The Right Rose Color for Your Anniversary by Year

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Written by Kristen Holder

Published: January 24, 2024

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There is nothing more romantic than giving your partner flowers on an anniversary. While each anniversary has a corresponding flower, nothing says “I Love You,” quite like a bouquet of roses. Which rose color should you pick for your relationship milestone? The right rose color for your anniversary by year is divulged with reasons for each selection.

1. Bright Yellow: First Anniversary Rose Color

fresh yellow roses in green sunny garden

Bright yellow roses are the perfect choice for your first wedding anniversary.

A bouquet of bright yellow roses is an excellent choice when celebrating your first wedding anniversary. Bright yellow is a joyful color that expresses the fresh optimism you have for your solidifying long-term commitment.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Gospel or Super Sun

2. Dark Red: Second Anniversary Rose Color

Representing passion, dark red roses are a good choice for second wedding anniversaries.

Dark red elicits strong emotions and speaks to how passion overcomes some of the growing pains that come with getting used to being with a new partner. The honeymoon period is over, but the passion that it takes to create depth is in full bloom. For a second anniversary, a dark red rose bouquet is a wonderful choice.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Grand Prix or Black Magic

3. White: Third Anniversary Rose Color

The purity of intentions signaled by white roses is appropriate for a third wedding anniversary.

White for a third wedding anniversary symbolizes your purity of intentions in keeping your marital vows. Most marriages that are not meant to last dissolve within the first two years, but you and your partner have made it over this hurdle. Celebrating with a bouquet of white roses shows that you’re staying true to your intentions.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Playa Blanca or Polar Star

4. Light Blue: Fourth Anniversary Rose Color

A bouquet of light blue roses laying on stone paved ground

Since light blue roses represent trust, they’re a great choice for a fourth wedding anniversary.

Light blue roses stand for the peacefulness that comes with trust and reliability. Routines have been established by your fourth year of marriage, and interacting with your partner is becoming second nature. Because of these, a light blue rose bouquet is an appropriate choice for a fourth anniversary.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Dyed or Paper Roses

5. Pink: Fifth Anniversary Rose Color

Given as a symbol of flirty gratitude, a fifth anniversary deserves pink roses.

In Western cultures, pink roses are associated with femininity and gentleness. They also symbolize the flirtatious side of romance and the gratitude that comes with having obtained the more subdued joys of a partnership. That’s why they’re the perfect color to celebrate half of a decade together.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Hot Lady or Ashley

6. Purple: Sixth Anniversary Rose Color

Treat your partner like royalty with purple roses as a sixth-anniversary gift.

Purple is traditionally associated with royalty and luxury. A sixth anniversary shows the community that you’re now entering the kind of longevity that deserves respect. Because of this, purple roses are the perfect way to convey this status.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Minerva or Burgundy Iceberg

7. Ivory: Seventh Anniversary Rose Color

A seventh wedding anniversary calls for a bouquet of ivory roses.

Ivory is a timeless color that reflects elegance and purity but with a vintage twist. Often, marriages fall apart around the seven-year mark, but yours hasn’t. You’ve stayed true to your purest intentions since the day you wed, and a bouquet of ivory roses is a great way to celebrate this.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Easy Spirit or Vendela

8. Burnt Orange: Eighth Anniversary Rose Color

Hybrid yellow and orange tea rose

The Rio Samba cultivar is a wonderful burnt orange rose for an eighth anniversary.

Burnt orange roses represent comfort, warmth, and coziness. An eighth anniversary only happens if you’ve learned to find these qualities in your life partner. A sense of intimate familiarity is now the basis of the longevity of your relationship.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Rio Samba or Coffee Break

9. Terracotta: Ninth Anniversary Rose Color

Terracotta color rose on wood copy space background.

Using terracotta roses for a ninth wedding anniversary is a meaningful choice.

