September Weather in Paris: Average Temperatures, Humidity, & Rainfall

Written by Sanaphay Rattanavong
Published: August 19, 2023
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Paris, the City of Lights, is a vibrant environment where a complex blend of historical significance and contemporary modern life converges. It entices both visitors and residents with its unique charisma. Running astride its revolutionary lineage and intellectual legacy is an embarrassment of culinary riches, deep tranches of visual and literary arts, the heart of high fashion, and the Seine River that courses through the center of it all.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Paris is a significant global city that attracts people from all over the world. In addition to its cultural and historical importance, sports fans love the city for events like the French Open. Further, the city is abuzz with excitement for the upcoming Summer Olympics in 2024. So, if you want to experience the City of Light before the feverish Summer Olympics atmosphere, September is a great time to take in the sights and tastes, to breathe deep of the joie de vivre and je ne sais quoi. Here, we take a look at what to expect from Parisian weather during the month of September, which is often described as “glorious.” We’ll also explore its climate, historical, average, and discuss what the future may look like for this iconic city.

Notre-Dame de Paris

On April 15, 2019, a fire decimated the historical landmark that is Notre-Dame de Paris. Experts expect restoration will take a decade or more to complete.


Paris’ Climate in Context

The temperate climate of Paris is thanks to the Gulf Stream’s influence. It’s further calmed by the Seine River and surrounding forests, which all contribute to a mild and gentle atmosphere compared to the rest of France’s weather extremities. Centralized as it is, Paris is less prone to storms and droughts, as well as coastal weather systems than the other regions of the country.

However, September in Paris sees a decline in temperatures, increased clouds, and perhaps a hint at extreme weather events. This mirrors the broader climatic shifts within France, as well as the changing seasons.

Paris’ September Weather Variability

September’s wind picks up its pace, ushered by unpredictable shifts in the jet stream. This amorphous weather pattern makes every day a unique experience. While spring and summer boast luscious landscapes, autumn, with its vibrant colors and still-bustling atmosphere, holds its own charm.

Paris Average Temperature and Humidity in September

In September, Paris’ daytime temperatures oscillate between 53.6 to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit, encapsulating the transition from summer to autumn. Historical records reveal a dramatic range, with an all-time high of 97.2 degrees Fahrenheit (36.2 Celsius) and record lows of 35.2 degrees Fahrenheit (1.8 Celsius).

During the month of September, Paris yields a comfortable average relative humidity of 59.9 percent.

Paris Sunshine and Rainfall in the September

Embrace the sunshine for an average of 7.8 hours daily in September. But remember, a UV index of 4 calls for vigilance. Protect yourself during the sun’s peak radiation time and savor the 12 hours and 35 minutes of daylight that gradually wanes as the month progresses.

With about 15 to 17 sunny or partly sunny days on average, September is a lovely month in Paris. However, expect some rainfall on about 12 days. But historically only seven days out of the month produce 1 mm (0.04 inch) or more of rain. In total, the month of September averages just around 1.76 inches of rain. Thus, despite periods of rain, the month of September is anything but a washout.

Like other autumnal locales, we recommend fall attire, including a light jacket or coat, sweaters, and good walking shoes. Bring an umbrella or light raincoat for the occasional rainy day.

It’s important to highlight that the chance of rain sees a gradual uptick throughout the month. Alongside this, the average wind speed also rises, moving from 8.6 miles per hour to 9.2 miles per hour.

Parisian street decorated with French flags garland. Paris, France. National holiday celebration concept.

Though no longer peak tourist season, plenty of celebrations and festivals occur during the month of September in Paris.

©Elena Dijour/

Natural Disasters or Extreme Weather Events

While Paris does not see much by way of extreme weather in September, it’s worth noting that climate change brings with it prospects of floods, droughts, and heatwaves. In recent history, heatwaves have been the biggest weather-related risk factor for Parisians’ health.

Though September sees cooler temperatures, climate change has been extending extreme weather seasons. During the summer, Paris has undergone catastrophic heatwaves or lesser heatwaves that strain its systems. According to recent reports, by 2050 Paris could face temperatures soaring over 122 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) if rapid adaptations are not implemented to combat the sweltering heatwaves. As unsettling as this future scenario is, we currently living it as Europe grapples with heatwaves that put into question the wisdom and feasibility of holding the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Paris’s Vulnerability to Heatwaves

Among European capitals, Paris holds the dubious distinction of being the most vulnerable to heatwaves. Factors contributing to this vulnerability include population density, the urban heat island effect caused by buildings and materials that absorb and retain heat, and limited access to green spaces and air-conditioning in low-income neighborhoods.

