Woman Pulls 2 Massive Snakes That Wrap Around Her Arm From a Homes Attic

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Published: August 22, 2023

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sunset ball python (Python regius) isolated on white background.
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Amazing video of a courageous snake wrangler successfully removing two massive snakes from a house is going viral. The reptiles were observed making heavy thumping noises in the ceiling, causing the homeowners to reach out for professional help. 

The home is on the Sunshine Coast in southeast Queensland. In the footage, we can see Tiarnah, the snake catcher, manage to wrestle the two male snakes off the roof of the building in August 2023. 

Before requesting the snake catchers to look into it, the home’s occupants heard loud sounds coming from the roof space that they couldn’t quite figure out. She realized there was inadequate space to enter the area to recover the snakes after finding the two serpents there. 

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Tiarnah from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers nevertheless completed the task without being hindered. We can see her using a large pair of tongs to remove the pythons from the ceiling above the kitchen area after making a small rectangular hole. 

Tiarnah inserted the tongs into the cutout while perched on top of the kitchen counter. Moments later, she was yanking two enormous carpet pythons out of the opening. While the snake was coiling around her right palm, Tiarnah withdrew the first one with ease. 

The second snake, which is hanging downward from the ceiling, is humanely taken out of the ceiling by the professional, all while still hanging onto the first snake she pulled out. Tiarnah keeps composure and keeps a strong grasp on the python’s head as the first snake is tightly wound around her other hand. 

Trying to Break Free

Pythons are known to be excellent climbers.


The enormous snake is then gently pulled out of the ceiling like a long rope. In the meantime, the snake’s tail being supported on the upper part of her shoulder. As one unraveled and tried to get out of the snake catcher’s remarkable grasp, Tiarnah ultimately retrieved two massive snakes without breaking a sweat! 

Snakes are an essential part of the ecology, and their hunting methods can help you eliminate a variety of infestations from your garden and outdoor space. However, reptiles have been known to occasionally enter inside houses in quest of food.

Snakes are cold-blooded animals that rely on outside heat sources to be warm and productive. Sadly, your house may occasionally be the spot where they find it easiest to settle in. 

These slithering serpents frequently seek out hiding spots since they are regularly eaten by birds of prey and rodents. They feel most secure in locations where they are difficult to see. Furthermore, pythons hide out in certain locations inside your home while they metabolize their food, which can often take days.

Houses can also provide shelter, especially during bad weather or a lengthy winter.

Is It Normal To Find Snakes in Houses?

Large sea snake

It is common for snakes to seek safety from the elements inside of houses.


Snakes tend to enter homes when extreme weather affects their cold-blooded nature.

For instance, in extremely hot conditions, these pests look for cool and damp spots, such as leaky water pipes. Snakes in houses are frequently discovered in various locations like walls, crawl spaces, basements, attics, and drop ceilings.

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