The 108 Best Disney Cat Names

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Written by Nixza Gonzalez

Published: November 3, 2023

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There is something very exciting about naming your pet for the first time. This is especially true about cats. You can have a lot of fun when naming your cat, by looking for the perfect name based on their features of personality. What better way to name your cat than using a Disney name? Considering there are nearly 500 Disney movies, and more coming our way, you have quite the list to choose one! Follow along to discover the 108 best Disney cat names. Some may surprise you.

Cute Disney Cat Names

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Naming a cat can be hard.

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It’s hard to decide on a name for your new feline friend. Here we have some cute and classic Disney cat names.

Female Disney Cat Names Inspired by Cats

Duchess: This lovely name isn’t just regal, it’s also a beloved character in the Disney film ‘The Aristocrats’. In the animated film, Duchess is a gorgeous, fluffy white cat, and the mother to three rambunctious kittens, Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse.

Marie: Also from Aristocrats is Marie, a small white kitten adorned with two pink bows. She is a middle child and always has her head in the clouds. Does this resemble your cat?

Mittens: Another black cat to make it on our list is Mittens, from the film, ‘Bolt’. Mittens is a skinny, black cat who is sassy and is very intelligent. Even if you’ve never seen the film, there’s no argument that Mittens is a cute name.

Male Disney Cat Names Inspired by Cats

Cheshire: Is Alice your favorite Disney movie? Or maybe is your cat striped with large, glowing eyes? Either way, Cheshire is a fitting name for a cat. 

Scat Cat: Scat Cat is a large grey cat with a lot of personality. Scat Cat may sound strange, but you can always give your cat a nickname like Scatty.

O’Malley: O’Malley is the male protagonist in Disney’s ‘The Aristocrats’. He is an orange streetwise cat with a white belly.

Tibbs: This name isn’t just fun to say. Tibbs is also a tabby cat from the film ‘101 Dalmatians’. He is incredibly courageous and friendly.

Figaro: Like Tibbs, the name Figaro is a lot of fun to say. It isn’t very cat-like, but who says cat names need to be? Figaro is a super cute cat, originally from the film, ‘Pinocchio’.

Toulouse: This unique name is great to give your cat if they have orange fur and a playful personality.

Peppo: Next is the Disney name, Peppo. This character is a stylish smooth-talking Italian cat. He wears a hat and a bandana.

Mochi: Are you a fan of the film, Big Hero 6? Mochi is a fluffy, multi-colored Japanese bobtail cat. He is a very loving lap cat.

Lucifer: You can get a few strange looks if you name your cat Lucifer, but you’re not the only one. Lucifer is a black and grey cat from the film ‘Cinderella’. Popular nicknames for Lucifer are Luc or Luci.

Oliver: ‘Oliver & Company’ is a popular Disney film featuring a beautiful orange cat with a white muzzle and three dark orange stripes.

Rufus: Rufus is an elderly cat from the film ‘The Rescuers’. He is a loving cat that enjoys children, including Penny, the film’s deuteragonist.

Disney Princess/Prince Cat Names

So it’s better on your eyes, we’ve broken down this section into two parts, princess and prince names. These names are all fit for royalty, which we know cats like to think they are! Is your cat’s name on this list?

Princess Names

Grey Scottish Fold cute cat lying on the floor with princess tiara

There are over 220 million pet cats in the world.


Rapunzel: Rapunzel is a great name to give your cat if they have golden fur. You can nickname them Rapunzy.

Merida: Merida is a great Disney princess. She has brilliant curly red hair and is headstrong.

Snow: Snow is the perfect name for a snow-white-like cat with soft fur.

Belle: Have you caught your cat sneaking glances at your books? Maybe a fitting name is Belle.

Tiana: Tiana is a hardworking princess. She has lots of dreams and knows how to make the best of any situation.

Ariel: Maybe your cat doesn’t have fiery red hair, but they love the water. Is your cat secretly part mermaid?

Jasmine: Jasmine is a favorite princess for many. It’s a great Disney cat name if you want to give your feline friend nicknames.

Rose: A lot of people forget that Aurora’s name is also Briar Rose.

Cinderella (Cindy/Ella): Cinderella is a mouthful, but you can always shorten it to Cindy or Ella.

Raya: Raya is a newer princess. She’s fearless and has a lot of heart.

Moana: Moana is a great name for passionate and adventurous cats.

Vanellope: Although Vanellope isn’t an original Disney princess, this racer is full of energy, kind of like your cat when they get the zoomies.

Mulan: Mulan is rebellious and a natural protector. Do you know any cats like this?

Pocahontas: Another great Disney cat name is Pocahontas.

Anna: Anna is one of the easier names to pronounce on our list. It’s great for an energetic cat with a sibling to name Elsa.

Aurora: If Rose isn’t your style, but Sleeping Beauty is your favorite princess, you can name your cat Aurora.

Melody: Melody is a sweet name for a cute cat.

Esmeralda: Technically, Esmeralda isn’t a princess, but she’s an iconic Disney character.

Prince Names

While princesses are wonderful, maybe none have caught your attention. Here we have some Disney Prince-inspired names for your cat.

