Moon Square Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 8, 2023
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A square occurs in a natal astrology chart when two objects are 90° apart. Squares are one of the five major astrological aspects. They represent a conflict between energies or blocked energy between the two bodies involved. Squares can make life feel harder, but they can also cause you to take action to fix a problem or work on yourself.

Your natal Moon sign and placement have to do with how you deal with emotions, your intuition, and your subconscious. It also has to do with your relationship with your mother, and some people believe it represents your mother herself. Because of this maternal connection, the Moon in astrology also relates to your comfort with nurturing others and receiving nurturing.

When something squares your Moon in astrology, it reflects where you have trouble expressing your emotions or where you have a blind spot with your intuition. It can also show where you indulge in emotions in ways that don’t serve you.

Natal Moon Square Aspects in Astrology

When learning more about your natal Moon square aspects, remember that the houses involved also shade the meaning of the aspect in your chart. Other aspects to your Moon or the other planet involved may also affect how this square shows up.

Natal Moon Square Natal Sun

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Sun square Moon natives struggle with what they want versus what makes them emotionally secure.

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With your natal Sun square your natal Moon, your core self and how you move through the world is at odds with what makes you feel emotionally satisfied. There is often a nearly constant internal struggle between your emotions and what you really want to do. You may have a bit of a cloud over your head and see things in a negative light because things do not feel simple for you. On the plus side, you’re often prepared for the worst, so you can be pleasantly surprised when things go your way.

Natal Moon Square Natal Mercury

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With your natal Moon square your natal Mercury, you tend to make emotional decisions, not logical ones.

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With this aspect, your communication and thinking are intrinsically tied to your emotions in a way that brings a challenge to your life. You make decisions and process problems through emotion rather than logic. In some cases, this is a great thing, because you follow your heart. In other cases, this leads you to rash decisions you regret later. You can get so wrapped up in your own needs that you forget to consider others. Talking things out or journaling can help you work through your emotions and come to a well-thought-out decision.

Natal Moon Square Natal Venus

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If you have natal Moon square natal Venus, you may avoid more intimate relationships.

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When your natal Moon squares your natal Venus, your emotions are intense when it comes to relationships and friendships. You may completely avoid getting close to people because you fear being consumed by your emotions. You have emotional outbursts in relationships that push people away. By focusing on yourself and working on your emotional well-being, you can become more aware of your relationship patterns and find the ways you are comfortable with vulnerability. Then you may feel more comfortable letting someone into your life.

Natal Moon Square Natal Mars

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You may act fast without thinking of the consequences with natal Moon square natal Mars in your chart.

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You are an easily frustrated person with your Moon square Mars natally. When things go your way, you can be quite passionate, but when they don’t, your anger and disappointment flow easily. People may start to think of you as difficult to work with if you’re not able to work on channeling your anger into a productive outlet.

Natal Moon Square Natal Jupiter

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Those with natal Moon square natal Jupiter tend to have big ideas but they can’t always follow through.

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With your seat of emotion and intuition squaring your seat of optimism and expansion in your natal chart, you have lots of big ideas. However, you are prone to overpromising and underdelivering. You might be a larger-than-life person, with big emotions in addition to your expansive ideas. You shoot for the Moon, regardless of whether or not you have a realistic plan to actually get there. You can get so involved in a large project that you forget to allow yourself emotional space. The plus side is that sometimes things do work out when we dream big.

Natal Moon Square Natal Saturn

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You’re an emotionally serious and reserved person with Moon square Saturn in your natal astrology chart.


When the Moon squares Saturn in your natal chart, your emotions are likely hidden away. You fear that people won’t support you if you show your true feelings, so you don’t let anyone in. Instead of tending to your emotions, you may tend to your material needs instead. You might be a very hard worker and very driven in your career. You rely almost solely on logic to make your decisions, rarely thinking about what would make you feel emotionally secure.

Natal Moon Square Natal Uranus

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You struggle with sudden change when your Moon squares Uranus in your natal chart.

