The 5 Best Annual Flowers For Zone 9

Written by Peralee Knight
Updated: August 22, 2023
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Gardening is all about patience and timing, especially when it comes to the weather. Knowing the average temperatures, weather conditions, and risks of frost or drought are all crucial factors to consider when selecting any plant. This is especially true for annuals, which only grant a limited window of growth. In zone 9, it’s all about picking plants that can withstand the heat and love the sun! That’s why our top picks for the best annual plants for Zone 9 are highlighted in this article. All these plants can take the blame, but it’s their unique attributes that make them shine!

What Are Plant Zones?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed and maintain the Plant Hardiness Map. This map is split into 13 Zones to aid growers and gardeners in selecting plants that thrive well in their area. These zones are determined by the lowest average winter temperatures, much like a weather map. Each of the 13 Zones is split as well. For example, in Zone 9 you will see Zone 9a or 9b to indicate whether a plant grows best in the northern or southern parts of the area.

Zone 9 includes areas in many of the Southern U.S. States and parts of the Midwest, extending as far North as Arizona and Nevada and as far south as Hawaii. This Zone has an extended growing season that lasts from February to December, and temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants are considered hardy in this Zone by being drought and heat tolerant since average temperatures in Zone 9 can exceed one hundred degrees!

What Is An Annual Plant?

There are two types of plants or flowers commonly grown in a garden, annuals, and perennials. While the name can be misleading, an annual plant or flower only blooms for one growing season, after which the plant itself dies. Perennials are plants that continue to come back during their growing season year after year. Annuals are plants that go to seed, whereas a perennial forms deep roots, bulbs, or root balls and can overwinter in the ground!

Best Zone 9 Annual For Winter Blooms: Primrose

Evening primrose flower

Primrose comes in a variety of colors.

© Vartanova

The primrose is an excellent choice for winter gardens in Zone 9. This plant thrives in cooler temperatures and moist locations. While classified as a perennial, the primrose is often grown in warmer climates as an annual. Primrose is a low-growing plant that does best when placed in partial shade to protect it from scorching. Cold hardy varieties bloom in Zone 9 in the spring and can carry the growing season through to December.

Primrose comes in a variety of colors ranging from whites and pinks to deep reds, oranges, and yellows. Identified by their blossoms of five distinct heart-shaped petals, primrose flowers can be solid colored or variegated as well. They also boast attractive, deep green mounds of foliage with fringed leaves.

Best Zone 9 Annual For Beginners: Cornflower

Bachelor's Button

The cornflower is also called the “Bachelors button”.


For beginners, cornflowers are about as easy as it gets! Cornflowers, or bachelors buttons, will instantly make you think of a cottage garden. Starting these from seed is as easy as scattering them by hand, and the reward is a blanket of frilly little blooms as blue as the summer sky! As a bonus, these little wildflowers also attract bees and butterflies. These key pollinators are invaluable to both the garden and the whole ecosystem.

In Zone 9, cornflowers can be treated as either annual or perennial. This is due to the plant’s ability to self-seed when mature. Bachelors buttons are one of the first flowers to bloom in early spring and will carry through the entire growing season. This is an excellent choice for garden beds and can even be dried for indoor use!

Best Zone 9 Annual For Sunny Places: Water Hyssop

water hyssop

Water hyssop thrives in places with a lot of sunlight.

© Grigorjevs

Water hyssops are a trailing annual that produces small blue, white, or pink flowers and is a wonderful choice for container gardens and hanging baskets. As the name suggests, this is a plant that prefers to have its feet wet! This is an excellent choice for locations in Zone 9 like Louisiana, which has the moist or boggy soil hyssop craves. Additionally, water hyssop thrives in locations with a lot of sunlight and produces blooms from early spring to late summer.

In Zone 9, water hyssops can be used as either an annual or perennial plant. Left alone, the plant will go to seed and return yearly.

Best Zone 9 Annual For Pest Control: Nasturtiums

Nasturtium - South American trailing plant with round leaves and bright orange, yellow, or red ornamental edible flowers

Nasturtiums can repel invasive species in the garden.

© So

Though nasturtiums are classified as herbaceous perennials, they are often treated as an annual in gardening. This plant grows beautifully in Zone 9 and produces stunning and vibrant blooms in multiple colors. Cold hardy types are the species typically used as annuals. These hardier nasturtiums feature slightly duller green foliage and single blooms rather than the double blooms of perennial versions.

Nasturtiums are classified as shrubs, meaning that foliage is often bushy and thick. This annual plant features distinctive trumpet-shaped blooms that can be solid in color or variegated. Nasturtiums are also an excellent addition to your garden for pest control, as it repels many invasive species. This natural ability to control garden invaders extends from common insects to deer, while still attracting pollinators like hummingbirds and bees!

Best Zone 9 Annual For Long Blooming Seasons: African Marigold

African marigolds can grow up to three feet high.

© Lushchikov

African marigolds are the largest varieties of marigolds, and they have no problem taking center stage in any garden bed or container. Though they are known for being cold hardy, this annual loves the heat and sun and will produce heavy showstopping blooms in shades of yellow, red, and orange. Marigolds also take full advantage of Zone 9’s extended growing season, with the potential to bloom over 90 days.

African marigolds grow up to three feet high, producing large showy blooms and rich mounds of greenery. Blooms range from large pom poms of petals or delicate, daisy-like flowers depending on the species. There is a marigold for every location in the garden, but African varieties are great options for a focal point in any arrangement!

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