Watch Gargantuan Indian Bison Charge a Tiger and Send It Running

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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: November 15, 2023

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Gaur bull
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Predators can find themselves on the receiving end of some unwelcome attention from herbivores. In the clip below, we see a tiger resting and minding its own business in amongst some vegetation.

Despite the fact that there are some Indian bison close by, the tiger is not stalking them. However, the bison feel uncomfortable about the presence of the tiger and trot up towards the predator. Feeling surrounded and outnumbered, the tiger decides to bid a hasty retreat.

This is not the only example in nature of prey ganging up on potential predators. Elephants have been seen charging at sleeping lion prides simply because they did not want them in their territories. Scroll down to see the full footage of a tiger learning what it feels like to be chased!

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Interesting Indian Bison Facts

Indian bison are also called gaur and the scientific name is Bos gaurus. They are a member of the Bovidae family and are therefore a distant relative of domestic cattle. However, unlike domestic cattle, this species is under threat. They have been classed as threatened and have been on the IUCN Red List since 1986. Here are some Indian bison facts.

  • They are the inspiration for the Krating Daeng (Thai for Gaur) energy drink, with its logo of two charging bulls in front of a setting sun. This was the origin of the branding for the Red Bull drink.
  • Both male and female gaur have horns which curve upward from the side of their heads
  • Gaur have few natural enemies apart from humans but they can be hunted by both Bengal tigers and saltwater crocodiles. Both of these predators struggle to bring down an adult, especially if they have the protection of the rest of the herd.
wild royal bengal female tiger or panthera tigris dragging spotted deer or chital kill in his mouth or jaws in natural green background at dhikala forest jim corbett national park uttarakhand india

Despite their size, tigers can get injured by Indian bison.

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How Do Tigers Normally Behave?

It is not unusual for tigers to have aggressive encounters with ungulates (animals with hooves). Whilst tigers can catch and eat both water buffalo and gaur, they are taking a considerable risk by doing so. There are reports of tigers being killed occasionally by both of these herbivores.

In this instance, the tiger clearly decided that a confrontation was not worth the risk and it was better to retreat. It may have been resting after a meal and was not interested in the herd as a source of food at that moment.

Tigers can run fast and are more agile than the bovines. If necessary, the tiger could have taken refuge in a tree as they are much better at climbing than buffalo!

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