The Meaning of the Number of Roses in a Bouquet


Written by Kristen Holder

Published: February 10, 2024

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Roses are a popular bouquet flower, but did you know that their number can hold an individual significance? Let’s look at the meaning of the number of roses in a bouquet and when each amount is most appropriate.

1. One Rose: Interest and Acknowledgement

St. Valentine's Day concept. Funny portrait cute puppy dog border collie holding red rose flower in mouth isolated on white background. Lovely dog in love on valentines day gives gift

A gift of one rose shows an acknowledgment of interest.

©Iuliia Zavalishina/iStock via Getty Images

Giving a solitary flower away shows acknowledgment and interest. One rose isn’t a big deal, and lots of people buy themselves one flower just to brighten up a space temporarily. However, giving one rose to someone acknowledges that you’ve noticed them and you’re interested in learning more.

2. Two Roses: Agreement or Acceptance

Gifting two roses to someone solidifies mutual interest.

©yul38885 yul38885/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Two roses in a bouquet of roses are often used when two people acknowledge their mutual interest in each other. Two are now flirting with the idea of becoming one.  

3. Three Roses: Love and Emotion

Beautiful red roses growing inside a greenhouse

Nothing says

I Love You

quite like a small gift of three roses.


Three roses represent the acknowledgment of emotion or love. There are three words in the phrase I Love You, so three roses are perfect when it comes time to say the words. It’s not only appropriate for romantic situations, but it’s also useful for friends, coworkers, teachers, and others that you want to know they’re really important to you.

4. Four Roses: Condolences to an Acquaintance

Four roses are the best way to express condolences without words.

The number four is associated with death in many cultures, and four roses are a sensible number of flowers without being over the top. A bouquet with four roses expresses condolences without words to people you may care about from a distance. They don’t need anything from you in their time of need.

Four roses are appropriate for office coworkers, librarians, friends of friends, or other people who aren’t a part of your inner circle. They show you care without any expectation of reciprocation.

5. Five Roses: Change and Action

Use a bouquet of five roses at a time of change or action.


Five roses in a bouquet represent action or change. Countdowns usually begin with five seconds, and when those five seconds are gone, something begins, or a decision is made. That makes five roses a great choice when asking someone to be exclusive or when saying I Love You for the first time.

6. Six Roses: Growth Through Birth and Adoption

When a birth or adoption comes up in your family, a bouquet of six roses is your best bet.

© Izvekova

Every time a new member is added to a family, the unit seems perfect. Suddenly, when the idea cements for the family that someone new has arrived, there is an infinite amount of love for them, too. They become needed as part of the whole.

A bouquet with six roses represents growth for someone going through the birth or adoption process. They’re easy to display symmetrically while also coming off as a decent number of roses.

7. Seven Roses: Perfection and Luck

Using seven roses expresses how lucky you feel about a perfect situation.


Seven is a prime number which means that it’s unique, and nothing can keep it from being exactly what it represents. It is also considered a symbol of luck and perfection in several belief systems around the globe. As a result, it’s perfect for occasions where a big impact is desired on the people you care about the most.

8. Eight Roses: Victory and Financial Prosperity

A closeup of vibrant green roses

Eight roses are perfect when someone has been promoted, moved, or has otherwise experienced success.

©Pavinee Chareonpanich/

The number eight contains two pairs of fours that balance each other perfectly. As a result, it’s seen as a representation of financial gains and personal victories. Giving eight roses is appropriate as a housewarming gift, when your spouse gets a promotion, or any other time a success is being celebrated.

9. Nine Roses: Eternity or Forever

Permanent romantic affection is best expressed with nine roses.

©Olena Rudo/

Nine roses in a bouquet symbolize that you want something permanently. It’s a number that’s great for proposals, a wedding day, or renewal bouquets. It has a love connotation, so reserve it for moments meant for romantic affection.

10. Ten Roses: Completion and Perfection

Strawberry bridal couple bride groom at chocolate wedding cake. Confectionery luxury art trend marriage strawberries bridal couple embellishment, blueberries and frosting cream. Food symbol of love

Ten roses represent perfection and completion, so they’re a great proposal choice.


Giving someone ten roses is great for a wedding proposal because it implies they are the one. That’s because ten is associated with a full set and feeling like the result is perfect. There’s nothing you would change about whatever is happening.

11. Eleven Roses: Togetherness and Good Luck

Red heart shaped sky at sunset. Beautiful landscape with road and clouds.Love background with copy space. Road to love

The number eleven represents togetherness and good luck when used in a rose bouquet.


Eleven roses symbolize luck and togetherness. The number 11 is auspicious in many cultures and belief systems, so it’s a popular bouquet flower number in various situations. Seeing an even number of ones grouped is a reaffirmation that what you’ve got going on is as it should be.

