Watch An Invincible Honey Badger Survive a 20ft Python, Then Defeat Two Jackals in Tug of War

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: October 19, 2023
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Yes, that’s a loaded title, and this video delivers!

Right at the start, you’re getting the view of a tense moment. The massive python has already wrapped its body around the honey badger. It seems like all is lost at first glance, but keep watching—you’ll be surprised at just how tough and ferocious this creature is.

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It’s a little difficult to make out at first, with snakeskin and black fur all intertwined, but the honey badger’s head is pinned back against the snake, and you can make out its sharp teeth as they glisten white against the background of its dark fur.

Its legs are still free, and it makes a few attempts to kick against the snake, but surely, that just makes the python squeeze harder. You can hear someone say “Oh,” behind the camera, probably thinking they’re about to witness the final moments of the honey badger’s life.

Just as the honey badger seems to be making progress in the insane wrestling match with the python, a jackal appears and nips at the honey badger. “Oh, no,” you hear in the background as spectators take in the reality of this new scene. Cameras can be heard clicking away, greedily capturing the moment.

The jackal approaches the python, and it strikes, its body moving away from the honey badger but still keeping its tight hold on it. The honey badger tries to take advantage of the moment, but the python strikes and bites down hard on the honey badger’s back.

The two continue fighting for life or death as the jackal stands close, approaching and retreating, but keeping its eyes steady on the two entwined animals. Finally, the honey badger manages to release itself from the python’s grip, and the spectators applaud as if they had been watching a match on TV.

Here’s where the story turns. This honey badger, after nearly getting suffocated by the python, decides it’s time to make it a meal. It goes in and takes a fat bite out of the python, and starts dragging it away. The jackal notices and pounces, as if to say, “No, that’s mine.”

However, the honey badger has the vantage point—it has bitten onto the lower part of the snake, and as it drags it, the python’s head remains free to strike at the jackal. Then, a second jackal appears. The honey badger is now fighting off both jackals and trying to keep its prize.

The next bite it takes on the python is right on its head. Now, the python has become a rope in a game of tug of war. Despite multiple attacks from one of the jackals, the badger keeps its focus. By this point, the python is a goner.

It’s the honey badger’s kill, after all, and it is not going to be bullied into giving it up. It manages to pull the python into some bushes and runs out a few more times to scare the jackals away. It’s an incredible sight that even the tour guide was surprised by.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Erwin Niemand/

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