Terracotta is a color mostly associated with building materials, which is a correlation that translates well to a rose bouquet for a ninth wedding anniversary. A decade of marriage has almost been achieved, and the foundations for a lifetime together have been set intentionally. It’s time to revel in the accomplishments that come with building a home that will weather any storm.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Magical Matilda or Terracotta

10. Grey: Tenth Anniversary Rose Color

A closeup of a bouquet of cream-colored roses

A greyed rose bouquet is perfect for a tenth wedding anniversary.

The nice thing about focusing on the color grey for a tenth-anniversary rose bouquet is that every color that roses come in is kissed by the color grey. Grey represents calm, conformity, and order. This layered with a bright color like yellow or pink conveys a subdued excitement and the calm exhuberance of having lasted a decade together.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Earl Grey or Grawn Blue

11. Turquoise: Eleventh Anniversary Rose Color

white-turquoise rose flower. Flower isolated on a white background. No shadows with clipping path. Close-up. Nature.

Using a turquoise rose bouquet on an eleventh anniversary conveys protection.

Turquoise represents good fortune, protection, and wisdom. As you enter your eleventh decade together, it’s important to celebrate how lucky you are to have this kind of dedication in your life. The invaluable bounty of wealth and the wisdom gained during so many years together cannot be understated.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Dyed or Silk Roses

12. Green Jade: Twelfth Anniversary Rose Color

As a symbol of good fortune, green jade roses are a good choice for a twelfth anniversary.

Green jade represents balance and good fortune. More importantly, it represents perspective and protection. You and your partner are keeping your eyes on your goals, and you’re protecting the validity of your promises to each other.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Jade Green or Super Green

13. Pale Yellow: Thirteenth Anniversary Rose Color

Giving a pale yellow rose bouquet on a thirteenth anniversary is a nice choice.

Pale yellow roses are similar to the bright yellow roses appropriate for first wedding anniversaries, except they are more subdued. Their lighter color symbolizes familiarity, humbleness, and a sense of domesticity. In the thirteenth year of marriage, taking pleasure in the mundane is the root of a happy relationship.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Yokohama or Golden Tower

14. Rainbow: Fourteenth Anniversary Rose Color

Macro shot of rainbow roses with multi colored petals with shallow DOF.

Rainbow roses convey excitement on a fourteenth anniversary.

Fourteen years of marriage shows a deep commitment to the dreams you shared when you took your vows. Using rainbows to celebrate this milestone shows that you’re still excited and hopeful about the continued evolution of yourself in the context of your partnership.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Dyed or Paper Roses

15. Candy Apple Red: Fifteenth Anniversary Rose Color

Fiery and flirtatious, candy apple red roses keep the spark alive at a fifteenth anniversary.

Candy apple red is a fiery and flirtatious color that exudes boldness. After fifteen years of marriage, keeping the spark alive should be of major importance. That’s why it’s the perfect color for a rose bouquet at this important milestone.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Jal Beloved or Candy Apple

20. Emerald Green: Twentieth Anniversary Rose Color

Using emerald green roses on a twentieth anniversary symbolizes growth.

Emerald green is a deep color that elicits good health and nature. For things to grow, there must be harmony and balance. This makes emerald green roses the perfect present for a twentieth anniversary.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Dyed by Food Coloring or Silk Flowers

25. Silver: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Color

Pop Art Surreal Style Amazing Silver Rose with Dewdrop Isolated on Black Backdrop

It’s precious to reach twenty-five years together, so silver roses are perfect for the occasion.

Silver is a precious metal, and reaching a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is a precious event. Having a relationship survive a quarter of a century is a rarity that’s worth a very special kind of rose. Because silver is valuable, giving silver roses expresses how glamorous and rich you feel, having been in a union for so long.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Spray Painted or Silk Flowers

30. Sage Green: Thirtieth Anniversary Rose Color

Sage, Vegetable Garden, Close-up, Herb, Organic

Greensleeves or Green Ice roses are the color of sage, which is great for 30th anniversaries.

