The 130 Best and Most Creative Red Bird Names

Eclectus roratus Red parakeet perching on branch on white background isolate
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Written by Mandy Trotti

Published: December 29, 2023

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Choosing their name is one of the most exciting parts of bringing home a new bird. You want a name you love, whether it’s a red cockatoo, parrot, macaw, or another breed. Depending on what you’re looking for, there is an array of silly and serious options. Below are some of the best and most creative red bird names to choose from. Take a look; you might find the perfect name to match their feathers and personality.

Famous Red Bird Names

Pair of colorful Macaws parrots, Ara parrots ,Scarlet Macaw two birds perched on on the branch with blurred background

Iago from


is a scarlet macaw, like the birds pictured here.


1. Fawkes – After Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix in the Harry Potter series

2. Iago – After the sarcastic scarlet macaw in Aladdin

3. Jewel – After Blu’s wife in Rio. She’s a Spix’s macaw, but it’s a beautiful name if you can’t settle on a particular red gemstone as a name. 

4. Kevin – After the fictionalized South American female bird based on the Himalayan monal pheasant in Up. Kevin is a beautiful rainbow-colored bird, but it’s a cute name from the unforgettable movie.  

5. Lory – After the parrot from Chapters 2 and 3 of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Lory’s character is a reference to Lorina Charlotte Liddell, Alice’s older sister in the story. Although the story is in black and white, the name is a fun way for fans to reference the colorful series.   

6. Soren – After the young barn owl from the Legends of the Guardians series. Although Soren is primarily brown and white, the name is fitting for a bold red bird.  

7. Woody – After the famous red-headed woodpecker who originally appeared in the cartoon short “Knock, Knock” in 1940.

8. Zazu – After the no-nonsense red-billed hornbill from The Lion King. Although his body is mostly blue and white, it’s a nod to the impactful film most people will love and understand. 

Female Red Bird Names


Scarlet is a fitting name for the scarlet ibis pictured above as well as your red bird at home.


9. Annie – The name means “grace” and is associated with the spunky and redheaded Little Orphan Annie from the 1977 Broadway musical “Annie.”  

10. Ariel – Translates to “lion of God” from Hebrew. Ariel is commonly associated with the redheaded mermaid princess in The Little Mermaid

11. Daphne – Comes from the Greek word for laurel tree and symbolizes immortality or victory. The name is also associated with the fashionable Daphne Blake from the Scooby-Doo series.  

12. Fiona – From Gaelic, meaning “fair stranger,” but is commonly associated with the redheaded Princess from the Shrek series.  

13. Foxy – This is a popular character name that suits a cunning or attractive personality.  

14. Ginny – After Ginevra Molly “Ginny” Wesley from the Harry Potter series. 

15. Humayra – Name meaning “red.”

16. Marcia – From Latin meaning “dedicated to Mars.” Although referencing the God of War, it can also be associated with the planet Mars, nicknamed “the Red Planet.” 

17. Merida – Is Latin for “one who has achieved a high honor.” Commonly associated with the redheaded Princess Merida from the Disney film Brave

18. Miss Frizzle – After The Magic School Bus franchise’s eccentric Professor Valerie Felicity Frizzle.

19. Pipi – After Pipi Longstocking from the Swedish children’s book series created by Astrid Lindgren.  

20. Robin – Seen as a feminine form of Robert, the name means “famed; bright; or shining.” On the other hand, the American robin has an orange underbelly.  

21. Rosalina – Derived from Latin and French meaning “rose.” Also, the name of a recurring Mario series princess who was introduced in Super Mario Galaxy.

Male Red Bird Names

Red-headed woodpecker perched in the forest.

Name your neighborhood red-headed woodpecker after your favorite male Disney hero or cartoon character.


22. Brick – Refers to a strong and reliable bird or the useful building material.

23. Clifford – After Clifford the Big Red Dog.  

24. Diablo – Is Spanish for “Devil,” or maybe you’re a fan of the dungeon-crawler video game of the same name. 

25. Elmo – After Elmo, the bright and furry red monster from Sesame Street.  

26. Finch – Refers to someone, in this case a bird, who is cheerful or lively. The name also suits the songbirds known as finches

27. Flynn – Comes from the Gaelic word “flann,” meaning “red” or “ruddy. Although not a redhead, the name is commonly associated with Flynn Rider from Disney’s underrated film Tangled.

28. Hercules – After the heroic son of gods in Disney’s Hercules.

29. Laser – Fast and surprising, like a laser pointer. 

30. Leo – Name meaning “lion.” 

31. Radcliff – Is an Old English name for “red cliff,” similar to the surname of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. 

