Watch This Absolutely Massive Sea Lion Chomp a Pesky Dog’s Tail

Written by Angie Menjivar
Published: September 5, 2023
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Both sea lions and dogs bark but in the video at the bottom of the page, it’s not the barking that intimidates a pesky pup. The sea lion is quiet despite getting barked at by a group of dogs but when one of those barking dogs turns its back, the sea lion lets it know who’s boss.

How Big Do Sea Lions Get?

According to The Marine Mammal Center, male sea lions can grow up to seven feet long and may weigh up to 850 pounds. They may weigh a bit less, however, reaching 600 pounds. Their female counterparts are notably smaller, reaching up to six feet in length and weighing only up to 250 pounds. Another difference between male and female sea lions is that the males have a darker fur color that is more of a chocolatey brown. The females have a lighter fur color that appears more like a golden brown.

Steller Sea lion on a rock in Tofino, Vancouver island, British Columbia, Canada

Male sea lions can grow to weigh up to 850 pounds!

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Sea Lion Behavior Explained

Sea lions are sociable creatures that communicate with one another using various vocalizations. The males let out a roar or a bark when defending their territory. Females use vocalizations to identify their pups. They develop these unique sounds including bleats during their initial bonding time. When the mother returns from hunting, she calls out to her pup.

The pup responds as if with a verbal password to reunite with its mother. The males are polygamous and the bigger they are, the better they are able to defend their territory. Though sea lions are sociable animals that display playfulness, both males and females become aggressive during the breeding season. While the males focus on controlling their territories, the females focus on defending their pups.

Sea Lion Chomps A Pesky Dog’s Tail

When the video below starts, you’re first shocked by how massive the sea lion is. It’s sitting comfortably on a brick pathway in a marina and there are two large (yet significantly smaller) dogs barking at it. A third white dog quickly joins the other two and a fourth black pup appears. The dogs all turn to walk away but the white one, which is closest to the sea lion gets a little surprise.

Though the sea lion was stoically sitting in response to all the barking, it took the opportunity when the dog had its back to it to lean down and chomp on its tail. The white dog, startled, swings its head back and crouches down as the other dogs scatter, not wanting to contend with the large marine mammal. The person filming, likely recognizing the scene, is unfazed by the moment and instead giggles in amusement.

Watch the Video Below!

Huge sea lion startles dog with a bite!

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