Watch a Seagull Walk Into a Grocery And Steal a Sandwich

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 12, 2023

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Although animals have many favorite types of food that they eat, a lot of animals can be opportunistic eaters. We see a prime example in the video posted above, where this bird didn’t grab the normal food we would think seagulls would eat. 

Watch the Hilarious Video Here!

Seagull Sighting at the Grocery Store

The short YouTube clip shown above takes us to the grocery store, where this seagull wants to do some shopping first. The Viral Hog YouTube page caught wind of this video and knew it was too good to pass up and share with their followers of over 20 million subscribers.  

Seagull Shopping for Food

A woman who had seemingly just finished a little grocery shopping was outside by her car when she saw a seagull flying by. Not thinking too much of it, she probably quickly looked away. However, what drew her attention to bringing her phone out was when she saw this seagull start to approach the grocery store as if he were going shopping.

Where we might assume this seagull was searching for some seeds and nuts, he shocks us all and goes to the sandwich section. He flies up and pauses for a moment. It’s almost like this bird can’t decide if he wants the ham or turkey sandwich.

Once he selects which ones he wants, he picks it up with his mouth and tosses it onto the ground. He proceeds to peck at it as if not understanding why there is a plastic cover over this food. Then he picks it back up and walks out of the store. And this bird didn’t even pay. He figured it was seagull discount day. 

What Do Seagulls Eat?

screaming seagull

Seagulls can live up to 50 years in the wild.


Seagulls (Larus argentatus) of the genus Larus are found worldwide, including in Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Central America, North America, South America, Eurasia, and Europe. Throughout their locations, they have many different types of prey accessible to them. 

Their varied diet includes fish, insects, earthworms, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and more. It can be extremely tempting to feed a seagull you might see down at the pier. However, not only is it not wise, it is recommended ever to feed them. 

The Massachusetts Government says, “They can live a healthier life without french fries, crackers, or bread.” And that we need to do our part to not feed into that. But the video at the top shows that sometimes seagulls have their minds.

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