Watch This Penguin Soar Through the Air to Avoid Being Eaten By a Killer Whale

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 20, 2023
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It’s not every day that we get to witness a hunt between predator and prey. And being able to watch something like that is an awesome experience.

This is why going on safaris and tours is an experience like none other. In the case of the video below, we follow along to icebergs in the Gerlache Strait in Antarctica

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A couple of travel bloggers took a tour through the icebergs and were able to witness this incredible hunt. Their account of the events that unfolded can be found in the description of this YouTube video posted below. 

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“A gentoo penguin in Antarctica escaped a pod of chasing killer whales by leaping into a dinghy full of tourists after flinging itself headfirst into the side of the boat. The creature repeatedly jumped out of the water in a dramatic chase that circled the tour boat before it leaped aboard.” 

A group of tourists on boats called dinghies all stop to watch a wild chase. This chase is between a pod of orcas and a single penguin who refuses to be their lunch today. From the start of this video, the penguin is going to great lengths to leap out of the water. He does this in an attempt to gain a few feet to get away from these large whales. 

This penguin would provide this orca with a great mid-day snack. As the chase continues for a few minutes, the penguin realizes he won’t be able to keep this up forever. Eventually, he knows he will be caught. Suddenly something miraculous happens. 

If we pause at two minutes and two seconds, we see this penguin leap up into the air. He is striving to get inside the tourist boat! He hits the side of the boat and falls back into the water. But, then, he leaps up one more time. And with the help of some of the tourists, they pull him in. 

They quickly move their boat as the orcas are in close pursuit. We then get to watch as the penguin just hangs out with the tourists. He is thankful for the ride and that they saved him from being at lunch today.

What do Orcas Eat?

What Do Killer Whales (Orcas) Eat

Orcas, otherwise commonly known as killer whales, are large mammals that can reach between 6,000-15,000 pounds! These large animals can reach lengths of 32 feet long. To keep up with their enormous weight, these carnivores will eat seals, fish, and squid. And as we see here from this video posted below, they will even eat penguins as well.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Ondrej Prosicky/

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