The increasing heat in Paris could lead to significant health impacts, including excess deaths. Elderly residents, especially those aged 85 and above, are particularly at risk. The 2003 heatwave, which was a shocking wake-up call where tens of thousands perished across Europe (around 15,000 deaths in France alone), has already proven the city’s susceptibility, emphasizing the urgent need for action.

Heatwave on the city with the glowing sun background. Heatwave concept

In order to help prevent the projected post-apocalyptic world of 122 degrees-plus heat (if we go about business as usual), Paris has gone all-in on a comprehensive climate action plan.


Strain on Infrastructure

But the threat extends beyond health. The city’s infrastructure, including the electricity grid and roads, would also suffer from such extreme temperatures. Paris’s wide boulevards and zinc roofs, while iconic, exacerbate the heat, making urban areas even hotter than the surrounding rural regions.

Action and Adaptation

Paris has not been idle in the face of this challenge. Lessons learned from past heatwaves have prompted the city to implement measures like a specific heatwave plan, the creation of “cool islands,” and a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. Efforts are underway to become carbon neutral by 2050, but more is needed.

The urgent necessity for measures such as investing in green space, replacing heat-absorbing zinc roofs, adopting natural ventilation, and adjusting work schedules is becoming clearer. Pollution reduction and increased focus on socio-economic factors, such as equitable access to cooling resources, are also vital.

Paris Events and Activities in September

Cultural Festivals and Events

Paris Fashion Week

A key event for fashion enthusiasts, Paris Fashion Week sets global trends and brings glitz and glamour to the city.

European Heritage Days

An opportunity to explore museums, cultural sites, and historically restricted areas for free or at a reduced price.

Jazz Festivals and Concerts

Paris comes alive with various music concerts ranging from classical to rock, pop, and jazz, offering something for every musical taste.

Les Extatiques Festival at La Défense

“The Ecstatic Ones Festival at La Défense” is an outdoor art experience unique to Paris. It takes place in La Défense, a major business district in the City of Light, and showcases contemporary sculptures.

Art Exhibitions

As the cultural capital of the 19th century, Paris has many art exhibitions to choose from. Some notable ones include the District 13 Art Fair and exhibitions like the Cezanne and Kandinsky show at Atelier des Lumieres and the Füssle exhibition at the Jacquemart-Andre Museum.

Outdoor Activities and Exploration

Parks and Gardens

September’s pleasant weather is ideal for exploring the city’s beautiful parks and gardens, including the Gardens of Versailles.

Sightseeing Tours and Bike Tours

Experience Paris up close, whether biking around the city or taking sightseeing tours.

Techno Parade

Dance to the beat of the Techno Parade, a lively street festival.

Dining Experiences

Al Fresco Dining

Enjoy outdoor dining at popular spots, taking advantage of the warm weather.

Wine Tastings

From wine tastings at local vineyards to champagne cruises on the Seine River, you can’t go wrong.

Dinner Cruises and Meals at the Eiffel Tower

A unique dining experiences that combines food with breathtaking views.

Rooftop Bars

Trendy places such as Khayma Rooftop and Perruche offer panoramic views of Paris.

drinking champagne in luxurious restaurant in Paris, France

Enjoy one of Paris’ many rooftop patios for a relaxing way to take in the city.


Iconic Landmarks and Museums

The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre

A trip to Paris would be incomplete without a visit to these iconic spots. If you’re so inclined to shell out the euros, there are options for skip-the-line access.


Explore the Wonders of Versailles through guided tours, bike tours, and special access.

Day Trips and Exploration

Normandy’s D-Day Beaches

Step into history by exploring these significant World War II sites.

Monet’s House and Gardens in Giverny

Experience the beautiful inspiration behind some of Monet’s most famous paintings.

The Champagne Region

Known for its famous champagne houses and vineyards, it’s a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.


In general, September in Paris is a pleasant month wrapped in mild and inviting temperatures. It’s also a hive of activity for  art, food, history, and recreation. From the majesty of Versailles to the intimate charm of a Seine River cruise, from the refinement of classical music to the energy of the Techno Parade, Paris in September has something for everyone. But it’s best to be aware of the city’s past climate-related struggles and how the city is subtly nudging us, residents and visitors alike, to acknowledge and adjust to a shifting environment.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © frantic00/ via Getty Images

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