Phillip: Instead of looking for your cat by yelling Phillip, you can shorten the name to ‘Phil’.

Charming: Did you know that Cinderella’s prince doesn’t have an official name? He’s just known as Prince Charming.

Li: While there are a lot of options on our list, you may want a short and sweet name, like Li. Li refers to Li Shang, from the film ‘Mulan’.

Kristoff: Kristoff is a debate. Some people consider him a Disney prince, while others a king, or even simply just a character. Either way, it’s a great name for a cat!

Aladdin: If your favorite movie is Aladdin, you can always name your cat after Prince Ali himself.

Eric: Giving human names to cats is a fun way to gain strange looks, but it’s so worth it! Eric is another great name to give your cat.

Adam: A lot of people forget about Prince Adam, better known as the Beast.

Naveen: Prince Naveen from the film ‘Princess and the Frog’ is a charming, funny, and smooth character. He loves music, dancing, and Tiana! A fun suggestion if you have two cats is to name them Naveen and Tiana.

Beast: Who says you need to name your cat Adam? You can always call your cat Beast, or Bea for short.

Flynn: Flynn is an easy-to-say name, perfect for a funny cat with a lot of personality.

Rider: Flynn’s last name is Rider. You can always choose to use one and not the other.

Eugene: Last but not least is the name Eugene. This is a bit of a cheat as Flynn Rider’s real name is Eugene.

Disney Villain/Villainess Cat Names

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Luna is one of the most common cat names in the United States.

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Naming your cat after a Disney villain doesn’t always mean that your cat is evil or dark. Sometimes, the name is just too cute to pass up! To make this section easier to read, we’ve broken it down into two sections, the villains and the villainessess.

Villain Names

Hook: The first Disney villain cat name on our list is Hook. This pirate name is perfect for sneaky cats with cat owners who love the film, ‘Peter Pan’.

Jafar: Jafar is a scary villain from the film, ‘Aladdin’. This name doesn’t have to reflect your cat to a T. It can just be your favorite character.

Gaston: Gaston is a goofy and tough character. He loves to stare at himself. Have you caught your cat watching itself in a mirror?

Oogie: Oogie is a fun name to say. The villain’s full name though is Oogie Boogie.

Facilier: Facilier is a fun Disney name for cats. If it’s too hard to say, you can shorten it to ‘facil’, which is the Spanish word for easy.

Shadow: This name connects with the one above. Dr. Facilier is a villain in the film, ‘Princess and the Frog’. He is also known as the Shadow Man. It’s the perfect name for a cat that sticks to your side like a shadow.

Magnifico: One of the most recent Disney villains is King Magnifico, from the film, Wish. In Italian and Spanish, this name means magnificent.

Hades: If Hercules is your favorite movie and you love the sass of the character Hades, you can always name your cat this.

Hans: Hans is a villain in the film, ‘Frozen’. He betrays Anna. This doesn’t mean though that your cat named Hans will betray you. Maybe he’s just the youngest sibling of many, like Hans.

Muntz: In the film Up, Charles Muntz is the main villain. Muntz is a fun name to say.

Charles: Instead of Muntz, you can also call your cat Charles. This sophisticated Disney name is a lot of fun to explain to people.

Villainess Names

Gothel: Gothel is a great name to give a mother cat. However, you don’t always get to name a cat later on in age.

Maleficent: Maleficent is a long, but fantastic name. You can dress up your cat as Maleficent for Halloween to fit their name. It’s a fitting name for a black cat.

Cruella: You can have a lot of fun giving your cat the name, Cruella. This character from 101 Dalmatians loves spots and fur coats. You can name your cat Cruella if they have spotted fur or if their fur is thick as a coat.

Yzma: Yzma is a favorite villain for many. She’s comical and is in the film, ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’.

Ursula: Your cat doesn’t need to sport eight large tentacles to have the name Ursula. You can simply love the film, ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Tremaine: Tremaine is Cinderella’s evil stepmother. The name is a mouthful but can be shortened to Tre and Maine.

Anastasia: It’s hard to categorize Anastasia as a villain, especially depending on the film. But for this list, she’s listed as a villainess. Anastasia is a beautiful name. She is the stepsister of Cinderella.

Drizella: Cinderella’s other stepsister is Drizella. If you have three cats, you can name them Cindy, Driz, and Ana.

Disney Queen/King Names

Who says you have to settle for naming your precious cat after a prince or princess? Disney also has excellent Queen and King names. Listed below are a few.

Queen Names

Leah: Who’s Queen Leah? Queen Leah is the mother of Princess Aurora. This Disney name is short, sweet, and beautiful!

Elsa: Technically, Elsa is a Queen in the first film. This icy queen has snow-like hair. Elsa is a great name for white fluffy cats.

Arianna: Unless the queens are main characters, their names are often forgotten. Although true, many of the queens have beautiful names like Queen Arianna from the film, ‘Tangled’.

Narissa: Not all queens or characters on this list are animated. Queen Narissa, for instance, is a character from ‘Enchanted’.

Iduna: Iduna is a gorgeous name. It’s from the Disney film, ‘Frozen’. Queen Iduna is the mother of Elsa and Anna.

