Watch an Antelope Risk Everything to Swim Across a Crocodile-Filled Lake

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Updated: November 10, 2023

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Amazing Desert Animals: Saiga

Watering holes, rivers, and waterfalls are essential to the lives of animals in the wild. There are many differences between animals in the wild. However, one thing all animals have in common is their need for water. And so, eventually, all animals will converge to the nearest body of water that they can find. 

While all animals must get water, they know that it can be one of the most dangerous places to go. After all, both predator and prey need water, and so the danger of coming across a predator is not only likely, it is guaranteed. 

This video posted below takes place in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. An antelope has come to this Kazinga Channel body of water. But not just for a drink. He is there for a much more dangerous mission. He is there to cross this body of water to get to the other side. Now, you might ask, why is this so dangerous? Well, because when it comes to bodies of water in the wild, there is always something lurking below — as you can see in this footage!

Antelope vs. Crocodile

The video starts with the antelope already in the water. However, we think this antelope already knows these waters are infested with crocodiles. At the beginning of the video, we see the antelope leaping up out of the water and quite literally running through this body of water as if he were running on a track. 

He keeps up this leaping for about half the body of water, and then he can no longer do this. So now he must swim. Only, a crocodile is chasing him. We known the antelope has a fantastic head start. However, we see the crocodile quickly closing in on this antelope. And in no time at all, the crocodile reaches the antelope! He bites down hard on the antelope and drags it beneath the water. 

This antelope smartly pushes his head above water and then pushes off on the river floor and leaps up high in the air and back down again. This is enough to shake the crocodile off and startle him. This gives the antelope a clean break, and he is able to get out of the water in no time at all. 

How Fast Can Crocodiles Swim?

Saltwater crocodile in water

Crocodiles are found in a variety of wetland habitats throughout the warmer tropical waters in the Southern Hemisphere.

©Willyam Bradberry/

Crocodiles are incredibly powerful reptiles that are the king of the waters in the wild. They can get up to incredible speeds of 25 miles per hour. If we look at antelopes, they can run on land up to 43 miles per hour, which is for sure impressive. However, in the water, it is no wonder that the crocodiles were able to catch up quickly!

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