This Monstrous 1,000lb Tiger Shark Is So Big It Looks Fake

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: January 24, 2023
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This incredible footage was captured by some expert fishermen as they were bottom fishing out of Old Bahama Bay Resort in the Bahamas. They managed to catch something extraordinary.

A Memorable Fishing Trip

The group started off fishing in 600 feet of water using electric eels and looking for yellow eye snappers. They were using squid and barracuda as bait with large weights. Before long a yellow eye snapper was caught. We get a clear view of the distinctive bright yellow eyes (hence the name) and are told that it is one of the best tasting fish around.

Yellow eye snappers are also called silky snappers and are found in deep reefs and rocky ocean bottoms. They are quite elusive and the deep dropping method of fishing is needed to catch them. The key to success is being able to identify the locations where they congregate If you get the rig right, you can have a lot of success.

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The wahoo, one of the world's fastest fish, has a diet is made up of other fish and squid, which they easily catch thanks to their speed.
The wahoo’s diet is made up of other fish and squid, which they easily catch thanks to their speed.


Wahoo Fishing and a Surprise

The next stage of the fishing trip was to head to an area where wahoo are found and the aim was to get there when the tide was changing as the outgoing tide is the best time to find these fish. The journey there was quite rough and the fishermen got soaked from the spray!

However, they discovered that the conditions were too rough (huge waves and lots of seaweed) to hook any wahoo so they headed into shallower water. When they started trawling they managed to hook a huge rainbow runner (around 20 pounds) and a barracuda.

Then, they started bottom fishing and things got even more exciting. They decided to use the barracuda as bait and hooked a reef shark! Suddenly, out of nowhere, something very big turns up. It is a giant tiger shark. It takes a lot of time, skill and cries of “Oh my gosh” to land this monster. At the beginning the shark does not even realize that it is hooked. But when it does, it tries its best to break off and is not going to get landed without a fight. The team have to put gloves on as they prepare to get the shark onto the boat.  This monster is around 15 feet long and around 1,000 pounds but this species can grow up to 1,400 pounds!

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