See this Honey Badger Live Up to Its Epic Reputation and Defeat 3 Powerful Leopards

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: October 21, 2023

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Honey badger
© Ondrej Prosicky/

Three leopards in the video below are seen trying to take on a honey badger by the banks of a small watering hole in the wild. The leopards all form a triangle-type formation around the honey badger, so there is little to no possibility of escaping. 

Two leopards on either end of the badger are seen digging their teeth into its tough skin, while the third leopard stands watch to ensure the badger won’t try and slip them. These bites are doing nothing to the honey badger, and he is seen fighting with a tenacity that is shocking for his size. 

With a quick maneuver, the honey badger twists out of the grip of one leopard, and two are now standing watching over one leopard, trying to take him down on his own. Oddly enough, this fight with the leopard and honey badger going one-on-one is not going well for the leopard.

Free from the leopard’s grip, the honey badger ferociously starts to attack each leopard, still staying in their diamond formation. With each attack the honey badger makes, the leopards are one by one backing off as if shocked by the strength this little badger has.

The leopards begin their attack again, each taking turns, relying on their powerful hind legs to pounce up in the air and dive down on the badger. However, this has no effect on the badger; his tough skin doesn’t feel the bits of the leopard, and his quick body turns are able to get out of the leopard’s grip.

The intensity of this little honey badger’s fight is so severe that by the video’s end, the frustrated leopards watch as the seemingly unperturbed honey badger trots away across the shallow stream!

Are Honey Badger’s Aggressive?

Honey badgers can dig 10 feet within 10 minutes!

©Erwin Niemand/

These small little badgers may seem adorable in the picture above. And having the name honey attached to their name may make you think they are cuddly. None of these descriptions are true and, quite frankly, are the opposite.

The honey badger is easily labeled as the most fearless animal alive. From the video we see below, that’s not too difficult to believe!

These badgers have a small physique weighing up to 35lbs and reaching heights of 11in. They are also adorned with small body parts. They have small ears, noses, eyes, and mouths; however, their claws are anything but small. 

These claws can grow to 1.5in. These terrifying claws and their steel-like skin make for any predator’s worst nightmare.  

The honey badger is not only aggressive, but it will search for opportunities to attack. They have been known to attack lions and buffalo. With that attitude, it’s no wonder they are labeled as fearless. 

Honey Badger Vs. Leopards: Who Would Win?

Leopards are impressive creatures. Weighing up to 198lbs, reaching lengths of 75in, and being able to run to speeds of up to 36mph make them one of the best hunters in the wild. 

Javan leopard

Leopards Prefer Living in Solitary.


They have the patience to wait out their prey, whether that is on land or in trees. Most of their attacks come without their prey’s knowledge. Because by the time they realize the attack is coming. 

However, in the case of the honey badger vs. leopard, the leopard is shockingly in the defeated category. And as we see from the video below, the honey badger not only took on one leopard but three!

Are Honey Badgers Normally Aggressive?

Honey Badgers never back down.

©Justin Tyler Barlow/

Honey badgers are not only known for their aggression but for being fearless and vicious. They don’t back down in fights and will attack anyone, or anything, that threatens it. They are infamous for fearlessly and savagely attacking virtuously any species when it is impossible to escape, which has earned them the title of being one of the most fearless animals in the world.

Their powerful jaws and sharp teeth work well for them and many animals keep their distance. Thanks to their tough skin, the honey badger rarely suffers from puncture wounds. This mammal generally only attacks when it is surprised, which thanks to their poor eyesight can happen more often than not. It is normal for them to behave aggressively and come out the victor.

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