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Great Salt Lake Utah

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Updated: October 30, 2023

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For a simply unforgettable camping experience, Salt Lake City, Utah, is the place to go. A fantastic variety of camping grounds sprawl across the mountainous and desert landscape. This corner of Utah will be your oasis for the desert adventurer, mountaineer, or anyone in-between.

So, whether you are looking for a touch of glamping or a backcountry vibe, Salt Lake City has you covered. Utah’s Canyon and the Great Salt Lake offer splendid backdrops to these camping sites. We suggest you take a trip with us to discover some of the absolute best camping near Salt Lake City and stand a chance to see this state’s wildlife.

The Spruces Camping Site Salt Lake City in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Big Cottonwood Canyon is a part of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It is the site of the Spruces, one of the popular campgrounds on the city’s outskirts. As the name suggests, the gorgeous surroundings offer shade under spruce and aspen trees.

Spruces camping ground provides campers various activities from hiking to fishing and biking. And while hiking, keep a watch out for the local moose population. Once back at camp, you can take advantage of modern conveniences like drinking water and flushing toilets. And, all the sites have picnic tables, campfire rings, and charcoal grills.

Spruces Campground Details 

  • Price: Starting at about $26 to 133 (2022 pricing)
  • Number of sites: 92
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: No

Tanners Flat Campground


Enjoy campsite fires outside Salt Lake City.

Tanners Flat is a favorite camping spot for hikers and bikers. This lovely site is located just six miles from Sandy in Little Cottonwood Canyon and 33 miles from Salt Lake City. The ample facilities include flushing toilets, drinking water, picnic tables, and charcoal grills.

This quaint, quiet getaway is the perfect escape for city dwellers, boasting gorgeous campgrounds surrounded by luscious pine, maple, oak, and aspen. Gentle hiking trails take you to the picturesque White and Red Pine Lake and Maybird Gulch, where you can imbibe the richness of the natural world in peace. Should fishing be a favorite pastime, you can expect to hook Largemouth Bass or Cutthroat trout in local waters.

Tanners Flat Campground Details 

  • Price: Starting at about $26 to 53 (2022 pricing)
  • Number of sites: 38
  • RV sites: No
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: No

Little Mill Campground

Little Mill is a convenient and stunning getaway for people who want an effortless camping experience without too much effort. The site offers beautiful scenery from the comforts of your vehicle, camper, or tent.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is not too far away if you want a bit of exploration and adventure. Its fascinating 3-room cave system will provide you with a fun day excursion.

The campground also offers plenty of hiking trails in the beautiful American Fork Canyon nearby. You may be lucky to catch sightings of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, mule deer, ringtail cats, raccoons, squirrels, black bears, mountain lions, and many others. In addition, you can enjoy the sight of wildflowers blooming in the spring and fiery foliage in the fall.

Little Mill Camping Site Details Near Salt Lake City

  • Price: $21-150
  • Number of sites: 37
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

Granite Flat Campgrounds

Black Bears - bear with cubs

You may catch a glimpse of a

black bear

and her cubs in one of the best campsites near Salt Lake City.

Granite Flat Campground nestles in the forested areas near Lone Peak Wilderness. It is only a mile down the road from Tibble Fork Reservoir and a short distance from the American Fork Canyon. The fishing is fabulous here in one of the sunniest states in the country!

Granite Flat offers visitors several basic comforts like flushing toilets, hot showers, fire rings, and picnic tables. In the warmer months, you can use this campsite as a base to go hiking, rafting, kayaking, and take day trips to the Timpanogos Cave. You will enjoy this spot if you are into hiking and wildlife viewing.

Camping Site Details for Granite Hat Near Sal

  • Price: $21-48
  • Number of sites: 55
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

Timpooneke Camping Grounds

Dog, Happiness

Bring your pet with you when you camp at some of the best camping sites near Salt Lake City.

Timpooneke Campground is in the beautiful Alpine Loop Scenic Byway in the Wasatch Mountains. It is close to the Mount Timpanogos Wilderness Area, where the Timpooneke Trail is a popular visitor hiking spot.

Horse riding, mountain biking, and bird watching are favorite pastimes for those camping at the campground. Stunning trails take you through the alpine canyons, mountain meadows, aspen groves, and pine forests, with breathtaking views on all sides. Here, you may see a long-tailed weasel, coyotes, and other small animals along hiking trails.

This campsite supplies picnic tables, utility tables, and campfire rings, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while accessing some creature comforts. Besides, you will find vault toilets and drinking water at this destination. Another benefit of this Salt Lake camping site is that they pave the roads.

Campground Details for Timpooneke

  • Price: $24-48
  • Number of sites: 30
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

Camping Sites Near Salt Lake City – Jordanelle State Park

seven to sixteen inches long

Treat yourself to some fishing, water skiing, boating, and swimming at camping sites, Salt Lake City.

Jordanelle State Park is a favorite location of boaters and RV campers. Its large, developed campground and day-use area on a reservoir provide recreational opportunities like boating, water skiing, fishing, jet-skiing, and swimming.

Perched on a hill with a spectacular sweeping view of the reservoir, it is a favorite of locals. Moreover, because of its nearness to the Wasatch Range and Salt Lake City, many people use it as a venue for weddings, reunions, and meetings.

Jordanelle Camping Site Details

  • Price: $20-40
  • Number of sites: 144
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

Salt Lake City KOA

If you are an RV fan and looking for camping sites in Salt Lake City, Utah, then you’re in luck. This Salt Lake City KOA has an RV park close to downtown. Visitors enjoy traditional camping along with the city’s main attractions with access to the new light rail transit system. Consequently, this park is undoubtedly more glamping than camping!

And while there, you can take a day trip to Temple Square, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, or shop at City Creek Center mall in Salt Lake City. Camping at this Salt Lake City site includes miles of riverside trails for biking/walking. After a long day’s activity, the park offers you a pool or hot tub to relax in.

Salt Lake City Camping Site Details

  • Price: $41-70
  • Number of sites: 200
  • RV sites: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

Camping and Even More Camping Near Salt Lake City

Your camping options are nearly limitless near Salt Lake City. However, these campgrounds are only the beginning of your journey. Hundreds of campgrounds are available as little as one hour away from the city.

Discover many wonders and delightful camping experiences in the mountainous state of Utah. It’s the perfect spot for a mountain escape, desert adventure, or a tiny slice of tranquillity. Explore the absolute best camping sites near Salt Lake City.

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