The Top 6 Reasons Maryland Has the Absolute Best Summers in the Country

Written by Kaleigh Moore
Updated: August 10, 2023
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Are you looking for a perfect getaway with the best summers in the country? Consider Maryland. This fantastic landscape on the eastern coast of the United States promises unforgettable summer experiences. It blends a rich history, natural beauty, vibrant cities, and many excellent outdoor activities. Come here ready to explore its charming towns, lush parks, picturesque waterfronts, and stunning beaches.

6 Reasons Maryland Has the Best Summers in the Country
Add Maryland’s pleasant temperate climate to the list.

The warm, less humid weather tops it up with moderate temperatures and manageable humidity. In this post, we will delve deeper into why Maryland has the best summers in the country. Pack your travel bags, and get ready to be immersed in a world of natural beauty and special fun activities only Maryland can offer throughout the summer.

Maryland Has Amazing Summer Weather

Maryland enjoys a temperate climate between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle. This location grants the state mild to warm summers and moderate rainfall distributed throughout the year. Additionally, Maryland’s proximity to the ocean influences its weather patterns, adding further diversity and uniqueness to its climate.

This area is generally warmer than the western regions. The summer in this region lasts from June to about mid-September. Average temperatures vary between 79 degrees Fahrenheit and 88–90 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperatures occur in mid-July. The average humidity level is about 64% but rarely moves above 60% for most summer months, typically within manageable levels. So, you can relish your time outdoors without feeling overwhelmed by excessive moisture in the air.

The skies are blue for most of the period. However, there are usually some storms towards the end of August. If you’re planning a perfect summer vacation in Maryland, consider the period from June to mid-August. This period has the best summers, allowing you to enjoy lots of time outdoors in the great weather.

A map of the U.S. with Maryland marked in red.

Maryland enjoys some of the best summers in the country due to its close proximity to both the ocean and mountains providing a pleasant climate for outdoor activities.

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1. Summer Opens Up the Natural Beauty

Maryland’s abundant natural beauty is captivating, as evidenced by its impressive collection of 54 state parks and recreation centers. During the summer season, these picturesque locations transform into breathtaking havens. Vibrant greenery and blossoming flowers adorn the expansive mountainsides, painting a mesmerizing landscape. Each park possesses its distinct charm and character, making them alluring destinations for nature enthusiasts. Below, we highlight five popular state parks that showcase Maryland’s stunning summer scenery.

Patapsco Valley State Park

This 32-mile park covers parts of Baltimore, Howard, and Anne Arundel counties. It contains a fantastic mix of viaducts, waterfalls, streams, and swing bridges. The park boasts over 11 trails for different skill levels. These trails traverse natural beauty sections, such as the famous Cascade Falls, expansive greenery, a campground, and picnic areas.

Gambrill State Park

Gambrill State Park is a mountain park located at the foothills of the Catoctin Mountains., an ultimate location for horseback riding and biking. It has two areas: the High Knob and Rock Run. The High Knob area has three rocks that offer views of Middletown and Frederick Valleys. On the other hand, the Rock Run area offers a picnic area, a cozy family campground, and a fishing pond.

Tuckahoe State Park

Situated at 13070 Crouse Mill Road in Queen Anne, MD 21657, this park spans Queen Anne and Caroline counties, with the Queen Anne entrance being the most frequented. In addition to its enchanting lush parks and trails, the park offers a picturesque lake, perfect for kayaking, boating, and various water sports. Families can relish picnic areas and even indulge in hunting activities, ensuring a well-rounded experience.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park, located on Jerusalem Road, covers over 18,000 acres across Baltimore and Harford counties. The park offers the best flora, fauna, and relief during summer, ranging from rugged slopes to tidal wetlands and huge rivers. You also enjoy over 120 miles of trails, a marina, kayaking, fishing, and canoeing fun.

Catoctin Mountain Park

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Catoctin Park boasts a lush landscape with facilities for hiking and sleeping under the stars. There are over 25 miles of hiking trails, a historic wooden cabin camp, and the beautiful Owens Creek picnic area. The mountainside comes to life in summer with flower colors, birds, and butterflies.

Other impressive parks for your summer vacation include Swallow Fountain State Park, Assateague State Park, Rocky Gap State Park, and Cunningham Falls State Park. While each has a specific attraction, one thing is shared: a scenic landscape and water bodies. Explore more about them on the state website and pick one with the most features you love.

A vibrant landscape of Maryland's Gunpowder River in Gunpowder Falls State Park

With rolling riverbanks, lush forests, and wide open spaces, it’s no wonder why Maryland has some of the absolute best summers in the country.

