31 Dogs Owned by Celebrities

Celebrity being photographed by paparazzi photographers at event
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Written by Nina Phillips

Published: May 11, 2024

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Celebrities set many trends including in fashion, design, and media. However, they can also lead the way in many other aspects, such as popular dog breeds. After all, what’s more fun than getting the same dog breed your favorite singer or actor has? There are many dogs owned by celebrities to choose from.

While celebrities often get some of the more popular dogs, like labradors and golden retrievers, they also get a fun mix of other breeds, such as bloodhounds, rottweilers, and chihuahuas. There are hundreds of breeds to pick from, and celebrities have a diverse number of breeds they prefer.

Curious what dog breeds your favorite celebrities have as pets? Continue reading to find out not only the breed, but their name, and which celebrity owns them. See if you share a dog breed with your favorite celebrity, or maybe look at some on this list to get an idea of what you want your next dog to be. If you’re not looking for a dog, you can still search through to learn a little more about your favorite celebrities and their preferences when it comes to animals.

1. Lafayette

Layfayette is a


, like the dog pictured above.

©Kuznetsov Alexey/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Arianna Grande

2. Toulouse

Adorable nine week old Chihuahua Beagle (Cheagle) mix laying down

Toulouse is an adorable beagle-chihuahua mix, like the puppy above.

©Danae Abreu/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Ariana Grande

3. Baxter

Baxter is an ever-popular golden retriever, such as the dog above.

©iStock.com/Jenny Sun

Celebrity Owner: Ryan Reynolds

4. Boots

Boots is a labradoodle, like the above dog.


Celebrity Owner: Ryan Reynolds

5. Oscar

Oscar is half Maltese, which is the breed above. The other half is Yorkie.

©Tomsickova Tatyana/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Justin Bieber

6. Piggy Lou

Shaggy Yorkie dog looks intently at camera

Piggy Lou is another mixed breed like Oscar. One half is Maltese, and the other is Yorkie, pictured above.

©platinumpuma/iStock via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Justin Bieber

7. Buddy

Like the one above, Buddy is an Australian cattle dog who’s always up for adventures.

©Madelein_Wolf/ via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Luke Wilson

8. Garcia

Like Luke, Owen Wilson also has an Australian cattle dog, similar to the dog pictured above.


Celebrity Owner: Owen Wilson

9. Winnie

Winnie is a Maltipoo, which is a mix of a Maltese and a poodle, pictured above.


Celebrity Owner: Selena Gomez

10. Buckeye

Buckeye, like the dog above, is a

Welsh terrier


©Radomir Rezny/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Vince Vaughn

11. Major

Major is a chocolate lab, like the one above.

©REN Photography/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Julia Roberts

12. Neville

Neville is a bull terrier with brindle patches, just like the one above.


Celebrity Owner: Marc Jacobs

13. Charlie

Charlie is a chocolate lab, with a rich brown color like this cute little pup.

©Gordon Mackinnon/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Christopher Nolan

14. Bones

Bones is a golden doodle, a mix of a golden retriever and a poodle, like above.

©Dajuana Jones/ via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Adam Levine

15. Charlie

Charlie is a golden retriever, like the good boy in the image above.


Celebrity Owner: Adam Levine

16. Romeo

Romeo is a Borzoi dog breed, like this rather unusual dog above.

©bruev/iStock via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Suki Waterhouse

17. Jodie

Like the one in the picture above, Jodie is a soft and fluffy Bernese mountain dog.

©iStock.com/Kriste Sorokaite

Celebrity Owner: Andrea Corr

18. Geronimo

For a while, rottweilers like Geronimo had a

bad reputation

, but they’re super cute, like this one.

©McCann Michelle/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Bruno Mars

19. Oliver

Cute puppies of the Maltipoo breed are resting in the arms of a girl in a modern interior. Beloved pet in the natural atmosphere of a beautiful home.

Oliver is a Maltipoo, similar to the adorable puppies in this picture.


Celebrity Owner: Rihanna

20. Pepe

Pepe is a pomeranian, similar to this little bundle of fur.


Celebrity Owner: Rihanna

21. Alf

Alf is another golden doodle, like this one.

©Dajuana Jones/ via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Haley Williams

22. Bam

Just like the dog in this image, Bam is a doberman.

©iStock.com/Yusuf Monik Yuce

Celebrity Owner: Jungkook

23. Song

Going the complete opposite direction for dogs owned by Junkook, Song, like the dog in the image above, is an Italian greyhound.

©violet-blue/ via Getty Images

Celebrity Owner: Jungkook

24. Paeng

Playful Italian Greyhound on a couch with a chew toy

Paeng, adopted at the same time as Song, is also an Italian greyhound, like these.

©Akbudak Rimma/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Jungkook

25. Dali

Dali is a loving French bulldog, like the one above.

©Lined Photo/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Hugh Jackman

26. Allegra

black and white poodles staying in nature, in summer

Allegra is part poodle, just like these dogs.


Celebrity Owner: Hugh Jackman

27. Fred

Fred is a mini bernedoodle, a mix of a mini poodle and a Bernese mountain dog, shown above.

©iStock.com/Marketa Vydrova

Celebrity Owner: Lara Jean

28. Moose

Moose is a black labrador, such as this expressive dog.

©Shirebrook Photography/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: John Mayer

29. Charlie

Charlie is another black labrador, like the beautiful one in the image above.

©iStock.com/Luca Alberti photographer

Celebrity Owner: Charlie Puth

30. Basil

Basil is an Irish terrier, and looks very similar to this one.


Celebrity Owner: Kit Conner

31. Sybil

Like their sibling, Sybil is also an

Irish Terrier

, such as the dog in this image.

©Lebedeva Olga/Shutterstock.com

Celebrity Owner: Kit Conner

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