See Two Kangaroos Fighting Before One Throws the Other Through a Metal Fence

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Kangaroo males boxing on the shore of a lake
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Fights happen all the time in the wild. Ferocious fights that we love to see and be a part of. Many of those fights are things like a lion pride fighting a pack of hyenas. Or a team of crocodiles ganging up on a herd of wildebeest looking to cross the Serengeti. Then there are also fights between lions who fight over the right to lead a pride. The examples are endless when it comes to the wild. And most of these reasons are related purely to mating rights, hunting for food, or protecting their territory. 

But, sometimes, these aforementioned reasons have nothing to do with why animals fight. Sometimes it’s just a good old-fashioned fight. While we do our best to research and study animals closely so that we can figure them out, even our best research won’t let us know everything there is to know about every animal and each species. 

Two Animals Duking It Out

In the case of this short YouTube video, we see a fight break out between two large kangaroos. It is quite humorous because these two are standing on their hind legs and duking it out like they are a couple of guys outside a bar fighting. 

As they start throwing literal punches at each other, they both use their hind legs to hop and try to gain the advantage against the other. Their fight goes from one side of the road to the other. They aren’t slowly down their fight, and they quickly reach the edge where there happens to be a metal fence. Suddenly, the one kangaroo chucks the other one straight up against the metal fence. 

If we pause the short video at five seconds, we see the kangaroo on his side thrown up against this metal fence. He was thrown with such force that he actually broke the metal fence and fell through! The kangaroo left standing just stands there staring, as if he is shocked he had the strength. 

What is the Largest Kangaroo?

Red female kangaroo with a joey in a pocket, Macropus rufus, on the red sand of outback central Australia.

The red kangaroo is a powerful animal.

©Benny Marty/

The largest kangaroo by far is the red kangaroo (Osphranter rufus). As the largest species on earth, they weigh as much as 198 pounds and reach as much as 5.9 feet tall. This can, in many cases, be larger than an adult male!

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