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2. Summer Awakens the Allure of Stunning Beaches

Nothing beats beautiful, lazy summer days on Maryland beaches. The state has several stunning beaches along its Atlantic coastline. Each has soft sand, picturesque views of the surrounding land, and refreshingly calm, aqua-blue waters. Let’s explore the five most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coastline.

Ocean City Beach

Ocean City Beach is located in the Town of Ocean City, a resort town in Worcester County. This famous coastal city hosts up to 345,000 vacationers during the summer and over eight million annually. Renowned as the “White Marlin Capital of the World,” this city proudly showcases its status by offering a wide range of chartered boats during the summer season. These charters provide fantastic opportunities for fishing enthusiasts to target prized catches like wahoo, tuna, and billfish. There are also fishing competitions in the White Marlin Open.

The town has an extensive beach for basking and playing water games. There are locations for swimming, canoeing, and kayaking here. On the land, many activities exist, including picnics, amusement rides, parties, and several local and exotic delicacies.

Assateague Island

The barrier island spreads 37 miles (60 km) on the eastern coast of the Delmarva Peninsula. Maryland takes about two-thirds of the area, while the rest is located in Virginia. The island provides the allure of a flat, white sandy beach, an expansive state park, and over a mile of a lifeguarded recreational beach.

On the Virginia side, you can check out various land and water animals at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. This park also hosts a habitat for migratory birds. You may also spot herds of feral horses, coves, bays, and beautiful marshlands.

Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay, which extends over 200 miles, is the largest estuary in the United States. Visitors come here for boating, fishing, sailing, and crabbing. It’s an excellent place to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy water sports. This estuary’s blue waters blend harmoniously with the beaches.

Come ready to explore the hidden coves, scheduled beaches, and remote islands. If you are a fishing enthusiast, come and try your luck with prized catches such as blue crabs, striped bass, and billfish. Nature lovers can enjoy scenic landscapes by taking one of the many trails near the shores.

Sandy Point State Park

Many visitors come to the location to enjoy gorgeous views that stretch to Chesapeake Bay and beyond. The summer allure attracts hundreds of anglers to this beach for sport fishing. In addition, it has expansive picnic areas over the golden sand, hiking trails in the lush lands by the shores, and a campground.

Deep Creek Lake

This artificial lake has a sandy shore with forest on all sides. It is part of a 1,800-acre state park near the mountains in the western region. It is perfect for swimming, biking, hiking, and camping. Deep Creek Park has a fantastic landscape and numerous opportunities to watch birds and hike. Since most other shores are heavily populated during the summer, consider visiting this one for a quiet, lovely time alone or with family.

Children playing on a beach, enjoying the summer sun and sand.

Summer in Maryland offers stunning beaches that awaken the allure of outdoor activities with friends and family.

©Malachi Jacobs/

3. It’s Time for Songs, Events, and Dance

Maryland has an amazing blend of cultures. They all come to life during the summer season. Grab your dancing shoes and sweat out as you wind down in the state that offers the absolute best summers. The state never sleeps, as many national and local fairs and festivals rock the area. Here are the most popular ones:

Ocean City Air Show

In early June, the OC Air Show in the Town of Ocean City attracts hundreds of spectators nationwide. Enjoy the country’s military prowess as jet fighters such as F-35 Lightnings, Thunderbirds, F-18s, A-10s, and Red Bull flying men battle it in the blue sky. Remember to come with your sunglasses to see all the fun.

Catch an Outdoor Movie

Take part in watching movies on the big screen. Come with a loved one and a box of popcorn to one of the many drive-in locations across the major towns. Various seating arrangements and drive-in options exist for a fantastic time under the stars.

Award Painters at Plein Air Easton

Take part in the prestigious annual outdoor painting competition in Talbot County. It attracts artists from all over the United States and beyond. This competition is held around mid to late July each year.

Dance During Independence Day Celebrations

Take part in the Independence Day celebrations happening all across Maryland. Most areas showcase fireworks on July 4, while others have celebrations on July 1. Check the Ministry of Tourism website for fireworks locations across all regions. Food trucks, outdoor concerts, and camping facilities are usually available during the celebrations.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

This festival takes you back to the Renaissance era and has been happening for 40 years. Enjoy costumed activities and shows for the whole family. It is a long festival from the end of August to mid-October. Remember, you have to book for the festival to take part. Buy tickets for the dates you will be available for the festival.

Two ladies having a great time at a summer event.

Summer in Maryland is full of fun activities – like songs, dances, and events. Don’t miss out on the best summers in the country.


4. Enjoy Outdoor Concerts and Music Festivals

During the summer, Maryland becomes a hub for outdoor concerts and music festivals, with many venues offering live music experiences in the open air. From the iconic Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia to the charming Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore, there are plenty of locations to immerse yourself in the joy of music against scenic backdrops. Take the chance to explore the vibrant lineup of shows happening in your destination city.

