Tiger Shark Snatches a Camera From Divers and Tries to Swallow It Whole And Its All Recorded

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 23, 2023
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“Light’s, camera, action!” These three words are the most famous for those who film documentaries. And for those who film our action-packed Hollywood movies. However, now and then, the “action” part is a little more intense than it should be. 

Check Out the Video Below!

This diver was documenting his experience deep underwater while swimming with sharks. This is not his first time underwater, so he is quite familiar with the fish and sharks he has swimming around him. He’s gone so far as to name this beautiful tiger shark that we see in the video posted below. The diver has named her Jitterbug, and perhaps rightly so, given how she acts in this video. This is what the diver had to say about his experience.

“Got the bite shot. This is Jitterbug one of my favorite girls but also one that I keep an eye on when she shows up. She bit my GoPro three times and the last time she took it for a ride. She dropped it in the sand after getting a video of me from her mouth while chewing on it. “

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That’s right, you’ve guessed it. In this YouTube video posted below, we see a tiger shark snatching a GoPro camera from this diver. And to go even further, he tries to swallow it whole! At the start of the video, we have a great angel of various other fish and tiger sharks that are swimming around, as well as another diver just up ahead who is grabbing footage from the opposite angle.

Suddenly, the tiger shark Jitterbug comes straight up to the diver and bumps the camera hard. We hear a thud and then see the shark open its mouth wide. If you pause the video for five seconds, we see the inside of its large mouth.  Inside, we see the display of its 48 teeth on his upper and lower jaw. 

We soon see other tiger sharks come to join in on the fun! As we can see, tiger sharks are familiar sharks to swim with. What other sharks can you swim with?

What Sharks Can Humans Swim With?

A diver swimming with a Shortfin mako shark. These sharks are aggressive predators and should be avoided if possible.

A diver swimming with a Shortfin mako shark. These sharks are aggressive predators and should be avoided if possible.


While tiger sharks are among the most popular sharks to swim with due to their lowest aggression level. Here are the top three types of sharks listed with Shark Sider that humans can swim with are the following. 

  1. The Whale Shark
  2. The Nurse Shark
  3. The Sand Shark 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Tomas Kotouc/Shutterstock.com

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