12. Twelve Roses: New Beginnings and Continued Admiration

Twelve is the number of roses that’s best for anniversaries.

©Gary Matuschka/

Using twelve roses in a bouquet symbolizes continued admiration and new beginnings. Since every year is made of twelve months, using a bouquet with twelve roses in it for an anniversary is a great idea. They’re also a great choice for a first date because it is an opulent size without being unruly to manage. 

13. Thirteen Roses: Immortality and Secrecy

black roses isolated on a black background.

Using thirteen roses is best when you’re a confessing secret admirer.


Thirteen roses represent ideas around immortality and secrecy. If you’re secretly admiring someone and you’re ready to tell them in a direct show of affection, a bouquet with thirteen flowers is perfect.

Thirteen is a prime number, and it’s a number that’s often hidden from view because of popular superstitions about how unlucky it is. Even if this show of affection with roses fails, and you’re exposed to humiliation, you’re tired of hiding that your interest isn’t going away.

14. Fourteen Roses: Pride and Celebration

education, graduation and people concept - silhouettes of many happy students in gowns throwing mortarboards in air

Fourteen roses are best as a present for big moments like graduations and performances.

©Ground Picture/

The number fourteen is often associated with celebrations and feelings of pride. That makes a bouquet of fourteen roses appropriate for anyone you’re close to at graduations, performances, and other big moments.

15. Fifteen Roses: Forgiveness and Rest

Tired frustrated african wife ignoring angry black despot husband arguing blaming upset woman of problems, jealous man shouting at sad girlfriend, family fight and controlling boyfriend, disrespect

If you’re ending an argument with flowers, choose fifteen roses for the big moment.


Fifteen roses represent forgiveness along with the kind of rest that peace brings you. Using fifteen roses in your bouquet is a great choice for an apology.

Fights are exhausting, and resolutions can be reached. It’s time for you to make sure a quarrel is over so the two of you can rest. Choosing a bouquet of fifteen roses is a thoughtful way to reach a ceasefire.

16. Sixteen Roses: Safe Travels

Beautiful bouquet with pink carnations and roses close-up on a blue background.

Someone returning from a trip deserves a bouquet of sixteen roses.

©Yevheniia Yasenenko/iStock via Getty Images

When sixteen roses are in a bouquet, it usually means the recipient has just finished traveling. Whenever someone arrives home from a trip, they need a reminder of how lucky they are to be safe and loved. Using sixteen flowers is perfect for pickup displays in airports and train stations.

17. Seventeen Roses: Individuality and Uniqueness

Using seventeen roses in a wedding bouquet is a popular choice.


Seventeen roses symbolize uniqueness and individuality. Seventeen is a number that is unlike many other numbers in existence. It’s large, yet it’s prime, so there’s no other number that can be exactly like it. That’s why a bouquet of seventeen roses is good for an opulent wedding bouquet for bigger ceremonies.

18. Eighteen Roses: Truth and Sincerity

A bouquet of light blue roses laying on stone paved ground

Giving someone eighteen roses shows you care sincerely and truthfully.


Eighteen roses symbolize truth and sincerity. If someone gives you this many roses, they’re letting you know that they have an honest and vested interest in your health and well-being.

A large bouquet with eighteen flowers is great for big occasions like a quinceañera, sweet sixteen, or a B’nei Mitzvah. That’s because this many roses help to express big emotions, but they aren’t necessarily the perfect choice for romantic moments.

19. Nineteen Roses: Waiting in Patience

heart-shaped puzzle

Giving someone nineteen roses shows you’re ready to wait patiently for an indefinite period.


Nineteen roses symbolize patience and waiting. If you give someone nineteen roses, you’re letting them know that you’ll wait as long as it takes.

This can apply to a variety of situations. For example, maybe you’re waiting for them to come home or change their mind about something. A large bouquet gives the recipient permission to take their time choosing because the giver will always be there.

20. Twenty Roses: Desperation or Losing Patience

Pop Art Surreal Style Amazing Silver Rose with Dewdrop Isolated on Black Backdrop

Giving twenty roses expresses desperation and a loss of patience.

©lovelypeace/iStock via Getty Images

Bouquets of twenty roses are used in situations that are becoming desperate. Twenty roses not only sounds like a lot, but it also visually translates into a lot of roses. However, one person can still carry a bouquet of this size without assistance.

This many roses are often chosen by people who want to remind you that you’re important. However, they are losing patience waiting for a reply or a reaction. You alone can make up your mind but this many flowers are meant to hurry along a decision.

21. Twenty-One Roses: Consistency and Longevity

Show you love them passionately every day of the week by giving them twenty-one roses.

©Yuliia Bezuglaya/

Twenty-one roses show longevity and consistency. There are seven days in a week, and I Love You is three words. Seven times three is twenty-one which means that twenty-one roses show that you love someone or something every day of the week.

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