The 100 Best Parrot Bird Names For Your Feathery Friend

Written by Alyssa Shea
Published: March 1, 2024
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Naming your new feathery friend can be a struggle! There are plenty of things to consider before you commit to a name, such as its personality or coloring. So which one would be right for you? This comprehensive list of parrot names will help you pick one today!

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If you’re looking for a friendly and affectionate bird, a parrot is the right choice for you!


Are you looking for a parrot name that people might recognize from their favorite movies or TV shows? Do you want to give a nod to one of your favorite films or series? Here are options from some of our favorite movies and television shows:

  1. Iago – Were you a fan of “Aladdin” when you were a child? You might consider using the name of this red-plumed, sarcastic bird!
  2. Captain Flint – In “Treasure Island,” Long John Silver named his parrot after his former captain, and it sits on his shoulder throughout the film, based on the novel of the same name.
  3. Paulie – The film “Paulie” was dedicated to a wisecracking parrot who tells his life story to a janitor at an animal research laboratory.
  4. Blu – If “Rio” tops your list of favorite movies, using this name for a blue-hued parrot might be a good choice!
  5. Jewel – Also from “Rio,” this name is perfect for one of your parrots.
  6. Skully – Disney Junior’s show, “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” features this small green parrot that serves as Jake’s lookout.
  7. José Carioca – This cartoon green parrot speaks Portuguese and appears in the animated Disney animated films “Saludos Amigos” and “The Three Caballeros.”
  8. Tuesday – The film “The Wild Life” features a parrot that tells the story of Robinson Crusoe.

Silly Parrot Names

The red-collared lorikeet (Trichoglossus rubritorquis) is a species of parrot found in wooded habitats in northern Australia

Parrots are incredibly intelligent and are known to be playful and even a little bit mischievous at times!

©Danny Ye/

Parrots are flock animals that thrive when they’re being social with others. Companionship is crucial for these birds. They use play as a way to explore the world around them, which can result in some pretty silly antics. One type of behavior you may notice is “locomotor play.” You might see your parrot hang upside down or perform aerial acrobatics that might remind you of small children goofing around. One of these names might be perfect for your little goof.

  1. Fluffer
  2. Bubba
  3. Wacky
  4. Wingman
  5. Pretty Bird
  6. Chatterbox
  7. Tattletale
  8. Quackers
  9. Big Bird
  10. Giggles
  11. Wackadoodle
  12. Squeaker
  13. Stinker
  14. Goober

Names for Sassy Parrots

Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), or hyacinthine macaw, is a parrot seated on wood log in park

The hyacinth macaw is incredibly large for a parrot and is known for mimicking human speech.

©Azad Jain/iStock via Getty Images

Does your parrot have an attitude? Sassy parrots are quite common! When it comes to parrotlets, you will undoubtedly experience some spunky, curious, or sassy behaviors. Birds tend to become aggressive during adolescence for the same reason humans do: hormones! Some parrots can be incredibly territorial as well. Would one of these sassy names fit your parrot?


  1. Roxie
  2. Coco
  3. Harley
  4. Quinn
  5. Lola
  6. Moxie
  7. Bellatrix
  8. Goldie
  9. Midge
  10. Buffy
  11. Poppy
  12. Vixen


  1. Chuck
  2. Flip
  3. Flash
  4. Spike
  5. Bucky
  6. Maverick
  7. Brutus
  8. Jagger
  9. Dickie
  10. Dozer
  11. Sailor
African Grey parrot sitting on the cage played ball tennis

Did you know African grey parrots are among the most popular pet birds?


Many food names are cute or catchy, so it’s no surprise we might use them for our pets. Many are short and easy to remember, too. Another reason we might use food names for our pets is due to “cute aggression.” Have you ever wanted to hug and squeeze your pets, maybe even give them a nibble? Cute aggression can definitely give us inspiration for pet names!

  1. Pickle
  2. Peach
  3. Honey
  4. Ginger
  5. Tofu
  6. Biscuit
  7. Pepper
  8. Sugar
  9. Candy
  10. Alfalfa
  11. Cupcake
  12. Whiskey
  13. Hazelnut
  14. Peanut
  15. Pepper
  16. Buttercup
  17. Mochi
  18. Cookie
  19. Bean
  20. Chip

Pirate-Inspired Parrot Names

pirate macaw parrot studio cutout

Ahoy! Parrots have a long history that is intertwined with pirates.


We’ve all seen plenty of images of parrots sitting on a pirate’s shoulder. But why are pirates and parrots so commonly seen together? Many historians note that since pirates were involved in the trade of exotic animals, it’s not surprising that they would sometimes end up keeping a bird or two. Thus, having one of these exotic birds could be seen as a status symbol.

Owning a parrot was much easier than having a dog or monkey onboard your ship. Parrots eat a lot less food in comparison to other animals; providing them with seeds, nuts, and fruits was incredibly easy. They’re small and easy to store, meaning they take up very little space on the ship. Not only that, but they were a great form of entertainment!


  1. Anne Bonny
  2. Grace O’Malley
  3. Cheng I Sao
  4. Rachel Wall
  5. Mary Read
  6. Jeanne de Clisson
  7. Sayyida al-Hurra
  8. Lady Mary Killigrew
  9. Ching Shih
  10. Jacquotte Delahaye


  1. Blackbeard
  2. Calico Jack
  3. Henry Morgan
  4. Captain Kidd
  5. Sir Francis Drake
  6. Samuel Bellamy
  7. Black Bart Roberts
  8. Charles Vane
  9. François L’Olonnais

Names for Calm Parrots

Is your bird totally zen? That usually means you’re doing a good job at providing them with mental stimulation! Parrots tend to be quiet if they’re exploring a new environment, too. Parrots are very intelligent and emotional creatures! If you happen to have a calm parrot, one of these names might fit the bill.

  1. Harmony
  2. Zen
  3. Serenity
  4. Serene
  5. Tranquil
  6. Haven
  7. Eden
  8. Sage
  9. Meadow
  10. Happy
  11. Joy
  12. Melody
  13. Ocean
  14. Rain
  15. Ping
  16. Bliss

The photo featured at the top of this post is © nabyh/

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