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With your Moon, your emotional well-being, square to Uranus, the planet of sudden change, your emotions change, sometimes without warning. You are a passionate person, but you tend to follow these emotional fluctuations without question. You may be unpredictable in relationships and friendships. Sudden change, which Uranus loves, is probably hard for you in general, though you experience it a lot. Finding small ways to be stable in your ever-changing sea may go far to help you feel more emotionally secure.

Natal Moon Square Natal Neptune

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You may become overly suspicious with the aspect Moon square Neptune natally.

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The Moon represents your intuition in addition to your emotions. Neptune is the planet of illusion. With these two squaring each other in your natal chart, your intuition is clouded. You may have a hard time telling the difference between your real intuition and a daydream. You may be overly suspicious because you believe your daydreams are intuition. These suspicions throw you off balance and disturb your emotional well-being.

Natal Moon Square Natal Pluto

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With natal Moon square natal Pluto, you might struggle with power dynamics in intimate relationships.


With your Moon squaring your natal Pluto, you probably have a short temper. You notice power dynamics but can misread them, seeing small slights as a power grab from someone else. Your own feelings can be overwhelming, so you may choose to avoid intimacy rather than deal with your emotions. Over time, if you work on yourself, you can break free of this cycle and allow yourself to be open to other people without such a strong lens of power.

Natal Moon Square Natal Chiron

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It’s hard for you to talk about your deepest wounds if you’ve got Moon square Chiron in your natal chart.

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With your natal Moon squaring your Chiron, your essential wound in this lifetime, you have a hard time receiving support. If you do receive support, you might feel you don’t deserve it. Any support you receive doesn’t feel fulfilling because you never fully open up to people. Despite your difficulty in receiving nurturing, you are a wonderful listener and love to support your friends. However, it’s important to allow them the same opportunity! As you age and gain more self-knowledge, you may have an easier time letting people in.

Natal Moon Square Natal Black Moon Lilith

Gambling table in luxury casino.

You may turn towards a quick fix of pleasure with the Moon squaring Black Moon Lilith natally.

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This aspect in a natal chart has the opportunity for transformation throughout your life, but it can feel hard at times. You tend to transfer your difficult feelings into destructive behaviors like drugs, gambling, compulsive video gaming, or compulsive sex. All of these things are normal to do once in a while, but when they take over your life as a coping mechanism, they can become harmful, and you can lose control. By receiving support, and finding different outlets for your intense emotions, you can get back in the driver’s seat.

Natal Moon Square Natal Ascendant

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People with natal Moon square natal Ascendant can have a hard time expressing themselves to others.

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When you have your natal Moon square your natal Ascendant, it’s hard for you to express your emotions at all. You might feel you have to hide them to be accepted by those around you. However, this can lead to resentment. You push your emotions down in relationships until you can’t bear it anymore. They never explode but they can seep out in the form of negativity and passive-aggressive jabs. Despite this, you can get lost in your powerful inner world of emotions. Physical activity, meditation, and mindfulness practices can be a great way to find more balance.

Natal Moon Square Natal North and South Nodes

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If you have natal Moon square North and South Nodes, you may feel as if you can’t rely on anyone.

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When your Moon is square to one of your natal lunar nodes, it is also square to the other one. The North and South Nodes are always 180° apart, so a square sits right in the middle of them. When your Moon is in this position, you have a lot of emotional wounding to overcome before you can pursue your life’s work. You are kind of stuck between the past and the future, unable to move on until you do some deep emotional work. Once you do this work, you will come into your full power and see that your dreams are attainable.

Natal Moon Square Natal Midheaven

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Sometimes, people with natal Moon square natal Midheaven seem not to want to grow up.

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If you have the Moon squaring your Midheaven in your natal astrology chart, your emotions may hold you back in life. You may have “Peter Pan syndrome,” which isn’t always a bad thing. You may see the world with a child-like wonder and excitement. However, you eschew adult responsibilities because you don’t want all the emotional responsibilities that come with them. You follow your own path which doesn’t always make sense to other people. Sometimes it doesn’t make complete sense to you either, because you are more emotional than logical, but you know when things feel right.

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