Saturn Direct 2023: What to Expect for Every Zodiac Sign

Written by August Croft
Published: October 27, 2023
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Do you know what the Saturn direct 2023 transit has in store for you? Depending on your zodiac sign, this post-retrograde time could be revealing and important. But what is significant about Saturn in general, and what does it mean when this planet of responsibility goes direct, particularly in the mutable, watery sign of Pisces? 

Today, we will discuss the planet Saturn, what it means for our lives, and the significance of its stationing direct at this point in time, namely November 4th, 2023. Plus, we’ll include horoscopes for each and every zodiac sign detailing Saturn’s influence, both while it was retrograde and when it goes direct. Let’s get started! 

Saturn Goes Direct in Pisces on November 4th, 2023

saturn direct 2023

Retrograding on June 17th, 2023, Saturn turns direct on November 4th, 2023.


Do you feel as if you have been revisiting or recalling important life lessons since this summer? That’s because Saturn, the responsible, mature, and occasionally ruthless ringed planet began a retrograde cycle back in mid-June. We’ve likely all been introspective, contemplating our place in the world and all of our responsibilities.

On November 4th, 2023, Saturn will once again station direct and begin moving forward through the constellation of Pisces, where it will remain until 2026. This planet has been in retrograde for some time, but retrogrades (particularly Saturn retrogrades) are important. They allow us to look inward, placing us in a unique position to discern how we’ve improved as well as what improvements might still need to be made.

The Significance of Saturn Going Direct

saturn direct 2023

Saturn direct 2023 is all about turning dreams into reality, rooted in Piscean energy.


With Saturn going direct on November 4th, we will feel a sense of renewal and second chances, particularly in regard to themes we’ve been struggling with this summer and fall. Saturn in Pisces involves our collective place in the world and how we can be our most compassionate, empathetic selves.

Pisces energy often feels intuitive, dreamlike, and reflective. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is focused on the past as much as the future. The planet of responsibility will station direct in dreamy Pisces and add a bit of substance and direction to our most abstract desires!

Saturn Direct 2023: Horoscopes for Your Zodiac Sign

saturn direct 2023

Saturn stationing direct means different things to every sign of the zodiac, especially when we consider the houses it transits.

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With weight and caution often accompanying Saturn anywhere it goes, this planet’s direct stationing in early November 2023 feels different to every sign of the zodiac. Here’s what Saturn may feel like for you, based on your sun sign. 


As a direct and straightforward fire sign, Saturn’s retrograde through Pisces and Aquarius may have left you feeling sensitive and distant, Aries. However, when Saturn goes direct, you will feel a slow and steady reconnection to yourself. Perhaps dreamy and wondrous Pisces has led you down some paths of escapism or impulse lately. Saturn’s directness will remind you that impulsive escapes aren’t the answer.


Have you been focused on your friendships recently, Taurus? Saturn’s retrograde has been lingering in your 11th astrological house, which puts pressure on your social circles and social obligations, especially on a societal level. Stationing direct, Saturn will remind you of the importance of trust and expectations for one another. Now is the time to seek friendships and connections that inspire you rather than weigh you down.


Saturn stationing direct could help you professionally, Gemini. Responsible Saturn has been adding pressure to your career or long-term goals during this retrograde. When Saturn stations direct, it will offer you some clarity, steadiness, and purpose in regard to your job. Your Mercury-ruled mutableness makes you flexible and quick to adapt, which is often a strength. But Saturn asks you to be purposeful and practical now more than ever.


Saturn’s retrograde time has likely forced you into deep contemplation, Cancer. Your shared element with watery Pisces will make Saturn stationing direct all the more obvious. This transformative time will have you questioning many things about yourself, particularly the core of you. Focus on your personal philosophies, beliefs, and knowledge as Saturn goes direct this fall. You never know what you might learn about yourself!


While boundaries can be difficult for you, Leo, Saturn’s time in retrograde likely pointed out their importance to you. With Saturn stationing direct, this transformative time is all about how you can maintain simultaneous sternness and compassion in your personal relationships. Contemplate these themes and understand that Saturn in Pisces may ask you to address any unrealistic expectations in your relationships. 


Responsibilities just make sense to you, Virgo. However, Saturn is stationed in your opposite sign of Pisces. This points out many important things to you, especially in regard to dreams and fantasies surrounding your relationships. While Saturn was retrograde, you may have been contemplating all of the ways in which your practicality affects romance. Saturn stationing direct will put things into perspective for you, including the reality of your most intimate connections. 


Have routines and wellness been on your mind recently, Libra? Saturn is passing through your 6th house of health, day-to-day needs, and mindfulness, likely forcing you to focus on such things. During this retrograde time, you may have felt as if your health was a concern, but not an immediate one. With Saturn stationing direct, this responsible planet says that delaying the inevitable is no longer an option. 


Discipline often comes easy to you, Scorpio. However, Saturn’s time in retrograde may have stifled your creativity and forced you into introspection, particularly in regard to your creative energies. With Saturn stationing direct, you will feel a rejuvenating discipline entering your life. This transit may offer you clarity and renewed excitement for your creative endeavors, passion projects, and more. 


While maintaining your personal freedom is always important to you, Sagittarius, your home life may have been on your mind during this retrograde time. Transiting your 4th house of foundations and homes, Saturn stationing direct will ask what it means for you to stay put for a moment. Now is the time to consider your foundational responsibilities, particularly in regard to your home and familial obligations.


You have always been ruled by Saturn, Capricorn. But Saturn’s time in retrograde may have left you feeling as if you speak a different language compared to your normal pragmatism. Saturn going direct in Pisces may bring you more clarity regarding how you communicate and respond to others. Sensitivity and compassion will be important things for you to keep in mind during this time. Remember that empathy is just as important as responsibility! 


Saturn recently passed through Aquarius during its time in retrograde. This likely helped you feel secure, comfortable, and safe, Aquarius. However, as Saturn goes direct in Pisces, you may feel shaken up in regard to your personal security and sense of well-being. Seek stability and balance during this time without cynicism. Your sense of responsibility is always strong, even if Saturn’s presence is leaving you! 


Saturn’s time in retrograde may have left you feeling stirred up and more aware of its impending lessons for you, Pisces. When the great teacher of the planets stations direct, you will likely be focused on your place in the world as a compassionate force. However, know that your typically dreamy and easygoing nature won’t serve you during this time. You will be forced to stand your ground as Saturn direct 2023 happens in your sun sign! 

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