Athena: Did you know Princess Ariel’s mother has a name? It’s Queen Athena. She also had bright red hair.

Sina: Since Moana is an official Disney princess, this means her mother is a queen. Moana’s mother’s name is Sina.

Kida: Not only is Kida a lovely name, but the character is also an incredible queen. Kida is from ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’.

Sally: The last queen cat name on our list is Sally, the Pumpkin Queen. She’s the main character in the film, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

King Names

cat king of the couch. spoiled cat standing on sofa wearing royal mantle and crown looking at camera

There are many Disney-king-inspired cat names.

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Frederic: The first kingly name on our list is King Frederic, from the film ‘Tangled’. He’s a caring and loving father.

Triton: The Little Mermaid fans will love this kingly name, Triton. It’s a great name for water-loving cats.

Hubert: King Hubert is a king in the film, ‘Sleeping Beauty’. He is the father of Prince Phillip. This name is funny to hear, but can be shortened to ‘Hub’.

Agnarr: Another cat name from the film Frozen is Agnarr, which comes from the character King Agnarr. He’s the father of Elsa and Anna.

Stefan: Also, a king in Sleeping Beauty is Stefan. King Stefan is a protective father. He is the father of Princess Briar Rose, also known as Aurora.

Ferocious Disney Cat Names

Longhair cat dressed up as a lion looking grumpy to the camera. Isolated on white background.

Cats and lions belong to the same family.


Not all Disney names are based on princesses, princes, queens, kings, or villains. You can also name your incredible cat after a ferocious animal in a Disney film, like a lion or tiger. Follow along to discover ferocious Disney cat names.

Simba: Is your cat courageous and lion-like? Maybe the best name for them is Simba.

Mufasa: In the Disney film, ‘The Lion King’, Mufasa is the father of Simba. He is powerful, loving, and a true protector.

Bagheera: Although a lot larger than your average domestic cat, Bagheera is a black panther from the film ‘The Jungle Book’. This name is perfect for a black, slender, and sneaky cat.

Nala: The name Nala also comes from the Disney film, ‘The Lion King’. She is a strong lion with a lot of heart. If you have two cats, you can name them Simba and Nala.

Kiara: After the first film, Simba and Nala have their lion cubs. One is named Kiara.

Sarabi: Mufasa’s mother is Sarabi. This is another name that would be perfect if you have multiple cats and want to keep the theme of ‘The Lion King’.

Baloo: Although Baloo isn’t a feline, he can still be considered a ferocious animal! Baloo is a loyal and sweet sloth bear.

Rajah: If your cat resembles a tiger, there’s no better name than Rajah. Rajah is a large and protective tiger from the film, ‘Aladdin’.

Terk: Terk is a character from ‘Tarzan’. Terk is short for Terkina. She is a funny and rowdy gorilla.

Kala: Another gorilla in the film ‘Tarzan’ is Kala. She is a loving and motherly gorilla who raises Tarzan like her own.

Nuka: Ending our list of ferocious Disney cat names is Nuka, a male lion in ‘The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride’.

Fun Disney Cat Names

Somehow, this list isn’t done just yet! In this section, we’re going to list more fun Disney cat names.

Tigger: Another tiger character in Disney films is Tigger, although he’s a lot more lighthearted than Rajah.

Nani: Is your cat a wonderful big sister? Maybe the name Nani is fitting. Nani is Lilo’s sister in the film ‘Lilo and Stitch’.

Jane: Also in the film, Tarzan is the name Jane. It’s simple, sweet, and easy to say.

Tinker: While you can name your cat Tinker Bell, it’s pretty long. To make it easier, you can opt to name them Tinker, or Tink for short.

Gus: Gus is a cute and short name, perfect for cats, although Gus is a mouse in Cinderella.

Thumper: Thumper is a cute name for a frolicking and hyper cat or a cat with very big paws.

Jack-Jack: Is your cat a jack of all trades? Try naming them Jack-Jack, or simply, Jack.

Abu: Another pet in the film, ‘Aladdin’, is Abu, a mischievous monkey, and incredible thief. Does your cat make things disappear?

Flounder: Your pet doesn’t have to be a fish to name them Flounder.

More Fun Disney Cat Names

Rita: Rita is a dog, but a fun name!

Olaf: If you love the film ‘Frozen’ and Olaf is your favorite character, you can always give your cat this name. Either Olaf is your favorite or your cat just likes the snow.

Daisy: Daisy is an iconic Disney character. She’s a white duck with large eyes.

Flower: From the film ‘Bambi’, you can take inspiration from Flower, a cute skunk.

Bambi: While Flower is a cute name, you can also stick to Bambi.

Minnie: Another iconic Disney character is Minnie.

Goofy: Maybe you really like the character Goofy or your cat is a goofball, either way, this name is worth a mention.

Tito: Tito is a small chihuahua who is feisty, regardless of his size.

Sven: Is your cat silly like Sven from ‘Frozen’? Maybe this name can work.

Dug: If your cat acts more like a dog than a cat, why not name it Dug, from ‘Up’?

Dory: Last but not least is Dory. A cute and short name for a silly and hyper cat.

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