Sage green stands for wisdom and experience which is something you’ve gained after three decades together. A thirtieth wedding anniversary represents a large portion of your life, and the fact that you’ve spent it with your true love gives you the right to now call yourself an expert on marriage. Celebrate that with a beautiful bouquet in this subdued yet meaningful color.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Greensleeves or Green Ice

35. Coral: Thirty-Fifth Anniversary Rose Color

Acceptance and longevity are conveyed by coral roses on a thirty-fifth anniversary.

Coral is a bright and warm color that symbolizes acceptance and longevity. After thirty-five years of marriage, it’s important to remind your partner that you’re still in it for the long haul and you think of them fondly.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Coral Xpression or Movie Star

40. Ruby Red: Fortieth Anniversary Rose Color

Ruby red roses are perfect for a fortieth wedding anniversary.

Four decades of marriage is an amazing achievement. Such an intense accomplishment deserves roses that are passionate and bold. To stay married this long, you’ve survived fiery moments and bright experiences. Ruby red is a great choice that expresses the zeal of spending so much of your life with someone you love.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Ruby Red or Ruby Ruby Miniatures

50. Gold: Fiftieth Anniversary Rose Color

Woman's hand holding golden rose on pastel pink background. Top view concept with negative space.

Because it’s such a precious metal, gold is appropriate for a fiftieth-anniversary celebration.

Gold is a coveted precious metal that’s perfect for a huge milestone like a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Gold is a malleable conductor that is also durable and stands the test of time. Earning the privilege of growing old with your partner to the point that half a century is spent together is an amazing achievement.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: Gold Dipped or Spray Painted Flowers

60. Diamond White: Sixtieth Anniversary Rose Color

A sixtieth anniversary is rare, like diamonds, which makes diamond white roses a perfect choice.

Diamond white is an almost pure white with just a kiss of yellow. It is symbolic of the glittering brilliance and beauty of one of the most coveted stones on the planet. A sizeable chunk of humans don’t make it to 60 years old, let alone 60 years of marriage. An occasion like this is exceedingly rare and precious, just like a diamond.

Appropriate Cultivar Suggestions: White Diamond or Diamond Days

Summary of the Right Rose Colors for Your Anniversary by Year

Anniversary YearRose Color by YearRose Variety for Color
1First AnniversaryBright YellowGospel or Super Sun
2Second AnniversaryDark RedGrand Prix or Black Magic
3Third AnniversaryWhitePlaya Blanca or Polar Star
4Fourth AnniversaryLight BlueDyed or Paper Roses
5Fifth AnniversaryPinkHot Lady or Ashley
6Sixth AnniversaryPurpleMinerva or Burgundy Iceberg
7Seventh AnniversaryIvoryEasy Spirit or Vendela
8Eighth AnniversaryBurnt OrangeRio Samba or Coffee Break
9Ninth AnniversaryRed TerracottaMagical Matilda or Terracotta
10Tenth AnniversaryGreyEarl Grey or Grawn Blue
11Eleventh AnniversaryTurquoiseDyed or Silk Roses
12Twelfth AnniversaryGreen JadeJade Green or Super Green
13Thirteenth AnniversaryPale YellowYokohama or Golden Tower
14Fourteenth AnniversaryRainbowDyed or Paper Roses
15Fifteenth AnniversaryCandy Apple RedJal Beloved or Candy Apple
20Twentieth AnniversaryEmerald GreenDyed by Food Coloring or Silk
25Twenty-Fifth AnniversarySilverSpray Painted or Silk Flowers
30Thirtieth AnniversarySage GreenGreensleeves or Green Ice
35Thirty-Fifth AnniversaryCoralCoral Xpression or Movie Star
40Fortieth AnniversaryRuby RedRuby Red or Ruby Ruby
50Fiftieth AnniversaryGoldGold Dipped or Spray Painted
60Sixtieth AnniversaryDiamond WhiteWhite Diamond or Diamond Days

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