The Most Expensive Doghouse in the World Has Its Own Pool and TV

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Written by Kellianne Matthews

Updated: November 5, 2023

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Many loving pet parents want nothing more than to give their dogs a safe haven where they can be happy. However, in England, one exceptional owner has created a one-of-a-kind doghouse that is more extravagant than many human homes! Her two incredibly lucky canine companions live in the lap of luxury within their own custom-built abode. The epitome of canine opulence, their home is the most expensive doghouse in the world — it even has its own pool and TV!

The Most Expensive Doghouse in the World

Great Danes

Although Great Danes are enormous dogs, they are typically easygoing and gentle.

A few years ago, a female surgeon (who wishes to remain anonymous) hired architect Andy Ramus to build a high-tech three-bedroom bungalow within the prestigious 550-acre Lower Mill estate in Gloucestershire’s picturesque Cotswolds Water Park. However, the new luxury estate is not just built for the surgeon but also includes separate deluxe living quarters for her beloved pets, two extremely lucky Great Danes. The dogs’ kennel and living quarters are about a quarter of the size of the main three-bedroom house. Each dog even has their own separate bedroom!

Just how elaborate is this luxury doghouse? Well, this incredible canine castle is crafted with the finest materials like limestone, glass, and zinc. It is a sophisticated haven for these two pampered pooches to relax in style. Of course, such a luxurious puppy pad isn’t cheap. In fact, this Great Dane doghouse came with a staggering price tag of £250,000, which was equivalent to approximately $400,000 in the United States!

Lower Mill Estates at Cotswolds

Cotswolds Water Park

Many of the homes and getaways in the Cotswolds are set right along the water.

Nestled in the idyllic Cotswolds countryside, this incredible doggie dream house is a one-of-a-kind structure. It was built in the Lower Mill Estates, a haven of tranquility and natural beauty. Visiting the Lower Mill Estates is like stepping into a fairytale with expansive rolling hills, charming villages that seem straight out of a postcard, and historic market towns that have stood the test of time.

The incredible homes within Lower Mill Estates have a unique balance of luxury as well as sustainability. The area has been thoughtfully transformed into an ecological paradise. It is teeming with incredible biodiversity and enchanting wildlife like wild birds, otters, adorable dormice, and beavers. The expert ecology team at Lower Mill tirelessly works to ensure that this environment continues to support a myriad of species. It has earned the distinguished “Building with Nature” status among the select few estates in the U.K.

Two Very Lucky Great Danes

It is the De vere water park cotswolds hotel in England.

The Lower Mills Estates are a unique blend of high-tech luxury and natural sustainability.

The kennel and dog bedrooms are quite spacious, boasting temperature-controlled beds and plush sheepskin lining. In addition, the dogs have the option to elevate their beds. This grants them a panoramic view of the swimming pool and private garden through their expansive bedroom windows. Outside, adjacent to the doghouse, each Great Dane also enjoys their very own private playground.

In addition to the two luxurious bedrooms, this remarkable doghouse boasts a dedicated living room where the two Great Danes can relax and unwind. Equipped with a 52-inch plasma television screen and a state-of-the-art sound and entertainment system, this masterpiece sets a new standard in canine indulgence. The entertainment setup alone was £150,000 ($240,000 U.S. dollars), surpassing the entire home-buying budget of many human households!

At-Home Hydrotherapy

The world’s most expensive doghouse has all the amenities for premium canine living!

Whenever the dogs need a break from their luxurious living room and private playgrounds, they can always unwind in their own private doggie day lounge. Complete with relaxing spa baths and rejuvenating saline treatments, these pampered pooches truly enjoy the best. And of course, all this high-class living stirs up an appetite. Fortunately, this elaborate doghouse also caters to top-of-the-line canine dinners and breakfasts. Deluxe meals are served automatically in self-cleaning food bowls, accompanied by purified water dispensed in chilled and filtered water bowls.

Top-Notch Safety and Security

woman eye retina scan close-up

A retina scanner is a security device that scans unique patterns in the eye to allow access.

With several security cameras throughout the property, the dogs’ owner can conveniently monitor her dogs remotely at any time online. She can also adjust the thermostat of their posh dwelling from the comfort of her own adjoining abode. That way, she can always ensure their well-being and comfort around the clock.

But what happens when neighboring canines get a look at this extraordinary five-star retreat and want to partake in its luxuries themselves? Turns out there’s no need to worry about envious neighbors attempting to gain access to this private clubhouse, as it is extremely exclusive. A cutting-edge retina scanner at the entrance of the doghouse guards and guarantees the safety and privacy of the doghouse. Thus, only the two privileged Great Danes can enter or exit the premises.

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