sitting around all day. They have a relatively short lifespan of just 5 to 8 years, and they require more care than most.

15.  Chinchilla (American)

American Chinchilla Rabbit at the Farm

©Becca Rimmel/

The American Chinchilla rabbit is also known as the “heavyweight chinchilla” and was bred specifically to be large and have fur that resembles a chinchilla. Although they were bred as meat and fur animals, they make good pets, too.

They have gray fur and weigh between 9 and 12 pounds. They’re large-sized rabbits, but they’re not as big as the largest chinchilla rabbit.

16.  Chinchilla (Giant)

A Giant Chinchilla Rabbit sitting upright on its hind legs

©Mary Swift/

The Giant Chinchilla rabbit was developed by breeding chinchilla rabbits and Flemish giant rabbits. These rabbits are massive; they can weigh up to 16 pounds and live upwards of 8 years in captivity.

Their fur coats can exhibit tan, black, blue, silver, and gray, often in bands around their body. These rabbits are known for their goofy demeanor, large bodies, and fluffy ears. They do need special care for grooming. If they consume too much of their fur while grooming, it can cause digestive problems.  

17.  Chinchilla (Standard)

Two Chinchilla Rabbits

Two Chinchilla Rabbits

©FinjaM / Pixabay – Original / License

The Standard Chinchilla is the first version of this rabbit that was bred. They only weigh about 7lbs at their largest, and they have the iconic rollback fur of a chinchilla. They also have very compact bodies.

These rabbits can live between 5 and 10 years in captivity. They have many colors in their fur such as tan, white, brown, and more. However, they tend to have white rings around their eyes that make them easier to spot.

18.  Cinnamon

Beautiful Cinnamon rabbit lies rests on the ground outdoors close-up


The Cinnamon rabbit has a beautiful, distinct, cinnamon-colored coat that sets it apart from other animals. However, the outline of their ears and their face can be different colors, like black or white.

Their fur is short, and they do not need a lot of maintenance. They can weigh up to 11 pounds, but they’re more likely to weigh between 8 and 9 pounds. These animals love to spend time with their owners, and they’re very docile making them good pets.

19.  Dalmatian*

A  Dalmatian Rex Rabbit

Dalmatian Rex stands near a soccer ball isolated on a white background.


Also known as the Dalmatian Rex, this rabbit is medium-sized and known for its coloring. As you might imagine, this rabbit has white fur with black, grey, or blue undertones giving it a similar look to the dog that shares the same name.

These rabbits can weigh between 6 and 8 pounds, and they’re not recognized by the ARBA, but they are recognized by the British Rabbit Council. These rabbits are considered active and kind, so they’re good pets.

20.  Dutch Rabbit

Dutch Rabbit on grass

Close up picture of a black and white Dutch rabbit.


The Dutch rabbit can also be called the Hollander, and it’s known as one of the most popular rabbit breeds throughout the world. Dutch rabbits are highly recognizable for their coloring pattern that includes a dark color on the sides of the head, a light color on the middle of the head, a band of light fur in the middle of the body, and a rear that is all one dark color.

Also, their bodies are very rounded. These are the prototypical rabbits that people think of when considering a pet. They’re small to medium-sized, weighing just 3 to 5 pounds, and they’re very docile and intelligent for rabbits.  

21.  Dwarf Hotot

White dwarf hotot rabbit pose on grass background


The Dwarf Hotot rabbit is a small, temperamental creature that only reaches weights of about 3 pounds. Their coloring is similar to the Blanc de Hotot in that they are white with a darker color pattern only around their eyes.

These colors can range from black, blue, lilac, and chocolate. They are friendly when they are raised right, and they are one of the most popular breeds that exist today.

22.  Dwarf Papillon

The Dwarf Papillon was the 50th rabbit breed recognized by the ARBA in 2020. They were originally bred in Germany under the name Zwergschecken.

These rabbits are typically white with several noticeable patches of brown or black around their eyes, as a blotch around their nose, and spots around their body. They have a silky coat that can be fuzzy, too.

The Dwarf Pappilon only grows to about 2 pounds in weight, so it’s not very large. They’re very curious and energetic by nature, so they’re good pets if you like to observe animals.

23.  English Angora

English Angora rabbit with blue eyes


English Angora rabbits are easily recognized by the vast amount of fur they produce. Their faces are covered by fur except directly above the nose, so they are fluffy, almost cloud-like creatures. Although they are kind and gentle like other rabbits, they need to be groomed frequently to remain healthy.

They only weigh between 5 and 6 pounds, and they can come in a variety of colors. White is the most prized color, but it can also be a brown, blue, chocolate, tort, chestnut, and more. When properly cared for, these smaller rabbits can live for upwards of 12 years!

