Pacman Frog Morphs: Discover the 40+ Types

Written by Hailey Pruett
Updated: October 10, 2022
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Pacman frogs, also known as horned frogs, are among the hardiest, most unique-looking, and most popular pet frogs in the world. Their widespread appeal has, of course, led to the development of dozens of vibrant and stunning morphs! From beautiful pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds to shades of green, blue, purple, and brown, let’s take a look at some of the most incredible Pacman frog morphs that you can own.

Pacman Frog Morphs: A to C

Pacman frogs can be selectively bred to display a wide range of colors and patterns!

©Valt Ahyppo/

To keep things simple, let’s look at these morphs in alphabetical order. In this section, we’ll cover Pacman frog morphs starting with the letter A through C.

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  • Albino: A unique morph with no green or brown pigmentation. Yellow base body color with orange spots and pinkish-red eyes.
  • Albino Samurai: A blend of the Albino and Samurai morphs. Extremely light, vibrant yellow body color with small, pale orange spots. Has reddish eyes typical of the Albino morph.
  • Albino Sunburst: A combination of the Albino and Sunburst morphs. Yellowish-orange base color with orange and red spots/patches. Deeper red eyes than usual Albino morphs.
  • Apricot: Dark yellow base body color with light tan, brown, and reddish-orange spots. As the name suggests, this morph’s color and patterning is similar to that of an apricot.
  • Black-Eyed Mutant: A bizarre and striking variation of the Mutant morph. These Pacman frogs have pale, purplish-grey translucent bodies with no patterning and jet-black eyes. 
  • Blue Samurai: A unique morph that has a bluish-green base body color, a white belly, and light tan spots. The Samurai morph is known for its “Mutant” gene that produces translucent, purple-skinned frogs!
  • Camo: A handsome Pacman frog morph with a distinctly camouflage-looking coloration and patterning! Body color is typically yellowish-green with brown spots.
  • Chocolate: True to its name, this morph has a yellow body color with lots of rich, chocolatey-brown spots.
  • Chocolate Samurai: A blend of the Samurai and Chocolate morphs. Typically has a dark yellow to brown base color with dark brown spots.
  • Coffee: A unique morph with a yellowish-brown base color and coffee-brown spots.

Pacman Frog Morphs: D to L

Some Pacman frogs have detailed, ornate patterning, while others have almost no spots or markings at all.

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Next, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular Pacman frog morphs starting with the letter D through L.

  • Dragon Wing: A morph with the typical green and orange body color and brown spots. This handsome amphibian’s unique trait is its dark brown wing-like spots on its back!
  • Emerald: A stunning light green frog with reduced patterning/very few spots. Its spots are typically light brown as usual.
  • Four-Spot Albino: A combination of the Four-Spot and Albino morphs. Typically has four evenly-placed spots on its back. Its body color is yellow with orange spots.
  • Four-Spot Patternless: A combination of the Four-Spot and Patternless morphs. Aside from the four brown spots on its back, this Pacman frog morph is a vibrant green with no patterning.
  • Green (AKA Normal/Wild-Type): The most common Pacman frog morph. These are the typical Pacman frogs found in the wild!
  • Inferno: A morph with a uniquely reddish-tan body color and darker, brownish-red spots.
  • Leopard: This morph is special for its increased patterning. While its body color is the typical jungle green, its dark brown spots are densely packed together like a leopard’s spots!
  • Lipstick: This fun morph has a white belly and white outlines around its lips, making the frog look as if it’s wearing white lipstick!

Pacman Frog Morphs: M to O

Because they are so hardy and low-maintenance, Pacman frogs are fairly easy to breed in captivity.

©Nidal Haiqal/

These Pacman frog morphs all start with the letters M through O.

