Watch a Man Expel This Python From a Vending Machine With His Bare Hands

Frontal shot of an Australian Carpet Python
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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: September 25, 2023

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Of all the places to find a python! This carpet python in Australia has found a cool spot to relax but it’s getting in the way of people getting a soft drink. Luckily Robert Irwin, son of the late conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin, was on hand to help. We get to see him expertly lift the snake from the vending machine and take it away for relocation. He also spots that this snake is missing part of its tail so perhaps it has gotten into a similar predicament before. Scroll down to see the full clip of the extraordinary rescue.

Where Do Carpet Pythons Normally Live?

We can safely say that vending machines are not the natural habitat of carpet pythons! These large snakes can grow to 12 feet in length and weigh 33 pounds. They are a native species of Australia and Papua New Guinea. However, they are kept as pets all over the world.

These snakes can be found in several habitats including savannas, rocky areas, and rainforests. They are good at climbing trees but also move along the ground. They often use trees to gain access to the upper floors of houses. These snakes are most active in the spring and summer and enter the brumation in cold winters.

There are several subspecies of carpet python including the jungle carpet python, the southern carpet python, the diamond python, and the Darwin carpet python.

Diamond python on rock

Carpet pythons have striking coloring which makes them popular pets.

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Are Carpet Pythons Dangerous?

These are not venomous snakes. However, they are carnivores and do hunt live prey. They eat mice, birds, rabbits, and marsupials. Having detected the target prey using the sensory pits on the side of their head, they wrap their body around it and suffocate it.

Usually, they are mild-mannered like the individual in this clip. Having said that, they do have sharp teeth that curve backward and they can bite! If that happens to you, you should wash the area thoroughly and dress the wound.

Do Carpet Pythons Make Good Pets?

There are pros and cons to choosing a carpet python as a pet. On the one hand, they are very attractive snakes with several natural striking colors. Also, they are one of the most manageable of the pythons due to their smaller size and calm temperaments. The disadvantages are that they are expensive, they need large enclosures, and a certain amount of expert knowledge. So, do your research before you consider getting yourself one and bear in mind that they can cost around $1,000.

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So this was a first for me…

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