24.  English Lop

English Lop Rabbit

English Lop Rabbit


The English Lop is well-known for its large, floppy ears, big head, and large overall size. This rabbit regularly weighs 11 pounds or more. Their size and demeanor have earned them the nickname “dogs of the rabbit world.” They are great pets, especially for kids.

These rabbits do need some special consideration for their large ears, though. They can’t be wet or cold for long periods. These rabbits have somewhat large bodies and a variety of potential colors.  

25.  English Spot

An English Spot Rabbit

©Eric Isselee/

The English Spot rabbit is similar in color to the Dalmatian rabbit in the sense that they can both be white and have black spots. These rabbits have darker color markings around their eyes, too. They can be black, gold, lilac, and many other colors, too.

These rabbits were bred as show animals, so they’re used to being handled. They can live for 5 to 9 years, and they’re a medium breed that regularly weighs between 5 and 8 pounds.

26.  Flemish Giant

Flemish giant standing next to a young lamb

Flemish giants are as large as other baby farm animals


If you’re looking for an extremely large rabbit, then the Flemish giant is for you. This rabbit averages 15 pounds but it can weigh upwards of 22 and grow over 4 feet long. They tend to have a variety of colors like black, blue, fawn, gray, and white, and their undercoat can be very light.

Since they are such large creatures, they require expert handlers. Their diet has to be curated to prevent obesity, and it’s best to keep them away from small children. Unfortunately, their large size comes with a drawback in terms of longevity. They live a mere 5-7 years.

27.  Florida White

A Florida White Rabbit in the Grass

A Florida White Rabbit in the Grass

©RonaldPlett / Pixabay – Original / License

The Florida white rabbit is a compact breed that is known for making great pets. As their name suggests, they are white rabbits, and they typically have an albino species’ red eyes.

This breed was developed for meat and uses in a laboratory, so it’s a commonly imagined type of rabbit when people consider either of those things. They tend to live between 8 and 10 years, but they’re relatively small animals that weigh between 5 and 7 pounds.

28.  French Angora

A French Angora Rabbit

©Loggie-log / Public Domain – Original / License

The French Angora breed is a show rabbit that is similar to the English Angora in the sense that they have voluminous, fluffy hair. Although they look like great pets, they need a lot of grooming.

Often, they will be white, gray, brown, and black. They can live for 12 years with the right care, and they can reach weights of 7 to 10 pounds.  

29.  French Lop

French lop

The French lop is a cute rabbit

©Eric Isselee/

French Lops are a large rabbit breed capable of weighing between 10 and 15 pounds, though they can weigh over 20 pounds. They were developed as meat rabbits, but they have now become primarily pets and show animals.  They have numerous colorations, including black, fawn, and agouti.

These rabbits have very soft fur, but they also need expert care. They need a lot of space and owners that know how to handle them; they’re not good beginner pets.  

30.  Giant Angora

A Giant Angora

©Oldhaus / Creative Commons – Original / License

The Giant Angora is a very large rabbit breed that was used for its wool. These rabbits are hard to raise because of their immense size and grooming requirements, so they’re better suited to experienced owners.

These rabbits regularly weigh over 12 pounds, and they are often albino with white fur and red eyes, but other colors exist. They need a lot of time with their owner to develop a rapport.

31.  Harlequin

Baby Harlequin Gotland rabbit sitting outside


The Harlequin rabbit weighs up to 9.5 pounds and is recognized by the two-color split on its face that takes up half of each side. From there, the color alternates on the rabbit’s coat. They are further divided into Japanese and Magpie.

Japanese harlequins are orange or fawn along with black, chocolate, blue, or lilac. Magpies are white with black, lilac, chocolate, or brown colors. This breed has short fur, erect ears, and lives for 5-8 years.

32.  Havana

A Havana Rabbit

A Havana Rabbit

©Rescue Rabbit / Flickr – Original / License

These intelligent and long-lived rabbits are great companions that can live for up to 12 years. They are small animals that weigh less than 5 pounds most of the time, and they have fur that is said to be like a mink.

Havana rabbits tend to appear in dark colors like chocolate and black. They’re good for all sorts of pet owners, even beginners!

33.  Himalayan

Pretty Himalayan bunny eating white daisie flowers on green lawn

©Linn Currie/

The Himalayan rabbit is usually white with points of a darker color like black, brown, or blue on its face, paws, and ears. For that reason, this rabbit is often confused for the California breed as well as a few others.

They have a unique body shape that is described as cylindrical, with a long body and medium build. Also, they can weigh between 2.5 and 4.5 pounds. They have short hair, so they’re easy to groom. Also, they do not mind being handled, and they have an agreeable temperament. They make good pets.