32. Redford – This is an English surname with the word “red” in it. 

33. Reed – Another English name meaning “red.”

34. Ron – After Ronald “Ron” Bilius Weasley from the Harry Potter series.

35. Roy – Similar to the name Reed. Roy has Gaelic and Scottish origins, meaning “red king.” 

36. Rudolph – After Rudolph from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

37. Rufus – Another Latin name meaning “redhead.”

38. Rusty – Means “redheaded.”

39. Simpson – After The Simpson Desert in Australia, known for its red, sandy plains.  

40. Sonny – Alternate spelling of the name “Sunny.”

Gender-Neutral Names 

Bright bird's feather in the rays of the sunset and smoke from the fire on lake Teletskoye in the Altai Mountains, Russia

A creative, gender-neutral name like Phoenix is fitting for a red rescue bird.


41. Blush

42. Christmas 

43. Ferrari 

44. Fieri 

45. Keegan – Means “fire” or “fiery one.” It’s also an excellent name for Keegan-Michael Key fans. 

46. Phoenix – The name is associated with the mythological bird who rises from the ashes stronger than ever. It comes from the Greek word meaning “dark red” or “crimson.” 

47. Rory – Name derived from Irish, meaning “red” or “red king.” 

48. Rowan – The name means “red-haired” in Irish and “little redhead” in Scottish. 

49. Sol – Spanish for “sun.” 

Celebrity-Inspired Names

Male red finch sitting on a branch

You can give a red finch, pictured above, an uncommon name like Florence, after your favorite singer.

©MTKhaled mahmud/

50. Ed – After Ed Sheeran.

51. Florence – After Florence Welch from Florence & the Machines.

52. Harry – After Prince Harry.

53. Isla – After Isla Fisher.

54. Lindsey – After Lindsey Lohan.

55. Molly – After Molly Ringwald.

56. Reba – After Reba McEntire.

57. Rupert – After Rupert Grint.

Creative Red Bird Names Inspired by Shades of Red

Male Cardinal in Winter

Cardinal is a type of red bird as well as a shade of red. However, only the males are fully red.

©Mary Terriberry/

58. Burgundy.

59. Cardinal – A vivid shade of red and a common type of red bird. 

60. Carmine.

61. Crimson.

62. Garnet. 

63. Mahogany.

64. Maroon. 

65. Red – This name is the nose, but a name nonetheless. 

66. Ruby.

67. Sanguine. 

68. Scarlet.

69. Vermillion.

Nature-Inspired Red Bird Names

Red roses in a sunny garden

Rose is a simple yet elegant nature-inspired red bird name.

©Maria Rzeszotarska/iStock via Getty Images

70. Ant – Like the sometimes red insect or short for a regal name like Anthony or Antoinette.

71. Begonia – Begonias are a beautiful perennial flowering plant.

72. Blaze.

73. Comet.

74. Coral.

75. Dawn – The light that precedes the sunrise.

76. Ember.

77. Flame.

78. Flare.

79. Ginger.

80. Helios – The Greek Titan god of the sun.

81. Hibiscus.

82. Holly – Forest-green foliage with red berries.

83. Lava.

84. Mars – The “Red Planet” in our solar system and the Greek God of War.

85. Petunia.

86. Poinsettia.

87. Poppy.

88. Quartz.

89. Rose.

90. Saffron.

91. Sparks.

92. Solar.

93. Summer.

94. Sunny.

95. Sunset.

96. Sumac – A word meaning “dark red” and the name of a spice commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking.

97. Sunshine.

98. Tulip.

99. Zinnia – Bright annual flowering plant primarily native to North America.

Food-Inspired Red Bird Names

red and green chili pepper

Chili pepper is a creative, food-inspired name for a red bird with an unforgettable personality.


100. Anjou – After the red D’Anjou pear. 

101. Bean – A cute name associated with the healthy, red kidney bean. 

102. Berry.

103. Bordeaux – a wine from Bordeaux, France.

104. Cherry.

105. Chili Pepper (also Chilli or Pepper separately).

106. Cranberry.

107. Dorito – Doritos might be more orange than red, but they’re a tasty snack, and the name is a fun reference to Good Girls.  

108. Goji – Goji is the name of a healthy and delicious berry also known as wolfberries.

109. Habanero. 

110. Ham.

111. Jam.

112. Ketchup.

113. Lentil.

114. Lobster.  

115. Lychee – A pretty tropical fruit that’s often compared to a grape. 

116. Merlot – Merlot is one of the most popular red wines. 

117. Mulberry – A mulberry is a berry that looks similar to an elongated blackberry.   

118. Pepperoni.

119. Pomegranate.

120. Raspberry. 

121. Rhubarb. 

122. Russet – After the potato. 

123. Sriracha.

124. Strawberry. 

125. Tomato.

Words That Mean Red in Other Languages 

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo in flight

The red-tailed black cockatoo only has red on its tail, but any names associated with the color red are still fitting.

©Martin Tobias Aakesson/

126. Aka – Red in Japanese 

127. Akako – Similar to the word “aka,” but it’s a girl’s name meaning red in Japanese. 

128. Rojo – Red in Spanish.

129. Rouge – Red in French. 

130. Vermelho – Red in Portuguese.

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