Nervous Giraffe Stands In The Midst of Lions

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: February 11, 2024

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Young lion looking at a giraffe with fear or is it disdain
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We might think there’s not much to be nervous about when you’re the tallest animal on land. However, despite their massive size and shocking height, they are still prey when it comes down to it. And they are always at risk of predators attacking. Let’s see what happens when these lions surround a lone giraffe they found while hunting. 

Giraffe Surrounded By Hungry Predators

The hunt in the video posted at the very top takes us to Africa. The Incredible Wild Animals Sightings YouTube page shared this video with their followers just over a month ago, and it has received close to 5,000 views already. This channel loves to share the incredible sights that can be seen on the wide open plains of Africa. The most recent videos they have shared this past week are of buffaloes in the rain, lions hunting for food, and hyenas and lions fighting for food.

Lioness Looking for a Big Meal

At the start of this video above, we see an open field with adult giraffes scattered all around. As herbivores, these giraffes are all probably grazing for food such as leaves, fruits, and seeds. Despite their massive size, they are still friendly with other species of animals and are known to congregate with other species. 

However, they do not surround themselves with predators who wish to eat them. Suddenly, a pride of lions starts to enter this giraffe territory. At 12 seconds, we see a stalemate happening as the giraffe nervously stares at them, wondering what they will do. And the lions anxiously wish they had the numbers to take down a full-grown giraffe. 

Do Giraffes Live in Herds?

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There are fewer than 9,000 giraffes alive. They are in danger of going extinct.

Harvard University shares that giraffes will live in herds of 10-20 members. According to a study on the behavior of giraffes, “The herds are loose associations of animals, generally with no definite leadership, and often include both adult males and females.” 

Within the herd, they can communicate with each other by using a series of olfactory or visual cues. As we can see from the video above, even though this giraffe was not very vocal, he could have very well given the rest of the herd a heads-up that danger was near. 

It’s important to note that while giraffes are massive, weighing up to 4,200 pounds and reaching up to 20 feet in height, they are still in danger of being attacked. Given their size, few predators will even try, but the ones that do try are lions! But taking down a mature giraffe is no small task. And these lions definitely did not have the numbers to do it this time.

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