Watch How This Golf Game Gets Held Up by a Coyote Attacking a Deer

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Written by Sharon Parry

Published: January 10, 2024

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Alert coyote looks to the right with a blurred green background
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It can be irritating when your golf game gets interrupted, but this deer has bigger problems to worry about! In this startling clip, some golfers can only stand and watch as a coyote attacks a deer right in the middle of the golf course! We don’t get to find out how this ends, but things are not looking great for the deer.

Where Do Coyotes Normally Live?

The coyote is also sometimes called the prairie wolf thanks to its wolf-like appearance. Their scientific name is Canis latrans, and they are a member of the Canidae family of mammals. Coyotes are a native species of North and Central America. Their range extends from Panama in the south through Mexico and the United States into Canada. They are found as far north as Alaska in the US.

In terms of habitat, coyotes are very flexible. You will find them in forests as well as on grasslands, swamps, and even in deserts. As you can see from this clip, they are very tolerant of human activities, and it is not unusual to see them in suburban and even urban settings. For the coyote in this clip, the golf course is a legitimate hunting ground.

What Do Coyotes Normally Eat?

Coyotes live in a range of habitats and are not fussy about what they eat.

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Coyotes hunt either on their own, in pairs, or as family units. Even though they are primarily a nocturnal species, they are also seen hunting during the day. When it comes to choosing prey, they are not that fussy! Around 90 percent of their diet is made up of other mammals, and these are usually quite small. On the coyote menu, you will find eastern cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and mice. However, they also occasionally eat birds, snakes, and large invertebrates.

Whilst their preference is for fresh meat that they have caught themselves, they will eat almost anything including carrion. It is not unusual to see coyotes sniffing around human trash and household pets in suburban areas.

Even though they are carnivores, they have also been spotted eating plants. They will eat the leaves of balsam fir and white cedar, and fruits and vegetables can make up a significant part of their diet in the fall and winter months.

How Do Coyotes Normally Hunt?

It is unusual to see coyotes hunting deer on their own as they normally do this as a team. They will take turns to pursue the deer until it tires or drive it towards a hidden member of the pack. Perhaps it was simply this coyote’s ‘turn’ when the deer reached the middle of the golf course!

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