Watch Dolphins Skate By the Shore To Grab Their Food

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: December 10, 2023

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Animals can uniquely provide for each other together as a group or family. This happens in many species, such as elephant groups, lion prides, and dolphin pods. Not only is their safety in numbers to protect them against predators, but also to help them to survive by hunting and foraging for food. Don’t miss this action in the video just above. 

Dolphin Sighting Near the Shore

The short YouTube clip at the top of this blog post takes us to the shoreline. This is where the dolphins are skating by to get their food. The Jungle Journey YouTube page filmed and shared this video. They add their commentary to the video throughout. Their most recent clips are of animals such as buffaloes, grasshoppers, foxes, and wildebeest. 

Dolphins Hunting Fish

At the start of the video above, the narrator shares that this dolphin is a young one learning how to create waves. These waves are needed to get the fish up to shore, where he can easily have his buffet pick of what is before him. 

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Notice how the dolphin flips on her side and uses her body like a powerful rudder to thrust her weight forcefully against the water. Once the fish are pushed to shore, she uses this opportunity to dive forward and grab a mouthful.

Now that this young dolphin has learned to hunt independently, she can be introduced to the rest of the family, and they will all hunt together. The Dolphin Research Center states, “Pods of dolphins coordinate their movements to herd prey and then take turns swimming into the middle of the assembled fish to eat.”

As the fish get close to this pod of dolphins, they all work together to make waves and then charge at once so they have no hope of escaping. 

What Do Dolphins Eat?

bottlenose dolphin catching food

Crustaceans are the main part of a dolphin’s diet.


Dolphins are the sleek beauties of the ocean. These mammals have 38 different species. And they can be found living throughout the world. As carnivore eaters, they feast on prey such as fish, squid, crustaceans, small birds, and other small mammals. 

As we can see from the video above, these dolphins work well together to hunt for their food. They do this by using echolocation to communicate with each other. The commentator in this educational clip adds, “Dolphins can send a series of high-frequency clicks, which can occur up to 500 times per seconds. These sound waves reflect back when they encounter obstacles.” 

Working together as a pod allows them to ensure their prey cannot slip through the waves because they have the numbers behind them to attack. And we can tell from the video at the top that it worked well for this group of dolphins!

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