The Failed Attempt Of A Man Trying to Outrun a Cheetah

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: January 28, 2024
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Everywhere in the world, there is always someone who wants to be the first at something. The first to climb a mountain, the first to uncover some hidden treasure or the first to discover a new species of animal. Well, for the man in the video posted above, he had one ambition in life. He wanted to be the first person ever to outrun a cheetah. Let’s see how unsuccessful he was in the video below. 

Watch the Race Below!

Man Tries to Outrun a Cheetah 

With a man trying to outrun a cheetah, it’s easy to think this might be a wild animal chasing a human. However, let’s just say the man in this race was a willing participant. The RugiD Official TikTok page shared this video with their 20,000 followers. And this specific video has received more than 500,000 views!

Cheetah Vs. Man Race

At the beginning of the TikTok video, we see an official race happening between Bryan Habana, a former South African rugby union player, and a cheetah.

The race starts, and Habana is given a headstart. The Rugby Forum shares that Habana can run up to high-speed of 21.51 miles per hour. Which for any human is astounding. The average human can only run between 6-8 miles per hour. 

A mere second later, the cheetah is released. A piece of meat is being dragged in front of the cheetah to encourage the speed of the animal to be in full force. The cheetah springs into action. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, “By some accounts, it will come close to trebling it – 68 to 74.5 mph (110 to 120 km/h) is often cited as the cheetah’s top speed.” 

It’s no surprise that this cheetah wiped the floor with his speed. And he quickly surpassed Habana by crossing the finish line first. 

What Animal is Faster Than a Cheetah?

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine falcons attack birds in the air.

© Griffiths

It’s easy to think that with the speed of this cheetah, he would be the fastest animal in the world. However, that’s not accurately true. The cheetah is the fastest animal on land; however, the sky is a different story. 

The peregrine falcon is known to be able to reach incredible speeds of over 200 miles per hour! The National Library of Medicine shares that “Peregrines are not only extremely fast flyers but also maintain remarkable maneuverability at high speeds.” They use their incredible speed and precision to hunt. They prey on animals such as bats, ducks, pigeons, songbirds, fish, rodents, and small mammals. 

So, even though this cheetah outran this sports champion with record speeds, it is nothing compared to how fast a peregrine falcon can go. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Marcel Brekelmans/

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