  • Matcha: This handsome morph has a pale matcha-green body color with light brown spots.
  • Mint Green: Sometimes also known as the Peppermint morph. This morph’s body color is a minty bluish-green with light brown spots.
  • Mosaic: A stunning, colorful frog with a green and yellow base body color with lots of red throughout. Its spots are typically dark brown.
  • Mutant: An unusual morph known for its “Mutant” gene, which tends to produce frogs with translucent purple skin and dark brown or black eyes! Colors can vary somewhat, from pinkish to purple and even pale tan.
  • Mutant Neon Clown: Another colorful variation of the popular and bizarre Mutant morph! This variety typically has a pale yellow base color with reduced translucent, pinkish spots.
  • Mutant Snow White: Another Mutant morph known for its pale pink, almost pure white skin! Patterning is either extremely reduced brown spots or nonexistent. Dark black eyes are also common.
  • Mutant Translucent: Another variation of the Mutant morph. Commonly has almost see-through, pale translucent pinkish or purplish skin. Patterning varies but is usually reduced or nonexistent.
  • Nebula Mutant: Yet another popular variation of the Mutant morph. Pale bluish-green skin is common with translucent purplish-brown spots. The result is a frog that looks like it has a swirling, vibrant galaxy on its skin! 
  • Ornate: A Pacman frog morph with the typical green base color but striking reddish-brown spots. Patterning varies.

Pacman Frog Morphs: R to S

Strawberry Pineapple Albino morph of the Pac Man Frog
Strawberry Pineapple Albino morph of the Pacman Frog.

©Strawberry Pineapple Albino morph of the Pac Man Frog/

There are lots of Pacman frog morphs starting with the letters R and S! Below, we’ll touch on the most popular (and colorful) ones on the market below as well as some of the newer, not-so-common morphs.

  • Raspberry: A stunning morph with a yellow to pale orange base body color and vibrant orange and red spots. The result is a frog with a uniquely reddish, raspberry-toned body!
  • Red Ornate: Similar to the Ornate morph but with even more red coloration throughout its base color and spots.
  • Saddleback/Saddleback Translucent: Typically a variant of the Mutant morph with pinkish, translucent skin and saddle-shaped tan or brown markings on its back.
  • Samurai: A unique Pacman frog morph with a bluish-green base body color and reduced patterning (brown spots). Also, it carries the Mutant gene, so it often produces frogs with translucent skin and dark eyes!
  • Starfire: A more vibrant variation of the Albino morph. Yellow to pale orange skin with bright orange to red spots. Has reddish eyes typical of the Albino morph.
  • Strawberry Albino: Another brightly-colored variant of the Albino morph. Typically has a pale yellow base color with vibrant reddish-orange spots. Its eyes are a fiery red color!
  • Strawberry Pineapple: Another popular variation of the Albino morph! These frogs have bright, pineapple yellow skin with bright red spots. Also has red eyes typical of the Albino morph.
  • Sunburst: A stunning morph with a yellowish-orange base color and bright orange spots. Often has more pronounced orange coloring around its back. Its belly is usually white or off-white.
  • Super Matcha: This is a beautiful variation of the aforementioned Matcha morph. Its skin is a rich matcha-like green with a white belly and reduced patterning. Can have little to no spots at all. Any spots are usually light tan in color.

Pacman Frog Morphs: T to Z

More than 50 unique Pacman frog morphs exist, with more being developed all the time!

©muhamad mizan bin ngateni/

Finally, we’ll cap off this list with all the Pacman frog morphs starting with the letters T through Z. Maybe you’ll find just the right morph for you below!

  • Three-Striped: This morph’s coloration and patterning make it look like it has a somewhat cross-shaped formation of three stripes on its back! Its coloration is the typical green with brown spots, though some reddish and orange splotches are also common.
  • Translucent Mutant: One of the many variants of the Mutant morph/gene. These Pacman frogs have pale, almost see-through translucent skin! Coloration and pattern can vary somewhat. 
  • Translucent Pink: Very similar to the Translucent Mutant morph but with more pale pinkish skin than the typical purple.
  • Tricolor Fantasy: One of the most popular Fantasy morphs with green, brown, and red skin. However, the exact presentation of the morph’s patterning can vary significantly.
  • Two-Faced: A rare, prized Pacman frog morph with two distinct colorations split right down the center of its body! One side of the frog’s body has the typical, darker green skin with brown spots, while the other half is much lighter and looks more similar to the various Albino morphs. This morph is so rare and highly valued because it is challenging to produce in captivity!
  • Ultra Blue Mutant: Another morph that carries the Mutant gene. Typically has bluish-purple translucent skin with light brown spots.
  • Volcano: A bright orange frog with reduced, pale yellow patterning, a white belly, and red eyes.

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