34.  Holland Lop

Two Holland Lop bunnies


The Holland Lop is an exceptionally popular pet because of its compact size and large, floppy ears. These creatures only weigh between 2-4 pounds, come in a variety of colors (tort, white, black, blue). They are loving creatures that have few health considerations, so they are even good for kids!

35.  Jersey Wooly

A Jersey Wooly Rabbit

©Linn Currie/

Another wooly rabbit that has emerged is the Jersey Wooly. Weighing 3 pounds and living between 7 and 10 years, this lovely rabbit is very docile. They were made by crossing a Holland Dwarf and French Angora, and this rabbit has traits of both with long, fluffy wool and a docile demeanor.

36.  Lilac

Lilac rabbit

A Lilac rabbit

©NastasyaDay / Pixabay – Original / License

The Lilac rabbit is a medium-sized creature that only comes in its one signature color: a beautiful pinkish tone. They are rare creatures, weighing between 5 and 8 pounds. Like other show rabbits, these are docile creatures and big enough that a child could care for them. However, they are somewhat rare.

37.  Lionhead Rabbit

A Lionhead Rabbit

A Lionhead Rabbit

©HutchRock / Creative Commons – Original / License

The Lionhead Rabbit is a small rabbit that weighs just under 4 pounds at its full size. As its name suggests, this rabbit’s unique feature is its head which includes tufts of hair on the face and head that makes it look like it has a mane. Their mane needs some more maintenance than most other rabbits, but they are still great pets.  

38.  Mini Lop

Miniature Lop rabbit.

Miniature Lop rabbit.


The Mini Lop is a compact rabbit that can weigh upwards of 6.5 pounds. They are long-lived, friendly creatures that regularly reach 10 years or more in age. They are quite skittish around noise, so they prefer a calm environment as pets. Also, these social creatures do better when paired with other rabbits.

39.  Mini Rex

A cute Mini Rex rabbit

A cute Mini Rex


The Mini Rex is a small breed that weighs about 4.5 pounds and lives up to 10 years. These rabbits are popular because of their plush, soft fur coat and a wide variety of colors including otter, sable, red, black, and blue. Like some other breeds, the Mini Rex might not appreciate being picked up by others, so they need frequent handling when they’re young if you want to get this outcome with them.

40.  Mini Satin

Mini Satin Rabbit


The Mini Satin is a small version of the original Satin breed, and it’s valued for its small body and beautiful, soft fur. These rabbits weigh between 3 and 5 pounds and live for 5 to 8 years. They are very loving pets and come in many colors including red, black, blue, and copper. They need frequent attention to thrive like other pets!

41.  Netherland dwarf

Netherlands Dwarf rabbit

A 4-week-old Netherlands Dwarf rabbit

©Aaron Van Dyken / Creative Commons – Original / License

The Netherland dwarf rabbit is known for being a very cute breed that is known for weighing about 2.5 pounds, having a compact body, and having a squished face. They come in 25 different color varieties and possess very soft fur.

42.  New Zealand

New Zealand rabbit

New Zealand rabbit

©Hagen Graebner / Creative Commons – Original / License

The New Zealand rabbit is an award-winning breed that is known for its white fur (also comes in red), massive size, and standing, pointy ears. These rabbits have normal-length, flyback fur and are prized for their docility, fur, and meat. They can weigh 12 pounds and live for 5-10 years. The New Zealand rabbit is a popular rabbit for scientific testing, too.  

43.  Palomino

Two Palomino Rabbits

Two Palomino Rabbits

©Abhijit Dutta / Pixahive – Original / License

The Palomino rabbit is widely loved for its gold or lynx colors from which it derives its name as well as its docile nature. These creatures are highly sociable, so they make great pets or second rabbits. The Palomino can grow up to 12 pounds in weight and live for 8 to 10 years, too!

44.  Polish Rabbit

A White Polish Rabbit

A White Polish Rabbit

©Sean / Flickr – Original / License

The Polish Rabbit might look like a dwarf breed, but it’s not. The albino-colored ones are similar to the Netherland Dwarf, but the Polish variant has much longer ears and a wedge-shaped head. These animals come in many colors, but white is the most popular. They are small, weighing 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, and can live as long as 8 to 10 years with proper care.

45.  Rex (Standard)

A Rex Rabbit

A Rex Rabbit

©Jean / Flickr – Original / License

The Rex rabbit is known for its rexed fur that is soft, plush, and velvety. The Rex rabbit is a particular kind, but the term rex can apply to other rabbits with rexed fur. These rabbits are large, weighing about 10.5 pounds or more. They are good pets that are docile and somewhat calm, so owners can handle them as long as they’re careful.

