The Longest Biking Trail in Florida

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Updated: June 28, 2023
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Key Points

  • Florida is home to over 100 bike trails, its longest is 52 miles long.
  • The trailhead of the state’s longest trail is at Green Springs Park in Deltona.
  • Florida’s longest trail ends in Parrish Park and the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Whether you are looking for the perfect day trip or you want a trail to take you to the beach, Florida has an extensive system of bike trails to choose from throughout the state. If you are looking for a long ride or a “century ride” (100-mile trip) then Florida is the place for you. Let’s take a look at the longest biking trail in Florida!

How Many Bike Trails Are In Florida?

Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

There are more than a hundred different bike trails in Florida.


There are more than a hundred different bike trails in Florida. The state has miles of smooth paved trails and adventurous off-road trails for mountain biking.

The Longest Biking Trail In Florida

The longest biking trail in Florida is the East Central Regional Rail Trail. This is the longest paved rail trail in Florida. It was completed on May 20, 2021, making it 52 miles long from Titusville in Brevard County to DeBary in West Volusia County. Many of the bike trails in Florida are called rail trails meaning they are built along the lines of old railroad track routes.

Where Does The Trail Start And End?

The East Central Regional Rail Trail is NE of Orlando. The trailhead is at Green Springs Park in Deltona. Before you start your trip, stop and spend a little time in Green Springs Park. There is a small sulfur spring that has milky green waters. The trail travels east through Osteen to Maytown with this section being 18 miles. Heads up that Maytown is a ghost town. There is parking and a portalet and look for “Vergies Pit Stop” where there are a few beverages and snacks for sale on the honor system. From Maytown the trail splits. You can go Northeast to Edgewater which is another 18 miles or head Southeast through Mims to Titusville. This leg of the trail is 15.5 miles.

At the end of the trail in Edgewater, there is Rotary Park which has restrooms, a playground, picnic tables, and parking. The trail ends in Titusville ends at Parrish Park and the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge. The park has parking, restrooms, picnic tables, and a boat ramp.

Is The Trail Just For Bikes?

No, it’s not only for bikes. The trail is paved and enjoyed by bikers, hikers, joggers, and inline skaters as well.

Wildlife Along The Trail

Alligator in Swamp

You might see alligators while on the trail, especially in some of the cypress swamps.

©Thierry Eidenweil/

The trail goes through some pretty remote areas so there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. As you bike through forests and cypress swamps be sure to keep your eye open for:

Additionally, the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to a large variety of wildlife including:

What DO Sandhill Cranes Eat - Family Picture

Keep your eyes open for the Sandhill Crane. They also live in the Merrit Island National Wildlife Area.


  • 358 species of birds
  • 140 species of freshwater and saltwater fish
  • 15 federally listed threatened and endangered species

The Top 10 Best Bike Trails In Florida

Although this could be subjective, based on usage and popularity, the following are some of the top trails in Florida.

  1. East Central Regional Trail: 52 miles
  2. Withlacoochee State Trail: 46 miles
  3. Van Fleet State Trail: 29 miles
  4. Pinellas Trail: 29 miles
  5. Sanibel Island: 25 miles
  6. West Orange Trail: 22 miles
  7. Legacy Trail: 18.5 miles
  8. Gainsville-Hawthorn State Trail: 16 miles
  9. Jacksonville Baldwin Rail Trail: 14.5 miles
  10. Shark Valley Trail: 14.5 miles

What Is The Longest Off-Road Bike Trail In Florida?

For some challenging mountain biking check out the Santos Trails System.

©Raccoon posse / Creative Commons – License

The Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway and Santos Trails are 183 miles of off-road biking. This trail goes from the Gulf of Mexico to the St. John’s River and includes cities like Ocala, Belleview, Palatka, Inglis, and Dunnellon. Near Ocala, there is a landbridge that is used by wildlife to safely cross Interstate 75. Deer, foxes, and possums often cross the bridge under the cover of night. Humans can bike, hike, or horseback ride across the bridge as well. The landbridge is lined with natural habitat to encourage wildlife to feel safe.

For some challenging mountain biking, check out the Santos Trail System, which has three different levels of difficulty including a vortex freeride area for advanced bikers.

The Future Longest Bike Trail In Florida

South Padre Island

The 250-mile Coast-to-Coast trail starts at the Atlantic Ocean and ends at the Gulf of Mexico


The Coast-to-Coast trail will be 250 miles long and cross the state from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the trails mentioned above are a part of the trail as counties come together to help support this project. The Coast-to-Coast Trail will go from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs up to Brooksville, over to Winter Garden across to DeBary, and down to Titusville with the last stretch going through the Canaveral National Seashore to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Some outfitters will map out a four-day trip with stops at popular restaurants along the way and then give you a ride back at the end of the trip.

Is There A Bike Trail From Florida To Maine?

The East Coast Greenway is a 3,000-mile-long trail that starts in Florida and ends in Maine

©Wirestock Creators/

Yes! The East Coast Greenway is a trail that goes from Florida to Maine and is 3,000 miles long! That is way more than a “century ride”. It goes through 15 states and passes through 450 cities and towns. You may be surprised to find out that the trail starts in Key West, Florida (not the north end of Florida) and goes all the way to the Canadian Border in Calais, Maine. There are several spots along the trail that split and you have a choice of two routes that circle back around to form the main trail. The town of Maytown on the East Central Regional Trail is one of those spots.

How Long Would It Take To Bike From Florida To Maine?

The bike trails website suggests it takes 2-4 months to bike the entire trail, depending on how many miles you want to do each day. There are a few people that have walked the entire trail which took close to six months. Thousands of people use the trail for shorter trips and daily rides. If you really want a challenge check out the Great American Rail Trail that goes from Washington D.C. to Seattle… 3,700 miles!

Summary of Florida’s Longest Trail

IndexTrail NameTrail TypeStarting LocationDestinationTotal Distance
1East Central Regional Rail TrailBiking, hiking, jogging, inline skatingGreen Springs Park in DeltonaParrish Park and the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge 52 miles
2Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway and Santos TrailsOff-road bikingThe Gulf of MexicoSt. John’s River183 miles
3The East Coast GreenwayBiking Key West, Florida Calais, Maine3,000 miles
4The Great American Rail-Trail BikingWashington D.C.Seattle3,700 miles

Where is East Central Regional Rail Trail Located on a Map?

As we said, the longest biking trail in Florida is the East Central Regional Rail Trail. It is 52 miles — from Titusville in Brevard County to DeBary in west Volusia County. You can start northeast of Orlando, right near Lake Monroe, at Green Springs Park in Deltona and end at Parrish Park and the Merrit Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Daniel Myjones/

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