Watch a Powerful Lioness Chase 100+ Zebras off Her Watering Hole in Mere Seconds

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 1, 2023
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These zebras may not have wanted to share their watering hole with a lioness but she made it clear that this was not an option anyway! In this brief clip, we see a zeal of over a hundred zebras – that is one of the words used to describe a group of these amazing animals. They are also called a dazzle because it is thought that they dazzle predators with their stripes by running around when they are threatened. That makes it harder for a predator to pick out one individual.

A group of zebras is called a zeal or a dazzle

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Watering Hole Chaos

This is only a short sequence of action but it would be fair to say that this lioness causes chaos at the watering hole. At the start of the action, the lioness has just arrived at a location where scores of zebras are gathered to take a drink. It was recorded at Tarangire National Park which is in the northern zone of the group of Tanzania National Parks. It is at an altitude of between 900m and 1250meters and has an annual average rainfall of between 650 and 700mm. In addition to zebras, it is home to elephants, giraffes, and wildebeests.

The zebras race away in unison like a shoal of fish, they kick up the sand and leave the lioness alone by the water’s edge. She may have got a drink but she has failed to secure any food on this occasion!

Zebra’s Habitat and Lifestyle

Zebras are found in many parts of east and southern Africa and are part of the Equidae family of animals that includes horses and asses. The most intriguing part of them is their stripes. It is a common assumption that the stripes are for camouflage so that they can hide from predators in the shadows of trees and grasses. However, experts think that they have actually evolved to repel flies! There is also confusion about what color these stripes are. Zebras have black skin, so they are actually a black animal with white stripes.

These amazing creatures like to live in open grasslands and savannah woodlands. They have a long and slender neck and a single toe on each foot. They feed on tall grass which offers very little in the way of nutrition but their digestions have adapted to get as many nutrients out of it as possible. If grass is in short supply, they will eat shrubs, bark and trees.

Lion with Video Play Button
Watch this lioness cause absolute mayhem as she charges a herd of zebra.

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Lioness walking into water
Lions will enter water to capture prey
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