In addition to the incredible concerts, Maryland hosts various must-attend summer festivals. The Maryland State Fair, the prestigious Preakness Stakes horse race, and the lively Artscape are just some fantastic events awaiting you. Be sure to mark your calendar, check the dates, and secure your seats for an unforgettable summer filled with music, culture, and entertainment.

A group of people at an outdoor concert, enjoying the summer weather.

Summer in Maryland means beautiful days spent outdoors listening to live music. Check out all the outdoor concerts and music festivals held throughout the state.

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5. A Culinary Heaven In Summer 

Have you ever fancied waterfront dining—eating in the wild or the open? Maryland promises the absolute best summers, with many cuisines worldwide. While some of the options are available throughout the year, it is during the summer that you get to try some of them. Being a coastal state, many delicacies are seafood, but many other options are available.

Try some outdoor dining against a waterfront backdrop or some fine dining on the terrace of one of the hotels. There are also tons of outdoor food kiosks. Some delicious delicacies you should sample during the summer include steamed crabs, crab cakes, crunch thrasher’s french fries, pit beef, and munch burger cookies. For your movie, enjoy some crunchy Fisher’s popcorn.

You can smooth your drinks with signature summer cocktails, such as the fruit-laden, tantalizing black-eyed Susan, the fresh-squeezed orange crush, or the raw oyster cocktail Oyster Shooter. As for alcoholic drinks, some of the best brands made locally include Queen City Kolsch and Vagabond. Sweet stout lovers may try CampFire Sweet S’mores or the PastryArch Macchiato Milk Stout. There are several other craft beer brands in the state.

BBQ meats and other local produce make summer in Maryland a culinary haven.

Experience the best of the season with unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else.

©Viacheslav Nikolaenko/

6. Summers are the Best Times to Explore Historical Places

Maryland has a fascinating and rich history. The state was one of the original 13 colonies and has preserved much of the history of this era. Summers allow you to explore American history, local legends, and varying cultures. Here is the list of the best places you should visit during your next summer vacation.

  • Fort McHenry: This was the last defense against the British in 1814. Washington lawyer Francis Scott Key wrote a poem aboard a truce ship nearby that became the national anthem.
  • Antietam National Battlefield (Sharpsburg): Learn about the bloodiest Civil War battle in September 1862 that killed 23,000 men in a single day. It has a watchtower and several walking trails.
  • Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Scenic Byway (Eastern Shore): This site remembers Harriet Tubman, a heroic enslaved person who escaped to freedom in 1820 along an underground railway and returned 13 times to rescue over 70 people.
  • USS Constellation (Baltimore): Go back in time on an 1855 battleship that fought several battles and helped end the slave trade in the country.
  • Other notable historical sites include the Washington Monument State Park, Historic St. Mary’s City, and the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore.
An aerial view of Fort McHenry in Maryland, a historical landmark that represents the state's rich history.

Summertime is the perfect time to explore Maryland’s history! From beautiful colonial architecture to gorgeous natural scenery, this state has it all.

©Christopher Mazmanian/

Enjoy the Absolute Best Summers in Maryland

There is no need for more proof that Maryland has the absolute best summers in the country. The state boasts mild summers with manageable humidity levels. It also has scenic beauty, from the soft, idyllic beaches to the cold tops of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The state is endowed with lush greenery, several water bodies, and flora and fauna, making it a perfect getaway for connecting with nature next summer.

In addition, it boasts tons of fairs and music concerts across the state during the entire summer period. While at it, you can enjoy finger-licking good food from local and exotic cuisines. If you love good wine or calm down with local beers, summer brings you several wine-tasting events that tickle your taste buds. When you are tired, you can cool down by swimming in a pool, going to the ocean, or watching the latest blockbuster movie outdoors. Make your summer vacation memorable in Maryland!

Summary of the Top 6 Reasons Maryland Has the Absolute Best Summers in the Country

1Summer Opens Up the Natural Beauty54 State parks offer opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature
2Summer Awakens the Allure of Stunning BeachesThe state has several stunning beaches along its Atlantic coastline
3It’s Time for Songs, Events, and DanceNumerous festivals such as the Maryland Renaissance Festival make summers more fun
4Enjoy Outdoor Concerts and Music FestivalsFrom the iconic Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia to the charming Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore – music is celebrated
5A Culinary Heaven In SummerCoastal cookouts are the best
6Summers are the Best Times to Explore Historical PlacesWashington Monument State Park, Historic St. Mary’s City, and the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore are only a few of the sites to visit

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