The 147 Best and Most Creative Blue Bird Names

Hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), or hyacinthine macaw, is a parrot seated on wood log in park
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Written by Katarina Betterton

Published: December 26, 2023

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Birds are great pets. If you adopt a blue-colored bird like a budgie, parrot, or cockatoo, you’ll need a name befitting of their stunning blue feathers. Dr. Daisy May, a veterinary surgeon and pet care writer
for All About Parrots lent her expertise to AZ Animals regarding bird names.

“As a veterinarian, I aim to balance my whimsical love of birds with professional expertise. Naming pet birds, even though they probably don’t care what you call them, adds a fun personal touch for a lot of owners. It’s a way to give each bird its own unique identity that reflects their look or behavior,” she said.

Dr. May continued, citing “While the birds likely don’t recognize their names, it gives owners an enjoyable way to express affection and customize each pet. [It] turns a basic naming act into something more meaningful.”

Looking for the best and most creative blue bird names? Try one of the following 147 blue bird names on for size.

Famous Blue Bird Names

Blue-gray tanager (Thraupis episcopus) is a medium-sized South American songbird. Wildlife and birdwatching in Costa Rica.

The different species of blue birds in the animal kingdom range in size and shape.


  1. Zazu, after the tight-laced hornbill from The Lion King.
  2. Blu, after the titular character in Rio.
  3. Jewel, after Blu’s partner in Rio.
  4. Carla, after one of Blu and Jewel’s three chicks.
  5. Bia, after one of Blu and Jewel’s three chicks.
  6. Tiago, after one of Blu and Jewel’s chicks.
  7. Iago, after the secondary antagonist in Aladdin.
  8. Woody, after the infamous character Woody Woodpecker.
  9. Mordecai, after the blue jay of the same name in Regular Show.
  10. Sam, after Toucan Sam of Froot Loops and Sam the Eagle of The Muppets.
  11. Donald, after Donald Duck.
  12. Dewey, after Dewey Duck from Ducktales.
  13. Kevin, after the female bird of the same name in Up.
  14. Abigail, after the blue-bonneted goose sister from Aristocats.
  15. Ayden, after the bird of the same name from Quest for Camelot.
  16. Runner, after the blue-colored Road Runner from Looney Tunes.
  17. Jake, one of the bluebird triplets from Angry Birds
  18. Jay, one of the bluebird triplets from Angry Birds.
  19. Jim, one of the bluebird triplets from Angry Birds.
  20. Margalo, the main female anthropomorphic character from Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2.
  21. Soren, after the protagonist from Legends of the Guardians
  22. Cinder, inspired by Cinderella’s two bluebird helpers. 
  23. Ella, also inspired by one of Cinderella’s two bluebird helpers. 
  24. Roberto, after the character of the same name from Rio 2.
  25. Tweety, after the much-loved cartoon character.

Blue Bird Names from Other Languages

Flock of Blue and gold macaw birds together perching on log in the zoo, beautiful parrots

Using a name from another language can give your blue bird an air of exoticism!

©Super Prin/

  1. Azul, the Spanish and Galician translations of the word blue.
  2. Blu, the Albanian translation of the word blue.
  3. Mavi, the Azerbaijani translation of the word blue.
  4. Plava, the Croatian translation of the word blue.
  5. Sinine, the Estonian translation of the word blue.
  6. Polū, the Hawaiian translation of the word blue.
  7. Gorm, the Irish translation of the word blue.
  8. Biru, the Indonesian translation of the word blue.
  9. Aoi, the Japanese translation of the word blue.
  10. Zils, the Latvian translation of the word blue.
  11. Mėlyna, the Lithuanian translation of the word blue.
  12. Manga, the Malagasy translation of the word blue.
  13. Putsoa, the Sesotho translation of the word blue.
  14. Modrá, the Slovak translation of the word blue.
  15. Bluu, the Swahili translation of the word blue.
  16. Glas, the Welsh translation of the word blue.
  17. Nīlā, the Punjabi translation of the word blue.
  18. Niebieski, the Polish translation of the word blue.
  19. Urdina, the Basque translation of the word blue.
  20. Blauw, the Dutch translation of the word blue.
  21. Wasi, the Tsonga translation of the word blue.
  22. Voël, the Afrikaans translation of the word bird.
  23. Madár, the Hungarian translation of the word bird.
  24. Pasăre, the Romanian translation of the word bird.
  25. Éan, the Spanish translation of the word blue.

Creative Blue Bird Names


Did you know there’s a shade of blue called capri and another named denim?

©Who I am/ via Getty Images

Many different shades of blue exist in the world. Consider naming your bird after a shade or hue of blue.

  1. Saph (inspired by sapphire).
  2. Sky.
  3. Navy.
  4. Indi (inspired by indigo).
  5. Cobalt.
  6. Ceru (inspired by cerulean).
  7. Berry.
  8. Turq (inspired by turquoise).
  9. Midnight.
  10. Capri.
  11. Dodger.
  12. Denim.
  13. Cornflower.
  14. Maya.

Female Blue Bird Names

Wintering adult male Western Bluebird (Sialia mexicana) in Santa Barbara County, California, USA.

Bluebirds are not great pets. Birds that are blue, like macaws and budgies, are.