46.  Rhinelander

Checkered Rhinelander rabbit

Checkered Rhinelander rabbit

©Eric Isselee/

The Rhinelander is a very active and athletic breed that is easy to identify with its color scheme. These rabbits have a color band around the eyes and a band down the length of their spine. These are very fast animals that enjoy exercise. They’re also medium-sized, weighing 10 pounds or so as an adult. They can be quite the handful as a pet, so they need a trained hand.

47.  Satin

Brown satin rabbit

Brown satin rabbit

©Dora Zett/

The Satin rabbit is known for its amazing shiny and silky rollback fur. These creatures can weigh anywhere from 8 to 11 pounds and they’re great first-time pets because of their calm nature. Fortunately, these beautiful creatures come in many colors including black, chocolate, copper, and more. They enjoy socializing with their owners and can be handled.  

48.  Satin Angora

A White Satin Angora Rabbit

A White Satin Angora Rabbit

©Lanafactum / Creative Commons – Original / License

Like other Angora breeds, the Satin Angora is a large, fluffy breed but it has silky hair rather than coarse wool. They need special care for all that fur, so they need an experienced owner and not a child to start. These animals can weigh up to 9.5 pounds and they can have an aloof demeanor to them.

49.  Silver

A Silver Rabbit


The Silver rabbit weighs about 6 pounds and lives for 7 to 10 years. They’re compact rabbits that appear in black, fawn, or brown colors. Their ears stand straight up, and they have a dense flyback coat. These are hearty pets that are calm in nature, but they are also rare, so it can be hard to get one of these as a pet.

50.  Silver Fox

Silver Animals - Silver Fox Rabbit

Silver Fox rabbit sitting on a teal green background. These silver animals were first bred in the early 20th century.

©Linn Currie/

The Silver Fox is noteworthy because its fur will actually stand up in place when brushed up instead of flying back into place. Despite their name, these rabbits can come in black, lilac, white, and blue. The Silver Fox weighs 9 to 12 pounds and lives about 5 to 7 years as a gentle pet that loves to be held.

51.  Silver Marten

A chocolate Silver Marten rabbit

©Annette Shaff/

The Silver Marten rabbits are known for their loving and playful demeanor. These rabbits are related to the Chinchilla rabbits and come in black, blue, sable, and chocolate colorations. They are standard-sized rabbits, weighing up to 8.5 pounds, and live between 5 and 8 years.

52.  Tan

The Tan Rabbit

The Tan Rabbit

©Kuttelvaserova Stuchelova/

The Tan rabbit is another highly energetic breed that likes to live with other rabbits. The Tan rabbit is a show breed that weighs between 4 and 6 pounds and lives. These animals are mostly known for their tan and black variety, with black taking up most areas on the face and body and the tan being everywhere else. They’re fine with being handled if you are gentle with them, too.

53.  Thrianta

Easter bunny red Thrianta rabbit

Easter bunny red Thrianta rabbit


Stemming from the Tan rabbit, the Thrianta is known for its reddish-orange fur. They’re rare animals, and it’s recognized by both the ARBA and BRC. Thriantas are soft, compact rabbits that weigh between 4 and 6 pounds. They’re friendly enough to be kept as pets, and they enjoy exercise.

54.  Tri-Colour Dutch*

Two Tri Colored Dutch bunnies laying together

©Charlotte Bleijenberg/

As the name suggests, the Tri-Colour Dutch rabbit is known for its unique color sequences. Each cheek is a different color, typically orange and black. These colors follow up the ears with some of the opposite colors present in them. Then, there is a light band on the body and then a mix of the two colors on the rear. They’re similar to Harlequin rabbits, and they weigh 3.5 to 5.5 pounds.

55.  Velveteen Lop*

The Velveteen Lop rabbit is well-known for its large ears, soft fur, and its potentially long lifespan. This rabbit can live for up to 11 years with proper care and only grows to be 5 to 7 pounds. You have to pay special attention to the rabbit’s ears to ensure they do not get wet or cold. Their fur is short enough that they do not need a lot of extra grooming.

* Not recognized by the ARBA

Final Thoughts on the Top 55 Best Pet Rabbit Breeds

Animals That Burrow Underground: Rabbit

Many rabbit breeds make great pets for inexperienced owners.

©Anna Ipatjeva/

Rabbits can be loving pets that just need a little special care. Some of them are very large while others are small and compact. The sheer variety of rabbit types out there these days should give you hope that you can find a creature that has the looks and demeanor you desire in an animal.

Any of these 55 rabbit breeds would do well in your home, but some of them are rarer than others and require special care. Choose your rabbit carefully, but also realize that they are sweet, loving creatures that need playtime and attention.

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