©Agami Photo Agency/

  1.  Alice, a very light shade of blue.
  2. Aqua, similar to aquamarine or meaning “water.”
  3. Tiffany, which doubles as a “Tiffany blue” color.
  4. Aoki, a Japanese unisex name that means blue.
  5. Afina, the Romanian name which means “blueberry.”
  6. Celeste, a name that means both “heavenly” and “sky.”
  7. Ciel, the French translation for sky.
  8. Doli, the Navajo translation for “bluebird.”
  9. Livie, which roughly translates to “blue” in Latin.
  10. Odeta, which means “blue sea” in Romanian and Albanian.
  11. Sunila, meaning “sapphire blue” in Hindu.
  12. Nilan, or a light shade of blue in Hindu.
  13. Meena, a name of Hindu origin meaning “blue stone” and “bird.”
  14. Kalani, a Hawaiian name meaning “the heavens” or “chieftain of the skies.”
  15. Sama, an Arabic name meaning “sky.”
  16. Talia, a Hebrew name meaning “by the water.”
  17. Robin, which is ironic but still adorable.
  18. Ulanni, a name that means “heavenly beauty.”

Male Blue Bird Names

Purplish-blue bird, Blue Whistling Thrush (Myophonus caeruleus), yellow bill, standing on a branch

Some thrush birds have a striking blue color in their feathers.

©Panu Ruangjan/

  1. River, a body of water and a common masculine name.
  2. Cyan, a type of blue color.
  3. Aoihito, which literally translates to “blue person” in Japanese.
  4. Caeso, the Latin way to say “blue-gray.”
  5. Beryl, one of the minerals found in aquamarine.
  6. Spinel, a mineral found in very dark blue gems.
  7. Zircon, a type of bright blue gem.
  8. Conifer, a cheeky way to describe the group blue spruce trees belong to.
  9. Jay, after the blue jay.
  10. Ulysses, a type of blue butterfly.
  11. Rangi, the Maori word for sky.
  12. Sora, the Japanese word for sky.
  13. Niraj, which means “water born” in Sanskrit.
  14. Nilesh, which means the Lord of Blue.
  15. Rajeev or Rajeeb, meaning blue lotus.
  16. Slate, a sturdy name describing the gray-blue color.
  17. Suni, the masculine version of Sunila that means very dark, or sapphire, blue.

Mythological Blue Bird Names

Neptune is both a planet in our solar system and a Roman god.


  1. Neptune, the eighth planet from the sun in our galaxy and the Roman god of freshwater and sea.
  2. Chol, a regenerative bird from Biblical mythology.
  3. Caladri, after Caladrius, a bird from Roman mythology with healing powers.
  4. Pam, after Pamola, a bird spirit of the Abenaki who causes cold weather.
  5. Roc, a legendary bird of prey.
  6. Ziz, a giant griffin from Jewish mythology.
  7. Ryū, after Ryūjin, god of the sea in Japanese mythology.
  8. Var, after Varuna, the god of the sea in Hindu religion.
  9. Iris, a Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  10. Blainn, the old Norse word for blue. 
  11. Luna, meaning “moon” in Latin.
  12. Atlas, the Greek name meaning “heaven bearer.”
  13. Daphne, the nymph daughter of a river god in Greek mythology.
  14. Isolde, which means “ice ruler” in both German and Welsh.
  15. Dylan, meaning “son of the sea” and coming from Welsh mythology’s legendary sea god.
  16. Rhea, the mother god of Greek mythology as a name meaning “flowing stream.”

Nature-Inspired Blue Bird Names

Uranus - High resolution beautiful art presents planet of the solar system. This image elements furnished by NASA

Uranus, another planet in our solar system, also has a blue hue to our eyes.

©Vadim Sadovski/

  1. Thistle, a plant that can be blue or purple.
  2. Morph, after the blue morpho butterfly.
  3. Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun in our galaxy.
  4. Maza, after the Mazarine blue butterfly.
  5. Miami, after the Miami blue butterfly.
  6. Dart, after the strikingly blue dart frog.
  7. Hyacinth, a blue or purple-colored flower.
  8. Ane, after the blue, red, or white anemone flowers on land.
  9. Pea, after the brilliant blue of a peacock’s body.
  10. King, as a nod to the kingfisher species of bird.
  11. Star, after the blue Linckia sea star.
  12. Tang, after the similarly-named blue tang fish.
  13. Glory, after blue morning glory flowers.
  14. Bell or Belle, after bluebell flowers.
  15. Lapis, for lapis lazuli gems. 
  16. Honey, after the honeycreeper songbird.
  17. Bunty, a cute nickname and a portion of the name of the indigo bunting bird.
  18. Dash, after the blue dasher dragonfly.
  19. Aster, after the blue aster flowers.
  20. Freesia, a flower that blooms in blue and other colors.
  21. Calla, after the calla lilies that grow in a multitude of colors including blue.
  22. Gerri, a name based on the blue flower geranium.
  23. Clem, a name based off of the clematis flower.
  24. Pansy, after the pansy flower.
  25. Perri, after the periwinkle plant.
  26. Ronnie, after the blue-flowering Veronica flower plant.
  27. Poppy, a flower that blooms blue in the Himalayas.
  28. Hyda, after the blue hydrangea. 
  29. Forge, a name based on the flower forget-me-not. 
  30. Chic, a name for a baby bird (spelled differently) and a nickname from the chicory wildflower. 
  31. Gilia, inspired by the globe gilia flower.
  32. Mist, inspired by the love in a mist flower.

Caring for Your Blue Bird

After you’ve named your bird, make sure they have everything they need for a happy, healthy domesticated life. Provide plenty of fresh water, fresh food, and engaging toys to keep their minds stimulated. If your bird needs free flying time, remember to close windows and turn off fans before you let them out for a safe and enjoyable free-flight experience.

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